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9 Fun Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

9 Fun Thanksgiving Decor Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

It’s time for the beginning of the holiday season, delicious once-a-year food, football all day, bickering over the dinner table, and even Turkey Day 5Ks. But, before the cold early morning wake up run comes decorating for this special occasion.

Most homes decorate for fall during October, and there are some changes you can make in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. The most common areas decorated for Thanksgiving include the kitchen, dining room, and family room or living room.

So, we’ll get into those specific areas of the home, and show you different ways you can decorate each of these rooms in preparation for the big day.

Hello, Fall!

Hello, fall! We’re starting this with a beautiful mantle over a fireplace that’s ready for the latter part of autumn. The pumpkins have been thinned out in favor of candles, a beautiful bow garland, pillows in a basket and some decorative signs. Thanksgiving is here, if only for a day!

Style That Mantle

Mantles are kind of our jam, and we love sharing beautifully styled mantles like this one. Watch this video pin to see how this homeowner decorates her setup with ease. The beautiful fall foliage garland lays underneath some pumpkins and a large round mirror. Watch as she “fluffs” the garland to make it look fuller and thicker!

Tiered Lazy Susan, Fall Style

Another amazing DIY video pin shows is this tiered lazy susan setup. Leftover cups, mugs, and pitchers are decked out with flowers, and a wire basket holds some essential white pumpkins. You could opt for some of these items to be functional, such as adding fall themed paper napkins, or a container for sugar to the tier.

Set Up Your Dining Table for Thanksgiving

While it seems premature to set your dining room table, it’ll be a good reminder to that fun day where we stuff ourselves with turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and pies. Perhaps this setup is faux, and replaced with the real setup on that fourth Thursday.

Give Thanks for Wall Decorations

Do you have an adult table and a children’s table for your Thanksgiving? If so, these hanging decorations are sure to be a hit with all the kids and cousins running around the table. Maybe hang them a little higher so the rascals can’t reach them….

Pumpkin and Leave Table Centerpiece

This large Thanksgiving table centerpiece is wonderful! With pumpkins on top of faux leaves and candles dispersed over the length of the table, there’s not much more to comment on here. Perhaps adding in a decorative turkey piece or lantern will up the ante even more.

A Cornucopia Basket

This basket is so lovely and clearly signifies Thanksgiving. With beautiful evergreens providing a backdrop, the rest of the basket is filled with fall foliage, pumpkins, pinecones, and a bow to top it off. This is a great table centerpiece, or piece for your entryway or side table in your family room.

The Fireplace Mantle, Neutral Edition

Are you into neutral color schemes? If so, here’s a great example. Green, white, and brown pumpkins fall from the apple crate on the fireplace to the floor. A stack of wood in a metal wire basket sits to the right. The mantle has a large sign reading “pumpkin patch” with a fall garland hanging down.

Open the Kitchen Autumn Market!

Decorating the shelving in your kitchen during autumn is a great way to make your home special during the holiday gathering season. With the focus being on the ‘Autumn Market’ sign, fill out the shelf with pumpkins, empty colored milk jars, fall foliage, and maybe some pinecones.

That’s all for our Thanksgiving decor ideas. We’re happy to have you along for the ride! Hopefully you can shake up your traditional holiday decorations with some new options, inspired by this list. We have more ideas and photos on our Pinterest, and a dedicated section to just Thanksgiving decor. Check it out now for more inspiration!

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