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6 Elegant Outdoor BBQ Ideas

6 Elegant Outdoor BBQ Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

The time for getting outside is here again, and we can’t wait for summer here in Salt Lake City! From getting back outside to gorgeous hikes in the mountains and walks in the park, summer is a wonderful time in Utah.

We’re also greeted with warm temperatures and late sunsets - sometimes as late as 9:00pm! That means we have an extra long time to cook on our outdoor barbecues for a crowd late into the night.

We’ll show you six of the best kitchens from our very own customers. Most of them are on patios or decks, but each outdoor barbecue on this list has its own cool style and creativity.

A Brick Island and Chimney Kitchen - ProVI

ProSI range hood

This clever setup combines multiple assets all in one! A barbecue pit, a fireplace, TV, grill, and range hood all in one setup.

For the outdoor chef, this is a dream! The proximity of this kitchen to the inside is quite nice, making bringing food in and out of the house easy. Enjoy barbecuing late into the night with a fireplace to keep you warm and a big screen TV to enjoy shows and sports with the family.

Range hood over grill

Situated under a roof on a backyard patio, this setup requires a range hood, and a pretty good one at that! This range hood is the ProVI.54. It’s fully customizable with plenty of blower options to choose from. Pick a 1200 CFM local blower, a 1300 CFM inline blower, or a 1700 CFM high-efficiency local blower.

The inline blower is an exceptional choice if you’re bothered by noise, but both inline and local blowers are ultra-quiet given their impressive power. You’ll be removing the smoke, steam, and fumes given off by high heat cooking in no time!

Range hood with TV

A high, slanted ceiling with openings all around the fireplace and barbecue area allow for heat to be less contained, giving you better air circulation. Of course, the chimney for the fireplace and range hood for the barbecue suck out all the greasy air and cooking exhaust, too.

The patio is enclosed so you can enjoy cool evenings after sunset.

A Small, Horseshoe Kitchen ProVI

Range hood over grill

Now here’s a cool setup! Featuring a horseshoe shape, this outdoor kitchen doesn’t waste any space. From a barbecue to frying station, a small sink and minifridge, this kitchen makes the most of its smaller area.

They even mounted a large TV so you can make sure you do not miss any moments from the big game! With tile flooring and brick walls, it’s truly built for the outdoors.

Stainless steel range hood - outdoor bbq ideas

When designing your own outdoor kitchen, don’t shy away from decor options. Keep your ideas flowing and create something unique! This particular design includes hedges behind the TV, a beautiful addition for sure.

There are also some small potted plants and a miniature windmill. Adding these small items to your outdoor space will help to bring out the best in your home!

In this kitchen, there’s space behind the barbecue to add some cool signage. Plan out the best decor and make it happen!

This kitchen includes the ProVI.60 range hood, our largest range hood in the ProVI series.

Again, this range hood comes fully customizable! Pick from three different blower options, including two local blowers at 1200 CFM and 1700 CFM, and an inline blower at 1300 CFM.

If you want a little less noise while barbecuing and watching sports, an inline blower may be the way to go, as it's quieter than the local blowers.

If you’re wanting some extra power and you tend to smoke lots of meats, the 1700 CFM blower may be right for you!

If you’re having trouble deciding what CFM level and blower placement (inline or local) is best for you, contact us! Here’s some info on range hood CFM and blowers to get you started.

Spanish Colonial Style Outdoor Barbecue Pit - ProVI

Island range hood outside

This Spanish Colonial style outdoor barbecue embodies everything we’ve grown to know and love about spanish colonial design!

WIth a courtyard area in the back, the modern touch of a swimming pool, and a shaded place for the kitchen, this outdoor space is perfect for hosting events. This particular kitchen features our Proline ProVI.42 Range hood. It’s powerful for removing smoke, steam, and odors given off by cooking, and is fully customizable!

Taking a look at the photo below, the design on the back of the island gives so much to this outdoor kitchen. It beautifully contrasts the brick flooring and the smooth cabinetry and countertops of this island bar.

Range hood over green egg

In this sprawling photo of the back of the house, we can clearly see the typical Spanish Colonial style red roofing, as well as four sets of double doors that lead to the indoors. In the 1800s, this design likely would have had open doors leading to different sections of the house. Or an open air courtyard, with space for a large garden, or a fountain in the middle.

Instead of that, the owners closed the doors, added a roof, and put in a kitchen! The open air area is now a large pool, with a grassy area that is enclosed by large hedges in the back. It’s certainly the modern take on spanish colonial homes!

Outdoor pool with bar style island

Moving to the next photo, we can see there are plenty of options for seating outdoors. Lounge furniture surrounds a mounted TV over a fireplace – the perfect place for late night movie showings, sporting events, or an all-around fun time in the outdoors!

