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30” Zephyr Breeze I vs. Proline PLJW 185.30

30” Zephyr Breeze I vs. Proline PLJW 185.30 - Proline Range Hoods

In this article, we’ll compare two popular under cabinet range hoods: one from Proline and one from Zephyr. Let’s take a closer look at the Proline PLJW 185.30 and the 30” Zephyr Breeze 1.

Who should buy these hoods?

These under cabinet hoods are low-profile and should be within the budget range of most homeowners. While they may look underwhelming, they get the job done and they are modern additions to your kitchen.

Proline 185.30 and 30” Zephyr Breeze 1 Compared

Essential Features - Proline vs. Zephyr

PLJW 185.30 Proline Under Cabinet Range Hood


600 CFM vs. 250 CFM

CFM, or cubic feet per minute, describes how much air your range hood pulls from your kitchen in one minute.

At a max speed of 600 CFM, the 185.30 is a much more capable vent hood for anyone in the market for a low profile 30-inch hood that will get the job done. This hood runs at more than twice Zephyr’s maximum capacity and we aren’t aware of any other hood that has that much power at only 5 inches tall.

You will find the Zephyr’s 250 CFM is inadequate in many cooking situations. With the 185.30, you’ll be satisfied even running the power on lower speeds, whereas you may find yourself running the Zephyr at max power all the time. In fact, all but the lowest speed on Proline’s hood is more powerful than Zephyr’s max capacity.

The Zephyr may be enough for casual cooks most of the time, but Proline’s 185.30 will give you much more flexibility in the kitchen and ensure you are never wanting more power.

CFM Winner - Proline’s 185.30


Stainless Steel Baffle vs. Aluminum Mesh

Stainless steel baffle filters are more durable than aluminum mesh filters. They are commercial-grade and will capture grease and dirt more efficiently than aluminum mesh filters.

With that, the winner of this category is the Proline hood.

Filter Winner - Proline’s 185.30

Tip: Clean your filters every three to four weeks depending on how often you cook. The stainless steel baffle filters are safe to clean in your dishwasher.


Stainless Steel Only vs. White, Black, and Stainless Steel

Most under cabinet range hoods are small and low-profile, so there are not many ways they can be versatile. But color is one of those ways.

Zephyr’s hood comes in white, stainless steel, or black finish and Proline’s hood comes in stainless steel only.

While stainless steel is the most popular finish for kitchen appliances these days, the additional color choices of the Zephyr give you great flexibility when it comes to your style preferences.

Color Winner - Zephyr’s Breeze I

Recirculating Kit

A recirculating kit allows a range hood to convert from ducted to ductless. Ductless hoods, as the name suggests, don’t require ductwork and can be installed in places where running ductwork isn’t feasible, like apartment complexes or condos.

Both of these hoods can be connected to a recirculating kit built by their manufacturers making this category an even tie.

Recirculating Kit Winner - It’s a tie


2 LED vs. 2 Halogen Lights

Proline’s 185.30 comes with LED lights that last thousands of hours over your cooktop, longer than Halogen lights. Halogen lights last about 2,000 hours, but LEDs last over 10 times longer.

Both types of lights are reliable, but LEDs are much brighter, much more energy-efficient, and produce less heat while in use.

For these reasons, Proline is our winner.

Lighting Winner - Proline’s 185.30

Control Panel

Stainless Steel Push Buttons vs. Mechanical Slide Controls

Both control panels are easily accessible and they provide great lighting to keep the cooktop illuminated. It is up to your personal preference to choose what style you prefer for the control panel on your range hood.

The stainless steel push buttons on the PLJW 185.30 are sleek and modern. They are backlit by a blue LED light as a nice touch.

Zephyr’s mechanical slide controls feature a black panel on the underside of the hood. It is concealed from your guests.

Control Panels Winner - It’s a tie

Great Perks


1.5 to 5 sones vs. 1.8 to 3.5 sones

Proline’s 185.30 produces more noise, but it is more than twice as powerful as Zephyr’s under cabinet range hood.

On the surface, it may look like Zephyr has the edge: 3.5 sones at max power vs. the 5 sones of Proline’s 185.30 at max power.

3.5 sones is equivalent to a TV or radio at comfortable volume, and five sones is approximately equivalent to normal conversation.

But the PLJW 185.30 runs at 600 CFM. The four speeds break down as follows:

  • Low: 1.5 sones, 150 CFM
  • Medium: 2.5 sones, 300 CFM
  • High: 4.3 sones, 450 CFM
  • Max: 5 sones. 600 CFM

The Zephyr model is three-speed but noise and power levels are shown for two speeds.

  • Minimum: 1.8 sones, 150 CFM
  • Maximum: 3.5 sones, 250 CFM

Based on these specs, if you turn the Proline 185 down to the second-lowest setting – 300 CFM – it runs at 2.5 sones. Whereas the 250 CFM max setting of the Zephyr runs at 3.5 sones.

You can get more power from your 185.30 on a lower setting and it will put less strain on the motor, keeping your hood in good condition for years.

Noise or Sones Winner - Proline’s 185.30

Two Blowers

Both models feature dual blowers that run efficiently and keep the sound at a low level.

Blower Winner - It’s a tie

And the winner is…

PLJW 185 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Proline PLJW 185.30!

Ultimately, with the 185.30, it will be much easier to keep your counters, ceiling, and walls grime-free thanks to the high-efficiency blower. At just five inches tall, Proline’s under cabinet range hood will give you the power you need when you need it. 600 CFM at this low-profile height is rare to find today. You will reap the benefit of an incredibly quiet kitchen space and enjoy a pleasant cooking experience.

Where to Buy the Proline PLJW 185.30

Proline Button
Home Depot Button

Where to Buy the 30” Zephyr Breeze 1

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