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The Ultimate 30 and 36 Inch Range Hood Guide

The Ultimate 30 and 36 Inch Range Hood Guide - Proline Range Hoods

Here is your go-to resource on 30 and 36 inch range hoods. This range hood guide covers the most common questions we hear from customers. We’ll also go over our tips on how to choose your hood, clean it, install it, and much more.

What is a 30 inch range hood?

A 30 inch range hood is 30 inches wide. It is a great fit for a 36 inch range.

What is a 36 inch range hood?

A 36 inch range hood is 36 inches wide. Ideally, install your 36 inch range hood over a 42” range.

Do you need a 30 inch or 36 inch range hood?

There are many reasons why you should buy a 30” or 36” range hood. We’ll go over them below.

Replace your 30” or 36” microwave

A 30 inch or 36 inch range hood is a fantastic, efficient alternative to your microwave vent hood. Microwave vent hoods don’t move much air. The air they move is typically not filtered and recirculated back into your kitchen. Excess grease and dirt accumulate over time on your cabinets and microwave as well.

Most kitchen fans duct air outside your home, which removes the unwanted air from your home. This makes cooking a more pleasant experience. It keeps cooking exhaust and strong odors out of your kitchen.

Some 30 inch and 36 inch range hoods can be ductless. This is a good option if you live in a condo or an apartment, where you may not be able to duct to the outside. For example, if you live on the third story of a 10-story apartment complex, you won’t be able to install ductwork.

Proline’s ductless vent hoods pack more power than a ductless microwave vent hood. They also have charcoal filters that help clean the air before returning it to your home. We always like to say, ‘Any range hood is better than no range hood.’

Replacing your microwave is an upgrade in both look and function. Vent hoods look beautiful and they give you the power and flexibility to cook a wider variety of foods. You can cook more often without the hassle of heavy cleaning and maintenance. Proline’s hoods are manufactured with a brushed 430 stainless steel finish. They will last you for many years. You’ll still need to do occasional cleaning, but it’s easy!

Improve your indoor air quality.

A kitchen fan will drastically improve your indoor air quality. When you cook, grease, smoke, cooking exhaust, and other chemicals are produced. Without proper ventilation, that air is never replaced with clean air inside your home.

The EPA found that most people spend their time indoors and that poor indoor air quality can lead to a host of health problems. Check out the full report here. But the right stainless steel ange hood solves that problem. 30 and 36 inch hoods are the most common residential hoods. They’re the perfect size for most kitchens and have the power to keep your air pristine.

Provide great coverage for your 24”, 30”, or 36” range top.

30 inch range hoods cover 24” and 30” cooktops well, while 36” hoods cover 30” and 36” cooktops.

We always recommend that, when possible, our customers buy hoods that are one size larger than their range.

For example, if you have a 30” range, a 36 inch range hood is ideal. 30” is the most popular stove size in today’s kitchens, which is why our 36” hoods are so popular!

But, sometimes this is not always possible. For example, if you have installed cabinets that are 30” wide and your range is 30”, you don’t have space for a 36 inch hood. In this case, customers simply go with a 30 inch range hood.

For a new remodel, to maximize the efficiency of your hood, buy a fan one size larger than your range. This extra coverage is especially important if you are looking into a small island range hood. An island range hood is exposed to your kitchen air from all sides, so it will also need to pull more air per cubic foot than wall or under cabinet vent hoods.

Upgrade your kitchen.

A 30 or 36 inch range hood is the perfect appliance to install in your new kitchen.

Whether you are installing the fan or you’re hiring a contractor, we want it to arrive at the perfect time! Did I mention that shipping is free?

Things to Consider When Buying 30” and 36” Range Hoods

Range Hood Mounting Height Diagram - Range Hood Guide

Mounting Height

Mount your 30” or 36” range hood between 28” and 36” from your cook top. We measure this distance from the cooktop to the bottom of your stainless steel range hood.

It is important to follow this rule!

If your fan is too close to the cooktop, parts can become damaged with the extra heat, which will destroy the range hood! You don’t want that to happen.

But, if your fan is too far from your cooktop, then the grease and smoke you produce won’t efficiently funnel into your stainless steel range hood. In short, your 36” hood won’t be working as efficiently as it should.

Indoor or Outdoor?

With 30 inch and 36 inch range hoods, you don’t have much of a choice here. Due to their small size, they aren’t suitable for outdoor installations.


Well, outdoor grills produce much more intense heat and fumes than indoor ranges. Rather than three additional inches on each side of your range, we suggest up to six inches on each side.

