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62 Stunning Custom Range Hood Cover Ideas

62 Stunning Custom Range Hood Cover Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it's also where a lot of your time is spent cooking and preparing meals.

So it’s important to have a beautiful range hood cover that makes your kitchen modern and inviting.

What is a range hood cover?

A range hood cover, or custom range hood, is custom cabinetry or a cover that is powered by a range hood insert. Custom hoods can be made of wood, stone, marble, or copper among other materials.

Now let’s dive into some of the most gorgeous range hood covers we’ve ever seen.

Bold Black Hood in White Kitchen

Custom Hood Modern Kitchen - Stunning Custom Range Hood Cover Ideas

This kitchen is one of my favorites. It has a bold black range hood cover with textured wood and light accents. It stands out as the focal point of this large kitchen. Elegant marble countertops and shaker cabinets send the modern look home. To top it off there are beautiful hanging lights overhead!

Tapered Wood Hood with Tile Backsplash

Tapered Wood Hood with Tile Backsplash

The tapered custom hood is made of light hardwood and looks like it belongs in a high-end restaurant, not someone's home!

The beautiful beige brick tile backsplash is stylish and modern. It’s well-lit by the sleek stainless steel insert. It looks almost too good to cook food inside right now!

Tapered Wood Hood with Tile Backsplash

White Custom Hood with Dark Trim

White Custom Hood with Dark Trim

This kitchen is beautiful. It has a stunning white range hood cover with wooden trim. Also check out the multi-color gray tile backsplash and open shelving that makes for an elegant modern look. The sleek marble countertops are the icing on top of this design masterpiece!

White Custom Hood with Dark Trim - Full Kitchen Shot

Striped Marble Hood

Striped Marble Hood

The high-end marble range hood cover has thin gray stripes to give it some color. It sits over two ranges that look like they just came out of the box.

Everything else – the white cabinets, countertops, light hardwood flooring, and gray tile backsplash – gives this space an added touch of class.

Decorative Carved Range Hood Cover

Decorative Carved Range Hood Cover

The sleek white range hood cover will keep your cooking area nice and clean.

The gray chevron backsplash is beautiful for a pop of color against the granite countertops.

Custom Beige Shaker Cabinets

Custom Beige Shaker Cabinets

This kitchen has a fresh, clean feel thanks to the custom cabinetry and marble countertops. The range hood insert and stainless steel range are a strong contrast to the light hardwood flooring.

Check out the beautiful green tile backsplash with a red flower vase that’s sure to grab your attention.

Custom Dark Hardwood Hood

Custom Dark Hardwood Hood

All of the deliciously earthy browns and dark hardwood are pulled together by a rustic design. The cabinets look like they were made in an old antique store! And the granite countertops add to this kitchen’s country charm!

Custom Dark Hardwood Hood

Seaside Theme - Rustic Wood Hood

Seaside Theme - Rustic Wood Hood

This kitchen is perfect for those who love the natural feel of wood. Walk in and you’re greeted with a rustic range hood cover over stainless steel grill and blue backsplash that make you feel like you're by the sea.

The teardrop shaped tiles look just like water to give this kitchen an authentic seaside vibe. The sleek and shiny insert tops it all off. Get ready to cook to your heart’s content.

Decorative Wreath and Wood ‘Handles’

Decorative Wreath and Wood ‘Handles’ - Range Hood Cover

This kitchen is the perfect space for any family looking to find a cozy, modern home! The light hardwood floors and white cabinets are both versatile options that can match all of your needs. Dark hardwood countertops beautifully complement the light wood flooring.

While you dine on this large island, check out the green wreath on the range hood cover, too.

Decorative Range Hood Cover

All Stone, All The Time

Stone range hood cover

This kitchen is both modern and traditional. The lines are clean, the colors muted but not drab, with a subtle nod to earth tones in shades of browns and tans. Check out the stone range hood cover! The chevron backsplash showcases a nice contrasting pattern to the vertical and horizontal bricks on the custom hood, too.

