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20 Amazing Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas

20 Amazing Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

Christmas season is here and we’re getting ready!

We’ll be going through some of our favorite farmhouse style Christmas decorations and giving you some ideas for this upcoming season.

Grab your hot chocolate and settle in with 20 farmhouse-inspired Christmas decor ideas!

Minimalist Farmhouse Fireplace and Mantle

Minimalist Farmhouse Fireplace and Mantle - Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas

First on the list is the minimalist farmhouse fireplace and mantle. It’s simple, beautiful and easy to set up. If we were to add anything, we’d put garland on the mantle.

The Farmhouse Christmas Bathroom

The decor in this bathroom is small but it makes quite the impact. A snow dusted wreath hangs by the mirror and vanity, with small fake trees on the vanity itself. The shelves are decked out not with elves, but with reindeer, trees, and more snow dusted bushes.

A Very Merry and Bright Christmas

Beautiful bright light shines upon this wonderfully constructed fireplace, which seems ready for Christmas year round. Trees, garlands, and lights are the main event here, with four neutral stockings hanging in front of the fireplace. It’s simply beautiful!

Go All Out for Christmas

We’re not sure what we love more: the beautiful decorated tree or the waterfall garland! The garland is coated with lights, ornaments, and stockings. This is truly one of a kind, and a fun project to DIY with the whole family. Use either real or fake garlands to achieve this breathtaking look!

Simple Garland Fireplace

Simple Garland Fireplace

If the prior example is a little too intense for you, scaling back is always an option. This small garland gets the point across while still leaving room for other parts of the room to shine. The fireplace build is quite nice. You can deck it out with decor or let the fireplace speak for itself.

Simple Woodland Entryway Decor

Need an easy way to decorate your entryway? A garland around your mirror is the best option for you. It’s something that many families in New England do! Add string lights if you desire and your favorite Christmas themed statues. Here, some reindeer keep watch.

Country Farmhouse Front Porch

We’ve talked about lanterns quite a bit this season, and there’s a good reason! They’re beautiful, easy to decorate, and can be used for multiple seasons. Did you notice the holly branches, Christmas berries, pinecones, and pine branches? That could be exactly what your front porch needs!

Farmhouse Presents

Farmhouse Christmas Presents

We all like a full stack of presents under the Christmas tree, right? That’s one thing that makes Christmas so fun! If your tree is looking a little empty, add some fake presents, styled above like so! Or, you can put your real presents there. Just make sure your kids aren’t snooping after hours!

Snow Dusted Christmas Foliage

We’re living for these snow dusted foliage pieces. From the garland to the wreath to the trees, this truly looks like a snow covered landscape. Two wooden lanterns keep watch at night and a small pillow on the chair reminds us of the reason for the season.

Knit Stockings by the Fireplace

More snow dusted garlands are joined by some carefully knit stockings. The decor here is minimal, and that’s okay! Judging by the shelving next to the fireplace and mantle, there’s a lot more to this home than we can see.

Knit Stockings by the Fireplace pt. II

Knit Stockings by the Fireplace

Hand knit stockings look so good, we had to include them twice. Instead of snow covered garlands, the lights are intertwined! When it’s lit up at night, it looks beautiful. Remember to add a wreath!

Waterfall Staircase Garland

This might be difficult to set up but if you can manage, this is a stunning way to add some unconventional decor to your home. Both sides of the staircase are wrapped with garland, and decorated with large ribbons and bows.

Pinecones dot the garland in select spots. Be careful if you have toddlers or tarzan enthusiasts in your home – these are not for swinging! Here’s another look!

Guest Room Foliage

If you’re the home hosting Christmas this year, make sure to decorate your guest room, even for your family! A simple garland wraps around part of the circular mirror, and another small boxed plant sits on the vanity.

Let It Snow

Just let it snow! But seriously, we want snow in Utah so we can ski! Chalkboards are wonderful to have in your home since you can write beautiful scripted messages. This large framed chalkboard is joined by some trees, some snow dusted trees, jungle bells, and pine branches. It’s beautiful, it’s wonderful, it’s Christmas!

Alpine Home x Farmhouse Decor

Alpine Home x Farmhouse Decor

Spending your Christmas at the family cabin? Don’t forget the decor! Some candles and Christmas foliage sit atop of the fireplace but below the deer head. A lovely Christmas tree with ornaments and tinsel sits next to the fireplace. Oh, how we’d love to get snowed in at this alpine cabin!

Family Room Minimalist Decor

We’ve gone through quite a lot of garlands and we’re not finished yet. If the previous examples have been too grandiose, this is the decor for you. Still, this one cascades to the floor on both sides. Feel free to trim it if you’d like.

A few candles sit in the corner, and a string of bells hangs off to the side. Next up, stockings….

Framing Your Home With Garlands

If you’re wanting to go nuts with garlands, run them along your entryway! The mantle, the fireplace, your doorways and mirrors can all be framed by garlands. You can never decorate something too much, can you?

The Tree On The Chair

The Christmas Tree On The Chair

Chairs and stools are often used in farmhouse design and the Christmas season is certainly included. Replace your regular decor with a tree in a basket, an apple crate full of goodies, a nativity set, or reindeer statues with lights. The options are only as limited as your creativity!

Natural Farmhouse Neutrals

White stockings, homes as stocking hangers, pinecones throughout, garland with fairy lights, and a beautiful book array? We’re just loving this design. It’s different, and combines some of the very best farmhouse details as well as the Christmas spirit. Simply wonderful!

Decorated Waterfall Banister Garland

One final garland piece is this decorated waterfall garland on the banister. Take your garlands to the next level by adding some long ribbons and ornaments to the mix. Some candles sit below the garlands - make sure you have well behaved children or none at all when these candles are lit! Or, just use fake ones. Fire hazard avoided!

That’s all from us, we hope you had a good time reading through our blog! We’ve got more ideas on our Pinterest, so head over and follow our Christmas board for more inspiration. We’ll be updating that board daily with new content, so you can always find something new.

We’ll see you next time!

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