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Proline PLJW 185 Review

Proline PLJW 185 Review - Proline Range Hoods

The PLJW 185 is a powerful low-profile range hood. At just five inches tall, it features a robust 600 CFM dual blower to keep your kitchen air clean. You won’t find many range hoods at 3” tall with that much power.

Here’s a quick overview of the 185, which is one of our most popular under cabinet range hoods at Proline.

After you’ve checked out the video, read on for a complete PLJW 185 review. We’ll go over its pros and cons, best features, installation, and much more.

Proline’s PLJW 185 - Low Profile Under Cabinet Range Hood

PLJW 185 Product Picture

The PLJW 185 is a beautiful and functional under cabinet range hood. It keeps grease, dirt, and oils off your surrounding cabinets, walls, and ceiling. This cuts down on your time spent cleaning and keeps your kitchen looking like new!

With the 185, you’ll quickly notice that all those pesky cooking smells are gone. It only takes minutes to vent all the greasy air out of your kitchen.

If you don’t want to use the 600 CFM setting all the time, no problem. The 185 features an easily accessible control panel where you can adjust the blower to four different speed settings. This accommodates any cooking style. It also allows you to turn the blower down if you have guests over. On the low settings, you can talk with your guests even while the hood is running!

You may be wondering: how long does the hood last? Unlike under cabinet hoods from big box stores, this professional hood is built with a durable 430 stainless steel finish. This keeps the hood in great condition for years to come.

Stainless steel baffle filters catch most of the grease from your kitchen air. So, instead of accumulating outside the hood, it vents right out of your kitchen. The baffle filters are the most efficient range hood filter out there. You’ll usually find them on larger hoods, but our 185 is one of few models that comes with this type. They are dishwasher safe, so you can save time cleaning and focus more on cooking delicious meals.

While you’re hard at work in the kitchen, don’t forget to turn on the LED lights. They make cooking so much easier – have you ever tried to cook when you can’t see what you’re doing? It’s hard.

Also, if you love to cook in the evenings or go for a midnight snack, you’ll love the LED lights.

Buy our PLJW 185 by clicking on the button below. It is available in 30” and 36”.

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If you’re not convinced, see what our customers have to say about the PLJW 185 under cabinet range hood below. You won’t be disappointed.

Or, check out our ultimate 30” and 36” range hood buyer’s guide. It’s packed with a ton of useful information to help you find the right hood for you.

What We Like

  • Low profile 5” height
  • Powerful 600 CFM blower
  • Can be converted to ductless
  • Durable 430 stainless steel finish
  • Comes with a built-in range hood damper
  • Easy-to-use push-button control panel
  • Bright energy-efficient LED lights

What We Don’t

  • Not recommended for outdoor kitchens
  • Not recommended if you do a lot of grilling or frying
  • Only available in 30” and 36” widths

Customer Reviews

“This range hood has exceeded our expectations. We were looking for a range hood that would exhaust to the outside and have under lights. This Proline has plenty of exhaust levels and is extremely easy to clean. The grates come out easily and can go in the dishwasher. We did change the bulbs after a year of constant use—but they snapped out and in easily.” - Keith F.

I installed this hood with a recirculating unit on top. It is beautiful and does the job. The quiet mode is just as it says – quiet, and it is good for most cooking. This unit was difficult to install because of the recirculating unit. It required two people. I am giving it a 5-star rating because it was worth the work.” - Philip L.

“I love this hood. It’s sleek and modern looking and is very functional. It’s easy to clean and has a strong fan and pulling power. It is reasonably quiet for the power it has. The lights are bright and provide just the right amount of light. I had to get a replacement of the lights after a time, and the customer service was excellent and they got what I needed quickly and they really cared about my needs. They were quick to respond to my questions as well. I can say with confidence that I would definitely purchase a Proline product again and would recommend it to others.” - Sue T.

It's a very nice hood, looks discrete and classic, works very well, easy to clean and maintain, and the service is great; you can reach them easily and they are knowledgeable and efficient. We had a problem with the lights and a replacement unit was sent out very quickly. * We need it to keep cooking odors out of the upstairs and it does the trick. I like the way you can throw the grease filters in the dishwasher and put them back without any fuss.” - Lauri M.

How does the 185 compare to other brands?

If this is your first time shopping for a range hood, you might not be familiar with many brands. In that case, how can you know that you’re making the right choice for your range hood?

Well, we took an in-depth look at how our 30” PLJW 185 compares to a 30” Zephyr under cabinet range hood.

Hopefully, with a second hood to compare, you now have the tools to choose the right hood for you.

Why do I need a PLJW 185?

Depending on your cooking style, living situation, kitchen design, and much more, the PLJW 185 may or may not be right for you.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, so we want to unpack a few concrete reasons why you might need a PLJW 185 under cabinet range hood.

  • You live in an apartment or condo.
  • You only have about 30” to 36” of space between your cabinets.
  • You cook a few times a week and don’t do a ton of Asian cooking or frying.

You live in an apartment or condo.

If you live in an apartment or condo, your building codes or landlord may not allow you to install a ducted range hood. With the PLJW 185, you can buy a recirculating kit to convert your hood to ductless. It will recirculate your air through charcoal filters and back into your kitchen. So, there’s no need for ductwork!

If your building codes allow, you might be able to convince your landlord to install a ducted hood.

You only have about 30” to 36” of space between your cabinets.

The PLJW 185 comes in both 30” and 36” so if you roughly have this amount of space between your cabinets, this hood may be right for you.

If you have exactly 30” or 36” of room, the fit might be a little tight. But it’s still possible to install the hood. It will just look a little cramped.

You cook a few times a week and don’t do a ton of Asian cooking or frying.

The PLJW 185 is powerful, but it has limits. For its 5” low profile size, you won’t find a hood with more CFM. But, if you try to do barbecue grilling, Asian cooking, or frying, you’ll likely find that this under cabinet hood won’t be able to keep up.

The 185 is best for those who cook a few times a week and enjoy occasional Asian cooking – or none at all.

If you’re looking for a hood with more power, check out some of our 900 CFM or 1200 CFM models.

PLJW 185 Power Needed (Amps)

The PLJW 185 draws between five to seven amps. The breaker connected to your 185 should be between 15 and 20 amps.

PLJW 185 Damper

You can install a backdraft damper with the PLJW 185, but the transition piece on the 185 already has a damper. You can’t have two in your entire duct run; you’re only supposed to have one. So, you have two options.

  1. Remove the damper from the transition piece and add one to the ductwork.
  2. Use the damper that is built in the transition piece.

Using the built-in damper is the simplest option.

Usually, dampers will be in or near the roof cap or wall cap. Unlike your typical damper that goes near the wall or roof cap, the 185 is one of the few hoods that come with a damper in the transition piece. The transition piece sits on top of the hood and connects to the ductwork.

A damper keeps dirt and debris from entering your ductwork. It’s a vent that opens when you run your hood and closes when it’s not in use. Learn more about backdraft dampers for your range hood here.

How to Install PLJW 185

Here’s our installation guide on how to install an under cabinet range hood. The hood used for this video is discontinued, but the process is similar for the PLJW 185.

For more information on installing your PLJW 185 under cabinet range hood, check out our installation guide.

Hopefully you found this PLJW 185 review helpful.

You can browse our wide selection of under cabinet range hoods below.

Are you looking to learn more about under cabinet range hoods? Check out the articles below.

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