This place has got personality for days. I wish my home could match it!

Standalone White Hood - No Cabinets!

Standalone White Hood - No Cabinets!

This kitchen is a perfect space for the contemporary cook. With its white shaker cabinets and stand-alone range hood cover, this room will make you feel right at home from day one!

The countertops are also made of marble with a stunning gray wooden base!

This kitchen has big windows on both sides of the hood looking out into the beautiful backyard landscape. While you’re waiting for that last dish to finish cooking, just enjoy the view.

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Mix Modern Farmhouse with a Rustic Look!

Mix Modern Farmhouse with a Rustic Look!

This kitchen has a rustic, modern farmhouse look. The hardwood range hood cover combined with the white shaker cabinets create a nice contrast to balance out the space.

The backlit counters emit a cool purple light, showcasing delicacies like fresh fruit or cookies on display for all to see. Enter this kitchen and you almost won’t know where to look – it's sleek, colorful, and inviting all at once!

Modern and Industrial Custom Hood

Modern and Industrial Custom Hood

The modern and industrial custom hood cover made of metal with stainless steel trim gives off some heavy industrial vibes. With the massive marble island, you can host many guests, friends, and family.

Dark hardwood cabinets bring an element of rustic charm to make your cooking space stand out.

Industrial Hood

White Custom Hood with Decorative Arch

White Custom Hood with Decorative Arch

There's nothing quite like a traditional white kitchen with shaker cabinets. Did you notice that the arched custom hood spans two ranges?

Behind these ranges, check out the large hexagonal tile backsplash that makes the cooking space pop.

Sometimes, Less is More

Small custom hood with range hood insert

Sometimes less is more. Who doesn't want a kitchen with white shaker cabinets and sleek marble countertops?

Small custom hood

Vintage Two Tone Kitchen

Vintage Range Hood Cover

This kitchen is a work of art. The antique wine-colored range hood cover will grab your attention before you step foot inside. The diamond tile backsplash with brown trim is a creative way to highlight the cooking space.

Light Wood Hood (Farmhouse, Anyone?)

Light Wood Hood (Farmhouse, Anyone?)

This quaint, charming home has the perfect kitchen to make your favorite comfort food. You'll love cooking in this space with light hardwood cabinets that scream farmhouse chic. The range hood cover blends perfectly into the cabinetry to send the farmhouse look home.

Plus granite countertops and an earthy backsplash will remind you of a time when you used to go exploring outside as a kid!

Replace Your Hood with an Insert!

Before/After Photo
Custom Cabinetry in White Kitchen

The before and after photos of this beautiful kitchen show how different the space can look with a little bit of change.

The first photo has light hardwood floors, cabinets in beige color tones, as well as countertops that are also beige to match. The island is long enough for seating at either end. This is perfect for entertaining or socializing while you’re cooking!

The stainless steel wall range hood in the back provides great ventilation in your cooking area. You can bake something delicious without all those odors lingering.

In the after picture, muted wood flooring welcomes guests into what feels like an entirely different room.

White cabinets replace light hardwood which is a little easier on the eyes and gives the space a modern vibe. The stainless steel hood is replaced by a concealed insert to give the kitchen a sleek look.

Also, did you notice that your guests can conveniently slide the stools under the island when they’re not needed? Cool, right?

Marvelous Matching Marble

Marble Range Hood Cover

This kitchen is like a clean slate for your food preparation. The marble counters and range hood cover match elegantly. They’re sure to catch anyone's eye!

Turn the lights on and the red flowers inject some bright colors into the space.

If you’re looking for range hood ideas and not custom hood ideas, we have over 100 beautiful range hood photos in this article.

Marble Custom Hood with Hanging Lights

Unfinished Wood Hood

Unfinished wood hood with stone backsplash

This kitchen is the perfect place to cook up a storm. The sleek black marble counters, natural wood cabinets and striking brown brick backsplash set this space apart from other kitchens.

