Frequent questions about wall mount range hoods
What is the best wall mount range hood?

The best wall mount range hood is the PLFW 520. It features a six-speed 600 CFM blower to adapt to any cooking style. Not only that, but it also includes bright LED lights and dishwasher-safe baffle filters to make your job easier in the kitchen. The PLFW 520 is available in 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48” widths.

How high can a wall mount range hood be mounted?

Install your wall mount range hood between 28” and 36” from your cooktop. If you mount your wall range hood outdoors, it should sit between 36” and 42” above your cooktop.

How do you mount a range hood to the wall?

Wall range hoods mount to the wall with a mounting bracket. Install your wall hood between 28” and 36” above your cooktop. To mount it, drill two self-tapping screws into the wall that line up with your mounting bracket holes. Then drill the machine screws and leave about a quarter-inch of space. Set your range hood on these screws, test its alignment, and tighten them.

For more information on mounting a range hood to the wall, click here.

What is a convertible wall mount range hood?

A convertible wall mount range hood is a ducted wall hood that converts to ductless. All you need is a recirculating kit that you can install on the top of the range hood.