Also, outdoor air moves a lot more than the air in your home. To pull the excessive fumes from this constantly moving air requires a more powerful range hood. An outdoor range hood will effectively capture and remove the smoke and fumes produced from cooking.

30 and 36” range hoods are too small to provide the necessary coverage outside.

Type of Range Hood

Most kitchen fans come in both 30 and 36 inches. Maybe go the simpler route and mount it to your wall – or install some cabinets and mount your hood in between for a sleek modern look.

Islands are incredibly popular today too. If you want your range on your island, an island range hood will be just right for you! Check out our newest model, the Flush Island Mount Pro!

Those three hoods are the most common, but if you want to be a little more unique, consider a range hood insert. Sure, the insert itself isn’t anything too fancy. But you can make a strong statement with an elegant custom range hood. It sets the tone for the whole kitchen. Take a look at some of our favorite inserts below.

Maybe you want a custom range hood that blends in seamlessly with your cabinets and countertops.

White Custom Range Hood

Or, you can shoot for a more old-fashioned look.

Wooden Farmhouse Range Hood Insert

If neither of these suit you, just be creative! There are so many ways to make the kitchen yours with a custom hood.

White Custom Hood with ProV Insert
Modern Custom Range Hood

Ducted or Ductless?

A ducted range hood requires ductwork. It pulls air outside your home through ducting installed in your walls or ceiling. In contrast, ductless hoods move air through charcoal filters which recirculates back into your kitchen.

For more information on ducted range hoods, click here.

We also have a thorough article on ductless range hoods and why you might need one. A ductless hood works well in an apartment where you may not be able to install ductwork. Check out some of our best ductless hoods here.

Stainless Steel Mesh or Stainless Steel Baffle Filters?

Both stainless steel mesh and baffle filters are effective at catching grease and oils from your kitchen air. But, baffle filters are most popular among our customers. If you like the look of our mesh filters, though, we have a couple of models available as both a wall and island hood.

Browse some of our models with mesh filters here. We even have two sizes available in a matte black finish for those who prefer the darker finish!

If you own a recirculating range hood, make sure to buy charcoal filters to help clean your kitchen air. They attach to the end of your blower and help eliminate strong odors and trap cooking exhaust.


I mentioned the versatility of 30 inch and 36 inch range hoods earlier – and it’s not something to underestimate.

At Proline, you don’t have to make tradeoffs with your professional stainless steel range hood. We want you to find a product that has everything you need and love.

Just wait until you see how many options you have available!


If you prefer a rectangular look, consider our PLFW 750 and PLFW 755. They are available in 36”.

The 36” PLFW 750 wall mount range hood is a modern, minimalist kitchen appliance. The fan itself, excluding the chimney, is just 3.2” tall. It’s an ideal choice if you prefer a low-profile design. The control panel includes LED push buttons and a digital display to showcase the blower speed and the auto shutoff timer. This timer allows you to run your fan for up to 15 minutes before it turns off automatically!

The PLFW 750.36 wall mounted range hood makes your job in the kitchen easier. Two LED lights keep your range top bright. Once you’re done cooking, turn these off and remove your stainless steel baffle filters. Place these in your dishwasher to save time cleaning them by hand. You only have to replace them about three to six weeks, too! This depends on your cooking style; be sure to clean them more frequently if you cook often or enjoy Asian food.

No need to worry about this hood’s power either: with a strong 1100 CFM dual blower, your kitchen air will remain clean through the most intense cooking. Not only that, but there are six different settings! So, if you don’t need the maximum power, you can experiment with these settings to find the perfect speed for whatever you’re making.

60" PLFW 750, Blue Tile Backsplash
PLFW 750 Wall Hood

The PLFW 755 comes in 36” as well. It also features two energy-efficient LED lights in the center of the hood, between the baffle filters. Like the 750 wall mount range hood, the 755 is incredibly powerful with an 1100 CFM blower.

The main difference between these two models is the touch panel. The 755 has a more prominent black LCD touch panel. Also, the control panel is four-speed, unlike the 750, which is six-speed.

The type of control panel is a cosmetic feature and variable speed is a nice perk, but these won’t make or break your purchase. They’re not as vital as CFM, for example.

Which one do you prefer?

Wall Range Hood with Multicolor Tile Backsplash
Small Wall Vent Hood with Black and White Backsplash


Most of our range hoods have a tapered design, which is a popular choice among our customers. Take a look at some of our favorite kitchen photos with tapered range hoods below.

Sleek Stainless Steel Hood
Modern Kitchen with White Tile Backsplash


A glass range hood is one of the most unique designs that you can find today. Our PLFW 544 features this look.