You don’t have to worry about cooking smoke. The stainless steel range hood insert inside this custom hood will take care of that for you.

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Ornate Custom Hood

This kitchen is perfect for the avid home cook. With the large custom hood, stainless steel insert, beautiful diamond brick backsplash, beige cabinets, and granite can't go wrong!

The ornate carving on the front of the hood sets this kitchen apart from others we’ve seen.

Stainless steel range hood insert with stone backsplash

Veined Marble Backsplash

Range Hood Insert with Veined Marble Backsplash

Look at this beautiful white custom range hood that's perfect for any kitchen! It not only features a marble backsplash but also countertops to match.

The prominent veins in the backsplash draw your eyes straight to the cooking space. You can’t see it in this picture, but a concealed range hood insert keeps the backsplash and your kitchen air grease-free.

Custom Hood Arch

Arched Custom Hood with Black Decorative Backsplash

There’s something about the way that shimmering white marble is juxtaposed with the black ornamental part of the backsplash. Also, the arch of this range hood cover has an elegant design and really makes this space charming!

If you’re looking for a kitchen with a simple and modern design, but that’s also unique, this might be the one for you.

Vintage Supports and Backsplash

White Custom Hood with PIllars

The range hood cover stands out against the white brick backsplash which is a classic design in today’s kitchens.

The brown tile artwork contrasts beautifully with the stainless steel kitchen ranges. Check out the ornate pillars that support it from below, too. In this kitchen, you can cook to your heart's content without worrying about smoke or grease getting on any of the surfaces around you!

White Hood Cover with Pillars

Tapered Custom Hood with Decorative Backsplash

Tapered Custom Hood with Decorative Backsplash

This cooking space is highlighted by decorative backsplash that’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It features a weave pattern, like what you might see on a wicker basket.

Granite countertops make for an eye-catching contrast to the white cabinetry. The stainless steel range completes the whole space. Not to mention that the tapered custom hood lets you keep things clean while adding some flair.

Range Hood Insert
Tapered Custom Hood with Granite Countertops

Custom Cabinetry with Intricate Trim

Beige Cabinetry with Custom Hood

Your guests will be dazzled by the gorgeous white cabinetry, range hood insert, and earthy brick backsplash. They'll love cooking in this beautifully bright space with lights under the cabinets to make cooking easy.

The room is complete with luxurious granite countertops and a kitchen island for more storage. You can host parties or small gatherings and socialize with your guests while you cook.

Custom Hood with Granite Countertops

Massive Rustic Hood

Rustic Custom Hood

Welcome to your new, rustic cabin. You won't find this anywhere in the city or even suburbs. Exposed beams on the ceiling give it a woodland feel and keeps you grounded with earthy colors that surround every room of your home!

A functional stainless steel insert will keep grease out of all areas where food is being prepared. Also, the wooden kitchen island makes it easy to prepare meals for guests who come over for dinner!

Rustic Wood Hood in Large Kitchen

Luxury Stone Hood

Dark Hardwood Cabinets with Stone Custom Hood. ProvL

This kitchen gives off a cabin feel but features more modern touches. A luxury stone range hood cover that matches the wooden trim, dark hardwood floors, a beautiful brown tile backsplash...they all give this home an elegance that can’t be matched.

Stone Custom Hood with Tile Backsplash

Custom Hood over a Double Oven

White Kitchen with Custom Hood and Stainless Steel Ranges

What’s better than a custom hood over one oven? How about a custom hood over two ovens?

The sleek white cabinetry with red knobs is perfect for any modern home. It will make a striking statement against the dark hardwood floors.

The stainless steel ranges built into two of these cabinets are paired with marble countertops and backsplash tiles. Talk about high-end! This room also features additional lighting underneath each cabinet so it's easy to see what you're doing while cooking.