Island range hood on patio

A Tropical Outdoor Paradise - ProSI

Range hood over Napoleon grill

We’re itching over here to order some pina coladas, so while we wait for those to come through, We’ll discuss this beauty! A small L-shaped island is all this outdoor barbecue needs.

But it comes packed with much more than an outdoor cooking space. Complete with tile floors and brick layering on the island, it truly embraces the outdoor kitchen feel.

High glass walls and ceiling allow for ample light to flood the cozy, enclosed space. Anyone inside can enjoy the beautiful view of lush trees and plants outside.

Outdoor range hood with granite countertops and stone base

On the other side of this large courtyard area is a table and chairs seated near the perimeter. Reclining at table will never be an issue, with family and friends able to space out nicely from the heat of the barbecue. A restaurant style umbrella allows for a cooler, shaded area inside this lovely glass frame!

Moving on to the range hood at hand, the ProSI.42 is quite the choice. It comes packed with a dual blower that outputs a maximum of 1800 CFM on the highest of its four fan speeds.

Smoke, grease, fumes, and other toxins will never be an issue as long as this range hood is turned on! It clocks in at an impressive seven sones, meaning the noise is relatively low given the CFM.

An LCD touch screen makes controlling this range hood easy, and LED lights ensure you can always see what you’re cooking, even late into the night. Finally, when the time comes to clean, you can pop out the stainless steel baffle filters and place them in your dishwasher!

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions - PLJI 103

Island range hood over grill

A modern approach to outdoor kitchens, this glass and metal setup is fantastic! It’s sleek, it’s smooth, and certainly one of our favorites. The table is large enough to seat family and friends, and includes comfy seats for all.

The sleek glass brings modern elements to the forefront, and perfectly matches the tall glass sliding doors and windows of the house. Finally, a fan overhead keeps all those under it cool from the heat of the day. Concrete flooring puts a finishing touch on this modern outdoor kitchen!

Stainless steel island hood over grill

The outdoor barbecue area is a beauty to behold. All stainless steel units, including cabinetry, keep this kitchen looking modern. The range hood, a PLJI 103.48 from Proline, features a dual blower with 1200 CFM on the highest of its four fan speeds.

In addition, four LED lights shine bright so you can always see what you’re cooking, and stainless steel baffle filters are easily removable for cleaning in your dishwasher. This particular hood comes in a durable 304 stainless steel finish, good for all outdoor elements.

And, sneaking in behind the range hood is a small courtyard area with outdoors couches and stairs leading to what we think is a garden. You’ll just have to imagine the rest!

Barbecue By The Open - PLJI 103

PLJI 103 Island Range Hood

Okay, so maybe this isn’t exactly by the U.S. Open or the French Open, but a barbecue by a golf course is pretty sweet, isn’t it?

From the tile flooring to the fencing around the garden and patches of green grass, this outdoor kitchen doesn't lack in beauty.

Pillars hold up the pergola style roofing, allowing for sun to creep in through favorably positioned planks. Later in the afternoon, this becomes a nice shaded area for all to enjoy.

An intricate stone design on the island further adds some barbecue pit style design, and simple stainless steel covers the countertop by the barbecue. A bar style area with chairs allows for guests to sit and talk with you as the food comes along!

High bar stools with armrests sit at the ready, willing and able to receive family and friends for a fun cookout.

Island range hood over grill on patio

Thanks to the island seating, the grill master has a place to sit during the cooking process. The island is the perfect place to bring out snacks and refreshments during the day.

Island range hood over grill with granite countertops

Now, onto the barbecue, there’s plenty of space to grill, and ample storage too. The stone design adds a rough, earthy feature to the kitchen island perfect for the outdoors.

A large stainless steel hood, the PLFI 103.42, sits perched over the top of the grill. This range hood comes with a 1200 CFM dual blower that can be set to four fan speeds. It’s efficient at removing smoke, grease, and other toxins that may come your way during the grilling process.

It’s made with a high quality 304 stainless steel finish and can withstand the elements the outdoors may throw its way. Stainless steel baffle filters make for easy cleaning and LED lights ensure that the grillmaster can always cook even into the late evening!

Island range hood in the night

Outdoor kitchens are a wonderful asset to any home that needs extra cooking space. These featured kitchens are a great starting point for your outdoor kitchen and barbecue inspiration.

If you’re wanting more inspiration, head on over to our Pinterest! We have two boards dedicated to outdoor kitchens, barbecues, and living spaces. Check out our outdoor living, bar, and kitchen ideas here, and stunning backyard patio and deck kitchens right here!

We update our Pinterest daily with fresh content, so there will always be new ideas to sift through. Consider following one or several of our boards, or follow all of our boards for a broad brush on interior design, food, and kitchens.

We’re going to head to the barbecue and grill up something tasty - see you later!

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