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17 Warm and Inviting Beach House Bedroom Ideas

17 Warm and Inviting Beach House Bedroom Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

Don’t we all love summer vacation? Taking a weekend trip or even a month-long trip to the beach is warranted for anyone who wants to soak up some sun!

Maybe you use your beach house for vacation or rent it out to others to make some money. However you use your beach house, take some time to give it an upgrade.

We’ll go over 17 of the most creative beach house bedroom designs.

Seashell Wall

This bedroom has it all! It nails the colors down, getting right into the feel of a beach bedroom. Soft blues, whites, and tans cover the room, but the real draw here is in the wall frames.

Four framed seashells line the back wall behind the bed – a welcome design in any beach home!

Muted Neutrals and Blues

Tan bedroom - Beach House Bedroom Ideas

Taking a page out of the previous bedroom, this space is large, inviting, and has the colors to please after a long day in the summer sun.

The base color of the room is a tan, yellow combination, and is accented very nickel by the blue bedspread and wooden cabinets.

This is the type of layout and design you might choose if you’re looking to rent out your space!

Sailor Blue and White

Imagine this view, looking out over the bay every single day when you wake up! That's life. This nautical themed bedroom features sailor blue and white on the bedspread.

It’s accented beautifully by the small padded chairs at the end of the bed and the beautiful, woven lamps on either side of the bed.

Bringing in these wooden creations into your bedroom makes the space that much more inviting!

British Colonial In The Tropics

Large Bedroom with Tan Carpet and Hardwood Flooring

Ever wonder how the earlier settlers felt so at home here? Besides the wonderful weather the tropics brought, they decked out their homes in the style of European design back home!

This home draws a lot of inspiration from British Colonial design, and it worked out perfectly. It gives this home a touch of elegance.

Here, a large chandelier over the bed brings the 1600s and 1700s to life once again. And, standing opposite of the bed is a large, full size dresser, likely made out of regional wood.

One cool fact to note here: the early settlers started bringing their wood crafters on their adventures to make furniture with wood from the region. This is because the imported furniture from Europe would crack and splinter due to the humidity and heat of the tropics!

Wallpaper Wonder

Perhaps more of an East Coast trend, wallpaper is one easy way to add color and design into your bedroom.

Here, blue palm branches cover the walls, and match nicely with the layout of the rest of the room.

If you’re interested in beach design as a whole, check out our article on decor ideas for the whole house!

The Modern Malibu Bedroom

Bedroom with brown wall and hardwood flooring

The elegance of a master bedroom; the luxury of high living; it all can be found in Malibu! While this bedroom may not be from Malibu exactly (we like to think it is), it features some design elements you might find in a high-class, luxurious condo by the beach.

Smooth details in the flooring, walls, and sliding doors pay off nicely, with the earthy tones of the rest of the room.

A small detail worth noting is the single vase holding a few flowers, and the larger vase just outside the room. Minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean empty; you still need to be creative!

Seafoam Green

Isn’t seafoam green such an inviting color? It’s not too cold, not too warm, and it goes well with shades of blue, green, white, and tan.

The beauty of this bedroom is a seafoam green comforter, and is reinforced by the beautiful padded space by the window.

Details of seafoam green can also be found in the shiplap style wall, creating a wonderful environment!

Right On The Beach, Tiki Style

Tiki Style Bedroom with Double Doors

This gorgeous bedroom is one for the ages. With those incredible double doors, beautiful shutters, and lampshades over the bed, this room is a dream home.

And, with a porch that has a direct, uninhibited view of the beach and ocean, it doesn’t get much better than this. Care for a swim?

Design But Make It Matchy

Sometimes, the easiest design is to just buy a matching set of everything. This comforter and pillow combination is fantastic! Combined with a couple other pillows, the space feels warm and inviting.

Light and Airy

Off white bedroom with wooden bedframe

Continuing our trend of low impact, minimalist bedrooms, the details are all in the materials. The bedframe is simple and practical, and is matched with a nightstand of similar color and design.

The smooth top, modern lamp, and vase match out wonderfully together in this gorgeous home!

Bed side night stand

The Beach Side AirBnB

If you’re going to have an AirBnB with a lot of beds in the bedrooms, matching things to a T is in your nature!

Or, if you have plans for lots of family to visit, building out bedrooms like this makes design a breeze.

Matching beds, comforters, pillows, and even benches at the end of the beds combine to make this beach house lovely!

Pirates of the Caribbean

Wicker Chair in Beach House Bedroom

Are you in need of a little Pirates of the Caribbean in your home? Deck it out with a woven wicker chair, a freestanding, tall, elegant mirror, and chuck a plant on a stool by the bed.

All of this makes me wonder if Elizabeth Swann is hiding somewhere in the house….has anyone found pieces of eight yet?

Better Bunk It!

Need some extra space? Make some bunk beds! This creative design fits four beds into a single room! Beautiful dark wood for the build of the bunks contrasts nicely with the light colored walls and ceiling of the bedroom itself.

A rug with fish designs and plush turtles on the bed brings you right under the sea as you sleep!

Tropical in the Tropics

Tropical bedroom with large bed, throw pillows

If you’re living in the tropics, you’ve gotta get tropical. It’s a rule!

Okay, maybe it’s not a rule, but it sure is a great way to design your room! From the large potted plants in the corners of the room to the four framed pieces on the wall, this bedroom speaks tropical fluently.

White curtains blow in the wind when the double doors are open, and there are plenty of pillows and blankets at your disposal for long nights with a cool, ocean breeze.

When can we visit?

The Beautiful Guest Room

This room just has “guest room” written all over it, and don’t ask me how I know! And what a guest room it is!

The color palette is very desirable, and works wonderfully with the woven wicker designs scattered throughout the room. The bedside bench, the headstand, and the blinds all work cohesively together to deliver a stunning beach house bedroom!

Color Me Pretty!

Pretty bedroom with large white bed and forest green wall

Color me impressed! Color me pretty! This is the first room with a serious pop of color, and we could not be more impressed. Looking around the room, there’s something about this bedroom that makes it very inviting.

The hardwood floors, large windows for natural light, a white, flowy bedspread, and a gorgeous green wall make this place, quite literally, come alive.

Enjoy sipping your morning coffee with your significant other by the table and chairs on the far side. Time to get ready for a beach adventure!

Is It Possible To Have Too Many Pillows?

We’ll wait for your answers below. It;s never possible to have too many pillows! We can’t even count how many we see on this bed right here, and we’re sure there are more hiding out somewhere!

Besides the abundance of pillows, a large, centered piece over the bed makes for great design in your bedroom. Combined with the matching white and tan wicker side tables, the mood here is set for maximum comfort.

Hopefully you are not fast asleep after reading all about these comfy bedrooms.

If you want more inspiration, we won’t leave you hanging.

Head on over to our Pinterest and check out some of our boards! We have an entire board dedicated to beach house design, and we update our boards daily with fresh content! You can always find new ideas, beautiful bedrooms, and more to get inspired.

If you’re looking for another area of your house to remodel, consider the kitchen! We truly believe it’s the heart of the home, and it’s an area you definitely don’t want to skimp on.

Check out our article on 20 beautiful kitchen designs in beach houses!

Thanks for reading, and sweet dreams! We’re going to bed now…

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