Tapered Hood with Crown Moulding

Tapered Custom Hood with Tile Backsplash

This kitchen is definitely next level. Check out the stainless steel tapered hood, which adds some shine to an already elegant space! And speaking of elegance, take a look at the chevron tile wall with its gorgeous veined marble backsplash.

Sloped Wood Hood

Custom Wood Range Hood with Insert

This kitchen features beautiful custom cabinetry that has been carefully crafted. The kitchen features a light brown textured backsplash and countertops. Above the stove, you’ll find a modern stainless steel insert.

A cool decorative design carved at the center of the custom hood makes it stand out beautifully in your home!

Textured Hood with Brick Backsplash

Brick Backsplash with Textured Custom Hood

Have you ever seen a range hood cover with this texture before? It’s not the sleek or smooth wood you see in today's modern kitchens, but a completely different look! The brick backsplash that’s designed to look worn is nicely contrasted by the white marble countertops.

Custom Hood with Brick Backsplash

Shiplap Design

shiplap white and black wood custom range hood

This sleek marble kitchen is not only well designed but harmonious too! The range hood cover has an elegantly simple white design that coordinates with the black stainless steel grill. This pattern creates a nice contrast to make for more interesting visuals in your space. It's also easy on the eyes.

The black trim on the range cover matches the grill as well. This design is cohesive without being boring. I love that it includes granite countertops!

Shiplap Range Hood Cover

Bold Blue Backsplash

Bold Blue Backsplash

Everything about this kitchen screams farmhouse, except for one thing: the bold blue tile backsplash. It's a nice sea-blue that makes you feel like you're on the water. As an added bonus, it matches the teapot on the stove top.

This kitchen has a beautiful white range hood cover with wooden trim, common in many farmhouses homes. Of course, there are always those classic white shaker cabinets!

Blue backsplash and farmhouse range hood

Beige Custom Cabinetry

Beige Custom Cabinetry

You'll feel like you're in a cabin with this woodsy-inspired design. From the chevron tile pattern on the backsplash to that striking wooden flooring and ceiling rafters, this kitchen has it all!

The stainless steel range is so sleek and modern. It provides a nice contrast to all the wooden elements.

Green Multi-Color Backsplash

Green Multi-Color Backsplash

Have we seen this before? What’s a great way to spice up your farmhouse home? And I’m not talking about the white shaker cabinets and the farmhouse range hood cover.

Get creative with the backsplash! You’ve seen a bold sea-blue design; what do you think of forest green? It really makes the space pop.

Farmhouse Range Hood with Green Backsplash

Custom Hood With...Shelving??

Wood Custom Hood with Wreath

This range hood cover has a really nifty shelf with supports on the top of it where you put a green wreath. Marble countertops, hardwood floors, and white shaker cabinets all complement it beautifully.

Home on the Range

Farmhouse Range Hood with Cow Sculpture

Here’s a unique spin on a farmhouse kitchen! What a creative way to show off this cow sculpture. Just set it in the groove on the range hood cover!

Between the custom hood, cabinetry, and backsplash, you can’t get enough white.

The stainless steel insert and kitchen range are sleek appliances in this kitchen. They contrast the white furnishings nicely.

Carved Tapered Hood

Dark Hardwood Range Hood with Decorative Backsplash

This dark hardwood custom hood is stunning!

This classic style kitchen features granite countertops that are sure to delight any chef. Not to mention the patterned backsplash tiles with a black frame will catch your eye immediately.

Custom Hood with Stone Trim

Custom Hood with Stone Trim

Have you ever seen a hood trimmed quite like this? It's actually added to the range hood cover instead of carved into it.

Look closely and you'll notice that it’s stone, too. Way cool!

This kitchen features one of the largest range hood covers you’ll see! It even covers two kitchen ranges. What do you think?

Custom Hood over two electric ranges

Farmhouse Hood with Artwork

Farmhouse Range Hood with Artwork

You can't have a farmhouse kitchen without white shaker cabinets and marble countertops. But what really sets this one apart is the stone tile wall and that dark accent trim on the hood. The clean lines and minimal design give this cooking setup a very zen and peaceful feel.

