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Our $150K Proline Photo Contest begins November 1st!

Our $150K Proline Photo Contest begins November 1st! - Proline Range Hoods

Last year’s photo contest was a fantastic success. We loved seeing hundreds of beautiful photos of your kitchens month after month.

We see our photo contests as a way to give back to you, the people who’ve trusted us for many years. We want to create another way you can enjoy your Proline range hood.

We’re thrilled to announce the beginning of our 150K Proline Photo Contest! It begins November 1st and features two separate categories: one for businesses and one for homeowners!

This will allow homeowners to compete with other homeowners and not against professional photos from businesses.

It also allows us to give a little extra love to the businesses that use our hoods faithfully year after year.

What will those contests look like?

Homeowners Contest

We’re giving away $100K in our homeowners category this year. Here are more details.

Enter via Social Media

As so many of you are already sharing your pictures with family and friends on social media, we wanted to make entry even easier. This year, we’re accepting entries through social media with the hashtag #prolinephotocontest and the month you are entering in as well.

E.g. “#prolinephotocontest #november” or “#prolinephotocontest #december”

Just include both #prolinephotocontest and #(the month you are entering in) in the captions or descriptions of your pictures on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter.

Go to this page and point us to your accounts. Then you are entered to win!

And the more great photos you post and submit, the greater the chances of submitting a winning photo!

Every month, Proline will select 14 winners who will receive $500 each! That’s a lot of chances to win each month.

Click here for all the ways to enter as a homeowner.

More grand prize winners

Every year we receive so many amazing photos. We want to reward more of you for your great pictures of your kitchens. So, this year in this category we’ll have four grand prize winners instead of just one.

Each grand prize winner will receive $5000. These winners will be announced the morning of November 20th, 2022 on and via email.

For every photo you submit, you increase your chances of submitting a winning photo. So submit a bunch! You can submit as many photos as you’d like.

We’re so excited to see what you’ve done with your Proline range hood!

Businesses Contest

So many of you are business owners or professionals that have invested in a Proline range hood as a part of your products or services to your clients. That means a lot to us! This year we are excited to be giving away $50K and doing what we can to help you in your professional endeavors as well.

Our hope is that you will compete every month with the new kitchens you finish with a Proline hood!

Keep in mind that you can’t submit photos of the same kitchen in multiple months. But you can enter as many photos as you would like every month of the contest.


Every month, Proline will select 3 winners who will receive:

  • $1000 each
  • Their business featured on Proline’s website
  • A link to their website from that feature
  • A proprietary digital winner’s badge that can be used on their site, in email, social media, or other marketing platforms.

The feature on our website will show the thousands of people that see it, the quality work you are doing. Hopefully drive some potential customers your way, too.

The winner’s badge immortalizes your win for your customers and potential customers to see. You can use the badge anywhere on your website, social media, or other platforms.

Submitting photos

Whether you are taking images of your work yourself or have someone doing that for you already, take advantage of this contest and an opportunity to get some cash and let us do some additional marketing for you at the same time.

Submit your photos here.

More grand prize winners

We are spreading the wealth and choosing two grand prize winners for businesses this year.

They will be announced on the morning of November 20th, 2022 on and via email.

Each grand prize winner will receive $5000.

It’s a photo contest, not a kitchen contest

Know that regardless of your category, our judges are looking for the best pictures. The “best picture” doesn’t mean the most expensive kitchen, nor does it have to be a certain style.

We love all of your amazing pictures and the creativity and hard work you put into your kitchens.

Here are some helpful tips on how to take photos that we love here at Proline.

We encourage everyone to submit as many quality photos of their Proline hood as possible.

Get all the details, rules and enter to win!

The complete rules and more details are at!

If you need some inspiration, take a look at our past winners at this link.

Good luck!

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