Before and After Kitchen Remodel Photo
Before/After - Kitchen Remodel

The PLFW 544 wall mount range hood comes in both 30” and 36”. It comes with a 600 CFM single blower that can be adjusted to six different speeds. The lowest speed is an ultra-quiet 100 CFM! So, if you’re not looking for an incredibly powerful, intimidating hood, this is the one for you! The lower settings are perfect to use while your guests, friends, and family are in the kitchen.

If you live in an apartment, you’re in luck! This hood can be converted to recirculating with your purchase of charcoal filters at checkout. We also have chimney extensions available to accommodate 10’ and 12’ ceilings. Talk about versatility!

PLFW 544

Brushed Stainless Steel Finish or Black Matte Finish

Most of Proline’s 30 inch range hoods and 36 inch range hoods are made with brushed 430 stainless steel. Our new 30 inch and 36 inch 520 and Vector models come in a black matte finish (You can find these in stainless steel, too!)

The PLFW 520 is the more versatile option of our two black kitchen fans. Check out its features below.

  • 600 CFM, Six-Speed Blower
  • Control Panel with LED Push Buttons and a Digital Display
  • Dishwasher-Safe Stainless Steel Mesh Filters
  • Can Be Recirculating With Charcoal Filters
  • Two Long-Lasting LED Lights

The black Vector vent hood boasts a unique design. The control panel is on the underside of the hood and it features a tapered design with sloped edges. The panel features stainless steel push buttons.

Also, the Vector provides you with twice the lighting as the PLFW 520: 4 LEDs compared to 2 LEDs. But it features a three-speed 600 CFM blower, compared to the 520’s six-speed blower.

But, these differences are small and they honestly come down to personal preference. Hopefully you now have the tools to make an informed decision about which black vent hood you want in your kitchen.

Check out Proline’s best black vent hoods right here.

30” and 36” Range Hood Benefits and Drawbacks

Every vent hood has its pros and cons. Small kitchen fans like our 30” and 36” inch models are fantastic options for smaller ranges. We’re here to help you make the right decision.

Check out our comprehensive list of 30” and 36” vent hood pros and cons below.


  • Highly Accommodating
  • Quiet Motors
  • Small and Low-Profile
  • Several Recirculating Options at Your Disposal
  • Free Shipping


  • Not Ideal for cooks that are frying, grilling with high heat constantly
  • Not Meant for Outdoor Use

Where to Buy 30” and 36” Range Hoods

Click on the links below to browse Proline’s 30” and 36” range hoods.

30” Range Hoods

36” Range Hoods

We also sell these hoods on Amazon, Houzz, Home Depot, and several other marketplaces.

We offer exclusive discounts on different types of range hoods every day; if you’re lucky, you might find a 30” or 36” one!

What styles are available?

At Proline Range Hoods, we sell wall range hoods, under cabinet range hoods, and island range hoods in 30” and 36” sizes. If you are looking for a range hood insert for your custom hood, we sell 34” range hood inserts that are the perfect size for your 36” custom hood.

Smaller kitchen fans are some of the most versatile of Proline’s products.

Proline’s 30” range hoods can be ducted to the outside or recirculate your air, giving you some flexibility as you decide on the best option for you. 36” fans offer this same benefit!

30” and 36” range hoods will accommodate most homeowners, as well as those who are purchasing their first apartment or condo. Call us at (877) 901 - 5530 if you have any questions about choosing your range hood!

Browse Our Professional 30 Inch Range Hoods

Ducted 30 Inch Range Hoods

Ductless 30 Inch Range Hoods

Browse Our Professional 36” Range Hoods

Ducted 36 Inch Range Hoods

Ductless 36 Inch Range Hoods

How to Install 30” and 36” Range Hoods

We have several helpful videos on how to install 30” and 36” range hoods. Check some of them out below. You can also visit our YouTube channel here for more instructional videos.

How to Maintain Your 30” and 36” Range Hood

How to Clean the Outside of Your Range Hood

Cleaning your 30 inch or 36 inch stainless steel range hood is simple. You have three options:

  1. Glass cleaner for a light clean
  2. Acetone for a more thorough clean
  3. No-grit soft scrub for the toughest stains

When cleaning your range hood, clean it with the grain of your appliance. This will prevent scratching and you’ll end up with a nice polished look.

We have a full article on how to clean the outside of your vent hood here. Or you can check out the video below.

How to Clean the Inside of Your Range Hood

Use a glass cleaner like this one from Amazon to clean the inside of your range hood, but don’t spray the hood itself. Spray the towel first so you don’t get anything wet that shouldn’t get wet. Check out this article for more details.