The artwork that hangs on top of it makes for an especially charming touch!

Custom Range Hood with Wooden Trim

Rustic Stone Hood with Granite Countertops

Stone Range Hood over Stainless Steel Range

This home has a rustic yet modern feel to it with its sleek white tile backsplash, dark hardwood cabinetry, and flooring. It features light wood open shelving in the kitchen which is great if you don't want your cabinets taking up too much space.

This kitchen features a stone range hood cover that gives the space an extra touch of elegance!

Stone custom hood with granite countertops

Light Finished Wood

Wooden Cabinetry with Multicolor tile backsplash

Match your light hardwood cabinetry with the custom range hood cover and you’ve got yourself a well-designed kitchen. The multicolored brown backsplash blends in well with the hood cover. The marble countertops are a nice contrast to the hardwood, giving the kitchen a sleek feel.

Wooden Cabinets with Marble countertops

Stone Arch

Stone range hood cover

The range hood insert over the barbecue grill isn’t concealed like in most kitchens. Instead, it's installed below a stone arch and brown granite countertops for an authentic outdoor cooking experience.

Light Wood Trim and Plant Decor

Range Hood Cover with Light Wooden Trim

The newly remodeled kitchen feels so cozy. The white range hood with light hardwood trim and plant decor on the custom hood itself gives it a cheerful feel. The decorative marble design behind the stove adds an elegant touch to this space. It’s any chef’s dream!

Arch Supports (For Your Hood)

Custom Hood with Arch Supports

Support beams for your range hood cover? You don’t see that every day. It reminds me of ancient Greek architecture!

Moving away from the insert, the marble countertops and chevron tile backsplash complement each other perfectly. White shaker cabinets match the range hood cover and brighten up this kitchen.

Light Wood Chevron Backsplash

Light wood hood with chevron backsplash

Speaking of chevron backsplashes, have you ever seen one made of wood? Typically you’ll see wood floors or cabinets, but this kitchen is complemented nicely with a wooden looking tile backsplash!

The colors are great: light granite countertops, off-white cabinets, light wood backsplash – everything blends in.

We love how the colorful flowers pop off of the neutral colors as well. Try adding some in your own kitchen!

Wood custom hood with chevron backsplash

Custom Hood with Wavy Arch

Custom hood with wavy arch

This kitchen is pretty fun. The wavy arch pattern on the custom hood catches your eye right when you walk in. The more muted off-white cabinetry is complemented by the punchy granite backsplash. The texture of the backsplash makes it stand out more than the cover itself.

The dark hardwood floor is more muted than most kitchens. It has some nice warm gray and black accents to give this home a touch of rustic charm.

Modern vs. Rustic - A Clash of Styles

Gray custom hood with rustic tile backsplash

When you walk into this kitchen, you might notice the beige tapered hood with the elegant stainless steel range hood insert. That combined with the white cabinets evokes a modern look.

But, this home has an interesting mix of styles. You also might notice the rustic tile backsplash. It’s great!

What do you think?

Gray custom hood

Small White Custom Hood

Farmhouse range hood

This kitchen is so adorable. It's perfect for a tiny cabin or even an apartment that doesn't have an enormous amount of space to work with, but what a wonderful inviting space for cooking and gathering.

It’s not overly luxurious, but it certainly is tasteful, clean and gets the job done. With a stainless steel range hood insert in that cover, it just finishes it off and tells you a serious cook lives here.

Farmhouse range hood in white kitchen

Custom Hood with Planters

White custom hood with three planters

The white shaker cabinets and marble kitchen island give this predominately-white space a little bit of color. The custom range hood cover is the perfect addition. Did you notice the three potted plants on top?

It has a brilliant clean minimal subway tile backsplash too. We love this kitchen!

