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How To Convince Your Landlord to Install a Vent Hood

How To Convince Your Landlord to Install a Vent Hood - Proline Range Hoods

Did you know that as a renter you have certain renters rights? You can convince your landlord to invest in a vent hood with a little persuasive power!

How to Convince Your Landlord to Install a Vent Hood

At Proline Range Hoods, we feel every home should have a top-quality and reliable range hood. Our homes are where we spend the most time and their cleanliness should be a priority.

The first three items below may be all that you need to convince your landlord to install a vent hood in your home. However, we added a few additional items in case your landlord tends to be more stubborn.

1) Renters Rights: Cleanliness & Safety

Your home should be a clean and safe environment for you and your family to live. This includes meeting all health requirements and zoning rules. This is a requirement that applies to most renters rights. Make sure you check with a local tenants advisor as they could help you come up with a real case and advise you about renters rights in your hometown.

2) Renters Rights: Appliances

Perhaps there is a hood installed in your rental and it’s not quite working the way that it should. Or maybe you don’t have a vent hood installed in your rental at all. Fortunately, in most states, renters' rights require that all of your appliances must work efficiently. A vent hood may also be required by law. This will depend on the state in which you live. Make sure to check out the NOLO legal encyclopedia to get more information on your own state’s landlord and tenant laws.

3) Renters Rights: Local Building Codes

As newer scientific studies and research comes out about the real importance of kitchen ventilation, more building codes in different states are requiring the installation of a vent hood. Review these building codes with your landlord to see if your state requires range hoods.

Between renters rights, health requirements, zoning rules, and local building codes, you will hopefully have enough information to convince your landlord to install a range hood.

If your landlord is still not budging, we have some more persuasive points to consider. Don't be afraid to try these suggestions below to help you convince your landlord if you need to.

4) Mention the damage that can be done without a vent hood.

Do you spend much of your time cooking? Then be sure to mention that you’re an avid cook, especially if you cook plenty of fried foods. Also, politely express your concerns & mention that you would hate for any grease to ruin the cabinets above the stove.

The last thing that any landlord would want is to replace the kitchen cabinets due to grease stains or warping due to moisture that was not properly ventilated.

5) Offer to install the vent hood yourself.

Offering to install the vent hood yourself may show enough initiative to win your landlord over. Many landlords simply don't want to deal with hiring a professional to install the hood, nor do they want to install the kitchen hood themselves. Installing your own vent hood may seem like a major challenge, but it doesn't have to be. Some range hoods may require that you install the blower inside the hood before mounting it on your wall. However, at Proline Range Hoods, we take care of all of that unnecessary frustration for you. Many of our vent hoods come with a blower and fan completely installed, making installation a breeze.

Under Cabinet Vent Hood

6) Try extending your lease.

If you love where you live and are planning to stay there for a while, offer to extend your lease with a new clause in the tenancy agreement that your landlord will install a range hood. If you pay your rent on time every month and are a low maintenance tenant, this is a win-win situation for both you and your landlord. However, if you struggle to make rent payments or take a lot of their time, or are constantly needing their attention, try making amends first before mentioning the extension of your lease.

7) Mention that your cooking smells might be impacting your neighbors.

Have you ever lived in an apartment next to someone that tends to make the whole hallway and common areas smell like a strong ethnic concoction due to their unique cooking? Your food may taste fantastic, but how does it smell? Unless you are feeding all of your neighbors too, they may be unhappy with the permeating smells that linger in the hallways.

You may not mind the smell, but it will directly affect the everyday life of your neighbors. Politely suggest to your landlord that you feel a range hood would be an instant fix to solve this problem. The last thing they would want are complaints from your neighbors about harsh smells.

8) Bring up health concerns.

Did you know that in many homes, indoor air quality has been found to be worse than even federal outdoor air pollution levels? Everyone should take proper measures to ensure that they are breathing clean air in their homes.

Installing a vent hood is especially important if you or a loved one has a breathing condition. Poorly ventilated areas could also pass viruses and bacteria faster. This could make the healing process longer and sickness a lot more severe.

Whether it's asthma, lung disease, or another medical condition, you should mention any health concern to your landlord. Proper kitchen ventilation will significantly help clean the air from toxins and chemicals caused from cooking, cleaning, and everyday living.

9) Refer your landlord to Proline Range Hoods!

Under Cabinet Vent Hood in White Kitchen

At Proline Range Hoods, we also offer a three-year warranty and free shipping on select models. For all of the repairs a landlord doesn't want to have to deal with, a three-year warranty may do the trick. Refer your landlord to purchase a beautiful vent hood from Proline. You can browse some of our professional and affordable vent hoods here.

My apartment in NYC has a gas stove but no hood. Does the landlord need to provide a hood for the stove?

Landlords are not required to provide a range hood for your stove top. Some landlords may require a range hood. In most apartments, you'll have to install a ductless hood rather than a ducted hood. Landlords likely won't allow you to modify the existing duct in your apartment.

We hope these tips on convincing your landlord to install a vent hood have been helpful. With these suggestions, you will not only save your landlord money but also help them protect their investment.

This is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully these tips will help you convince your (or someone else's) landlord. Don't forget to subscribe for more fresh content and share this post if you found it to be helpful!

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