Frequent questions about professional range hoods
Which brand of professional range hood is best?

At Proline Range Hoods, we offer professional-quality hoods with incredible power and durability. Our warehouse team inspects every single range hood before it ships to your door. Browse our quality range hoods right here.

Are Proline range hoods any good?

Proline’s range hoods offer many benefits. We sell some of the highest-CFM range hoods on the market today. All our range hoods are variable speed and feature user-friendly control panels. Also, Proline range hoods are built with a durable stainless steel finish to keep your hood in great condition for years to come. Take a look at some of our favorites.

Who makes the quietest range hood?

The quietest range hoods produce around 4-5 sones at max speed. In general, the lower the CFM of your hood, the quieter it will be. Sometimes, higher-CFM hoods have more efficient motors so they produce less noise. Here are some of Proline’s quietest range hoods:

  • PLFW 520
  • PLFW 544
  • PLFI 520
  • PLFI 544
What are the different types of professional range hoods?

The different types of professional range hoods include wall hoods, island hoods, under cabinet hoods, and outdoor hoods. Browse our wide variety of professional hoods here.