White range hood with 3 planters

“Fresh Daily!”

Fresh daily custom hood with chevron backsplash

The "Fresh Daily" sign blends well with the plants to create an inviting atmosphere.

The warm, hardwood flooring and cabinetry give this kitchen a cozy vibe. It’s such a fresh and happy kitchen.

White range hood in farmhouse kitchen

Sloped Custom Hood

White custom hood with brick backsplash

The embossed backsplash is fun with the tiles carved inward at the edges. It's more eye-catching than a flat tile backsplash that you’ll find in most kitchens.

This kitchen transitions seamlessly from white shaker cabinets to custom range hood that spans two ranges. The top of the range hood cover aligns perfectly under your kitchen cabinets then juts outward. It adds just enough pop without overpowering the rest of the kitchen.

Festive Range Hood Cover

White custom hood cover with wreath

The contrast of the horizontal and vertical shiplap pattern is quite striking! Together, they make an elegant kitchen. The open shelving gives you an extra element that you might love!

All your kitchen worries are gone when you have a custom range hood cover with vertical shiplap. The stainless steel insert keeps the entire space fresh and clean.

Range Hood Cover That Pops!

Range hood cover with bright brown custom hood

The crown moulding and trim is beautiful but the brown cover really pops, especially when you turn on the bright lighting in this kitchen.

If that doesn’t catch your eye, the diamond backsplash with black accents certainly will. Right behind the range, the backsplash has a unique ornate pattern that will captivate your guests.

Gilded Wood Hood

White range hood cover with golden trim

Wood range hood covers are quite popular, especially in farmhouse homes. But this homeowner found a way to stand out with the bright golden trim.

Not only that, but the multicolor brown backsplash matches the light hardwood floor which brings the space together.

As a finishing touch, look no further than the white cabinets with golden handles. Have you ever seen a kitchen quite like this? Their creative use of light through the space makes a huge difference as well.

White range hood cover with golden trim

Copper Range Hood Cover

Copper range hood cover

Here we have a kitchen island, which you won’t see too often with an insert. But even more unique is the material: copper!

The reddish brown color blends in nicely with the cabinets, walls, and kitchen island. This custom hood is the focal point of the kitchen and it certainly won’t go unnoticed.

Copper custom hood

Farm Artwork!

Wood custom hood with artwork

We’ve seen artwork on hoods, cow sculptures on hoods, “Fresh Daily” signage, but what about a painting of a horse? It stands out prominently in this white kitchen and is sure to catch the attention of your guests.

The kitchen range is beautifully lit by the stainless steel range hood insert to bring out the tile backsplash. This is quite the kitchen!

The Dark Arched Hood

Dark arch custom hood with brick backsplash

We’ve seen a few black range hood covers, but not one quite like this. This kitchen is light on the eyes, with brown walls, granite countertops, and a stone backsplash. They combine to evoke an earthy feel.

But the muted colors work beautifully together. The white flowers are a nice accent against all the browns and tans – and they look incredible!

Custom Vintage Cabinetry

Dark hardwood cabinetry with white backsplash

Typically, the modern range hood inserts of today are light hardwood or painted white with some wood accents. This homeowner went a different direction with some vintage dark hardwood to give the space a more old-fashioned vibe.

The stainless steel insert covers two kitchen ranges so it’s a strong statement piece in this kitchen.

Dark hardwood cover

Bar-Style Kitchen

Black range hood cover

The kitchen is the hub of all activity. You should be able to have friends over and enjoy socializing while you cook.

The bold color scheme on this space will certainly stand out. It's no accident that multi-colored bricks are a more muted gray to complement this statement piece.

If you made it this far, thanks for staying with us! That wraps up our 62 stunning range hood cover ideas. That was a lot of kitchens wasn’t it?

Did you find some inspiration for your kitchen remodel? We hope so!

If not, check out our other ideas articles for more stunning photos and inspiration! Also, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team if you need help picking out a range hood insert!

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