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10 Inspirational Home Bedroom Designs

10 Inspirational Home Bedroom Designs - Proline Range Hoods

Feeling inspired after watching a great bedroom design on your favorite TV show? Let’s refresh your home with a new color palette or accent wall.

But before running off to your nearest furniture store, let’s take a look at some of the most inspirational bedroom designs that will inspire awe.

Impress friends and family with a bold or sleek (or both?) design that’s sure to leave onlookers astonished. Let’s take a look at 10 inspirational home bedroom designs.

1. Gray-toned bedding with indoor plants

grey bedroom decor

Gray-toned decor is always a popular choice for bedrooms. These colors are great for someone who wants to steer away from typical whites without going towards bright yellows. It’s sleek, fashionable, and yet also reserved.

Adding a few houseplants to your gray decor will breathe life into your bedroom. They’re an excellent choice if you’re looking for decor but don’t want anything too loud.

2. Golden brown hues

gold and brown hues in a bedroom

Using golden brown hues is another popular option for bedrooms. While these colors can go with any aesthetic, they particularly pair well with the white and light green decor.

Add some natural wood furniture like shelves and a bed frame and you’re good to go. We’ve talked about how natural wood makes for some great modern furniture in our 9 Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas article and we just had to do it again.

3. Black and white

There are two ways to use white in your bedroom. You can either have white walls and wooden furniture or you can go with a striking black and white design. The former is a little old-fashioned at this point.

So if you want to incorporate white into your bedroom, we’d suggest going all the way with it. Make your walls, floors, bedding, cupboards, and everything white. Then add a few accent pieces to give your room a nice contrast.

One of the best color options is black. As you can see in the picture above, it looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s dainty but also elegant.

4. Stark contrast between wall paint and decor

purple and white and gold bedroom design

If you have a sizable bedroom, paint the wall a dark color. Then place light-colored decor in it. The contrast looks marvelous.

One of the few times we saw someone pull this off was in the picture above. The deep burgundy pairs fabulously with the white and beige decor. Adding a few deep burgundy throw pillows ties up the bedroom beautifully.

Dark colors can make spaces look smaller though. So if your bedroom isn’t at least as big as the one in this reference photo, we’d suggest avoiding this technique.

5. Consistent color palette

Warm brown bedroom

If you aren’t one for contrasts, that’s alright. You can get a beautiful bedroom with a consistent color palette too.

All you have to do is pick a tone. Then choose two or three colors and play around with them.

This reference photo uses cool-toned gray, beige, and brown. It gives off a classy sophisticated look that you can’t find with anything else.

The best kind of furniture for this look is sleek and structured. You don’t want anything big and bulky. A few lamps here and there with the perfectly placed rug and chairs pull the room together.

6. Big open shelves

big open shelving

Another way to approach designing a bedroom is by focusing on the furniture. The big open shelf sets the tone for the room above.

You’ll notice that a lot is going on in this bedroom. There’s a wooden accent wall, yellow furniture and bedding, and a beautiful rug. However, it’s the shelf that catches your eye.

If you choose to have an open cabinet like this, whatever you choose to display in it will decide what your bedroom looks like. So if you’re someone with a lot of trophies, awards, or book collections to show off, you won’t find a better option than this.

7. Sleek closed shelves and cupboards

modern and gray with green accents bedroom

The complete opposite of open shelves are closed shelves. In this bedroom, your eye immediately goes to the bed. Unlike the last room, the yellow catches your eye here.

The thought process behind the room is simple: neutral colors for the furniture and bedding with one bold color. You’ll also note a lot of symmetry in the room. Everything from the lights to the houseplants is doubled.

8. Accent wall

Accent walls always catch the eye. A fun wallpaper is adorable, decal, or painting, and any kid is bound to love it. It breathes life into a bedroom and gives you a reference point to match the rest of your decor.

9. Outdoorsy Fairy

Jungle theme bedroom

The outdoorsy fairy bedroom is one of my favorites. It calls for fairy lights, wooden bed frames, and brown bedding. You can add a bit of green with houseplants, wallpaper, or throw pillows.

It has a lot of character and is a bold choice.

10. Rustic Christmas

rustic cabin Christmas bedroom

The last bedroom design we’re exploring is a rustic Christmas design. It’s sort of like the outdoorsy fairy design we talked about before but has a lot more plants.

You focus on building the green through indoor plants and then add lights. The brown comes at the end with throw pillows or small pieces of furniture.

Final Thoughts - Inspirational Home Bedroom Designs

Hopefully, you found inspiration in our 10 inspirational bedroom design ideas. We covered just about everything from sleek fashionable decor trends to outdoorsy and bold ones. Whether you want a black and white bedroom or a bright yellow one, we have resources to help you make an idea board.

For more kitchen ideas, DIY hacks, and design inspiration, visit our website!


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