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Free Printable Deep Cleaning House Checklist! (And Tips!) 

Free Printable Deep Cleaning House Checklist! (And Tips!)  - Proline Range Hoods

We’ve all been there. The laundry starts piling up, the dishes are towering by the sink, and the dust has started to gather on surfaces throughout your home. And, this can all happen in a short amount of time!

With so many of us working all day, the last thing we want to do is come home and clean the whole house out.

But, if you don’t keep on top of your cleaning tasks, your house will soon start to show the effects.

Even if you have fallen behind with cleaning duties, there’s no need to panic.

Yes, it can be frightening to look at how much cleaning is in front of you, but with a cleaning checklist, you can work your way through to transform your home into a sparking clean sanctuary.

Today, we are going to guide you through how to make a deep cleaning checklist for your house so you can finally say goodbye to that mess and hello to a new, fresh abode.

Let’s get started!

Supplies Needed

Before you start your home’s deep clean, you need to gather a selection of supplies. We recommend that you have the following:

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Deep Cleaning House Checklist

Once you have all your supplies ready, it’s time to check that checklist.

Below, we have compiled a deep cleaning checklist for your entire home.

To start, we recommend cleaning your kitchen, then the bathroom, or your living room.

This is because these rooms tend to become dirtier than others, and where your family spends most of their time.

Whole House Deep Cleaning Checklist -

Here is your deep cleaning house checklist:

Whole House (each room)

  • Vacuum, dust, mop
  • Clean ceiling fans/lights
  • Clean garbage cans
  • Clean windows and window frames
  • Clean curtains and blinds
  • Clean door frames and baseboards
  • Replace air filters (if they haven’t been recently)
  • Check fire alarms and Carbon Monoxide detectors


  • Clean out fridge
  • Clean out freezer
  • Clean behind refrigerator and oven
  • Clean oven (scrub its interior, stove top, stove grates, and hood fan)
  • Clean dishwasher (including control panel and drain - empty filter)
  • Clean counters
  • Clean microwave, inside and out
  • Clean cabinets inside and out
  • Organize cabinets and pantry
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Clean out the utensils holder


  • Clean shower curtain and scrub the liner
  • Clean grout (Magic Eraser works well)
  • Use glass cleaner to clean the mirror
  • Clean toothbrush holder
  • Clean sink and faucet
  • Clean shower/bath and faucet
  • Clean toilet (tank, interior, and base)
  • Clean any rugs


  • Wash bedding (duvet, sheets, pillow covers, throw, etc.)
  • Flip or rotate the mattress
  • Clean under the bed
  • Wash the curtains and blinds
  • Clean drawers and closets
  • Dust surfaces (dressers and tables)
  • Vacuum and shampoo floor (mop hard flooring)
  • Hang clothes in the wardrobe (fold clothes)

Living Room

  • Wipe remotes
  • Vacuum sofa and carpet
  • Shampoo carpet
  • Brush and mop floor (if not carpet)
  • Wash cushion cases and throws
  • Wash and/or shampoo rugs

Outside The House

  • Clean door frames and handles
  • Clean windows (including window frames)
  • Clean out gutters
  • Clean outdoor furniture
  • Pressure wash surfaces (patio, driveway, etc.)

Laundry Room

  • Clean the dryer
  • Clean the washing machine
  • Vacuum behind the dryer and washing machine
  • Remove any lint leftover


  • Clean and dust electronic devices
  • Organize papers and drawers
  • Clean carpet or hardwood floors

By going from one room to another, you can see the results as you go along.

Seeing one room become cleaner will motivate you to do the same for the next one.

Yes, some will be harder and longer to clean than others, but the reward and payoff, in the end, is always worth it.

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Some Deep Cleaning Top Tips

It can be easy to become overwhelmed when facing the mountain of cleaning ahead of you.

But, by focusing on one task at a time, you can tick off your checklist, step by step. See it as one thing at a time, rather than a whole list.

Also, go to one room at a time. Do not tackle your whole house at once.

As you will see with our checklist, we will be focusing on rooms, one by one. Therefore, it will be easier and less stressful for you.

You should not confuse decluttering with deep cleaning. Do not attempt both at the same time.

Instead, do one first and then the other afterward.

If your home is very dirty, don’t rush things. Take your cleaning tasks slowly.

If you do too much in one go, you will soon become overwhelmed.

We suggest starting with your kitchen, as this is the space where you will typically see the biggest difference after a deep clean.

This will also give you the motivation to carry on and make a change to each room you tackle.

Finally, it’s your home, so go about it as you wish. But, we recommend working in a cozy environment.

So, put on some motivational, or calming music (whatever you love most). Wear some comfortable clothes and start cleaning!

Having the right mindset before you start cleaning can significantly help.

The more relaxed you are, the easier and more fun it will be (Yes, cleaning can be fun!)

In Summary

Deep cleaning your home is something most of us put off due to lack of time or simply because we don't want to do it!

By making a checklist and following it, though, you can go from one room to another and gradually clean your entire house.
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