Frequent questions about range hood inserts
What is an insert range hood?

An insert range hood fits inside your custom hood or custom cabinetry. It pulls greasy kitchen air and moves it to the outside. Most insert range hoods duct to the outside.

What size range hood insert do I need?

You need a range hood insert that is at least four inches larger than your kitchen range. For example, if you have a 36” range, buy a 40” insert. Or, you can buy a 46” insert – one size larger. Smaller inserts won’t capture all the heavy grease and cooking exhaust.

How do I choose a range hood insert?

To choose a range hood insert, first consider the size and CFM. Be sure to measure the opening in your custom hood before making a purchase. Also, buy an insert that pulls at least 600 CFM of air to keep your kitchen air clean and fresh. Buy a variable speed insert for the most versatility in your kitchen. Then you can cook whatever you like.

What types of range hood inserts are there?

There are two types of range hood inserts: ducted and ductless. Most range hood inserts are ducted, but you can find some ductless inserts from big box stores. For the most durable and powerful fan, buy a ducted insert.