How to Clean Range Hood Filters

Your range hood may come with stainless steel baffle, stainless steel mesh, or charcoal filters. For more details on each type of filter, check out our range hood filter guide.

Ductless hoods use either the baffle or mesh filters in addition to charcoal to help clean your kitchen air. Since they don’t duct to the outside, there needs to be a way that the air can be cleaned before it recirculates back into your kitchen.

Baffle and mesh filters are non-replaceable and require frequent cleaning. Clean them every three to six weeks, depending on your cooking habits. If you cook often, you’ll want to clean them closer to every three weeks. If you do not cook as often, then you can wait six weeks or more.

Check out our article that explains how to clean your a range hood filter in full detail.

If you own a ductless or recirculating hood, you’ll use charcoal filters as well. These do not need to be cleaned. Instead, replace them every 120 hours of cooking. Depending on how often you cook, you’ll likely hit 120 hours sometime between three to six months.

You can purchase new charcoal filters for your ducted hood here.

It is important to clean or replace your filters consistently. Greasy filters will decrease the efficiency of your vent hood and put more strain on the blower. Over time, it will grow weak and eventually fail if they are not cleaned properly. So to increase the longevity of your hood and keep it in good condition, be sure to maintain them!

We also have a short video on how to clean your baffle filters and your blower (which we’ll discuss more below). Check it out!

How to Clean Range Hood Blowers

If you followed our instructions on how to maintain your filters, you’re in luck! Likely, your blowers won’t need any special treatment.

Clean baffle filters will catch most of the grease and dirt as air travels through your hood and outside your home. Similarly, clean charcoal filters will trap contaminants from your kitchen air before it's recirculated back into your home. But, dirty filters will fail to trap the dirt and grime for your kitchen air; it will instead travel to your motor, which will require cleaning.

If you have not been able to properly maintain your filters, we have a solution for you. You just need a screwdriver to remove the plastic fan covers. You can wipe your fan blades off with a glass cleaner and a towel or soak them in warm water and soap.

Just be sure to remove the fan blades from the blower because you don’t want to get the electrical components wet.

For more information on cleaning your range hood blower, check out our article here.

How to Clean Your Range Hood Duct

Similar to the vent hood blower, as long as you maintain your filters, you won’t need to clean your vent hood duct. Unfortunately, this is not something you can easily DIY. But we have a step-by-step article to help you find the resources necessary to clean your ductwork.

How to Clean a Range Hood Grease Trap

Some of our kitchen fans come with a grease trap, a long metal piece that is located in the back of the vent hood. Whenever you clean your filters, you’ll want to remove this piece and scrub it with dish soap and water. We have a full step-by-step guide on how to keep it clean here.

30 Inch and 36 Inch Range Hood Customer Photos - Some of Our Favorite Kitchens

Bright Apartment with Ductless Vent Hood
PLFW 520 with Bright LED Buttons
Sleek Wall Hood with Brown Tile Backsplash
Bright Kitchen with High Quality Vent Hood
Modern PLJW 185

How We Compare to Other Brands

We’ve started a series of articles where we’ve compared our kitchen fans to other brands in detail. Check them out below:

30” Zephyr Breeze I Vs. Proline PLJW 185.30

Proline PLFW 520.30 Vs. 30” Whirlpool WVW53UC0FS

Proline PLJW 129.30 vs. Z-Line KB-30

Frequently Asked Questions

How high do I mount my range hood over my cooktop?

Mount your range hood between 28” and 36” away from your range top.

What size range hood do I need for a 24” cooktop?

Your range hood should be 30” away from your cooktop.

What size range hood do I need for a 30” cooktop?

With a 30” range, a 36 inch range hood is your best choice.

What size range hood do I need for a 36” cooktop?

A 42 inch range hood will fit nicely over your 36 inch cooktop.

For more information on sizing your vent hood, check out our ultimate sizing guide!

Top 5 Proline Under Cabinet Range Hoods

Top 5 Proline Wall Range Hoods

How many CFM do I need for my vent hood?

What is a 30 inch range hood?

A 30 inch range hood is 30 inches wide. It is a great fit for a 36 inch range.

How high do I mount my range hood over my cooktop?

Mount your range hood between 28” and 36” away from your range top.

What size range hood do I need for a 24” cooktop?

Your range hood should be 30” away from your cooktop.

What size range hood do I need for a 30” cooktop?

With a 30” range, a 36 inch range hood is your best choice.

What size range hood do I need for a 36” cooktop?

A 42 inch range hood will fit nicely over your 36 inch cooktop.

What is a 36 inch range hood?

A 36 inch range hood is 36 inches wide. Ideally, install your 36 inch range hood over a 42” range.
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