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DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Decor And Design Ideas For 2024

DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Decor And Design Ideas For 2024 - Proline Range Hoods

Farmhouse kitchens tend to be ignored way more than they should. They deserve a renovation here and there. If it’s time for yours to get one, we have a couple of ideas for you.

Clean modern farmhouse kitchen - DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Decor And Design Ideas

Here are 10 DIY farmhouse kitchen decor and design ideas for 2022:

  1. Paint the cupboards
  2. Paint the walls
  3. Hang string lights indoors or outdoors
  4. Use candles to add character
  5. Make DIY pan hangers
  6. Labels for food jars
  7. Add lighting under your cabinets
  8. Wooden Kitchen Island
  9. White Vases
  10. A Chalkboard

Read on to learn about how you can integrate each of these design ideas into your kitchen.

1. Paint the cupboards

Redoing the kitchen cupboards can really change the way your kitchen looks. Impress your friends with a sleek neutral color or surprise them with a bold option.

Head over to our article on 9 Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends In 2022 to find the right color for your kitchen. Every part of your kitchen must blend in well together.

2. Paint the walls

range hood. - DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Decor And Design Ideas

Step up your game a little by painting an entire wall instead of just some cupboards. Use a bold color on an accent wall or paint everything using a light cool toned shade.

Look at our article on Spraying Paint Vs. Rolling Paint – Which Is Better And Why? to pick the best tools for your project.

Pro tip: If you don’t want to paint your walls, you can always use wallpaper. It makes less mess, and you can test out a color before painting it.

3. Hang string lights indoors or outdoors

String lights are a great outdoorsy decor idea for farmhouse kitchens. You can hang them almost anywhere. Wrap them around a pergola or hang them from post to post.

You can also attach them outdoors on your farm around trees outside your window or along other plants. There are so many possibilities

String lights add character and make kitchen decor more interesting.

Outdoor string lights can be hung over pools or around gazebos.

4. Use candles to add character

Candles on a table for decor - DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Decor And Design Ideas

Farmhouse kitchens should have a retro vintage look. Nothing gives off that vibe better than candles. They’re stunning. Candles used to be the only light source in the olden days. So they give off a very retro vibe.

While candles aren’t the most practical lighting option anymore, they still look great and are an excellent decor option. Line them up on your kitchen island or place them outside next to your window.

If you have a table in your kitchen, you can use a candle holder. It will give your meals an opulent feel.

5. Make DIY pan or pot hangers

DIY pot rack or pot hanger - DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Decor And Design Ideas

Hanging your pans reduces the need for cupboards and opens up so much storage space. Your kitchen will look lighter and spacious. Also, you get to show off your luxurious pots.

Using a wooden hanger will give your kitchen an outdoorsy feel, which is key when it comes to picking furniture for a farmhouse.

You can buy these hangers at any department or hardware store and give your kitchen a rustic industrial look. Or you can make them yourself by recycling an old piece of wood.

6. Labels for food jars

labeled and shelved canning or mason jars in a pantry - DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Decor And Design Ideas

From coffee to salt and herbs, there are endless things that go in jars in everyone’s kitchen. If you want to be organized, an easy way to do so is by getting a modern-looking set of matching containers and getting labels for them.

It’s a small thing that makes your kitchen look a lot more coherent and put together. Even Khloe Kardashian does it.

A coherent kitchen pantry in one corner of your kitchen with these jars will elevate the entire space. Just make sure all the containers are either in the same color tone, size, or shape. They should blend in together.

7. Add lights under your cabinets

clean and modern kitchen

Lights under cabinets are a great way to add “oomph” to a kitchen. Bring some of that modernity into your farmhouse kitchen with this simple design hack.

If you’re looking to add extra character, pick under cabinet lighting that can change colors. You can always use them as accent lighting to light up your kitchen at night.

8. Wood Kitchen Island

DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Decor And Design Ideas

The next decor idea is an absolute must for an authentic farmhouse kitchen. This DIY will need a bit of help from someone who knows their way around a toolbox, but it is totally worth the extra work.

A natural wood kitchen island is an excellent addition to any farmhouse kitchen. It’s a great place to prepare meals, put those labeled jars we were talking about earlier, or place some decorations like indoor plants.

It’s extremely versatile!

Use recycled wood from a hardware store or your tool shed, a couple of corner brackets, and wood glue.

9. White vases

White vases in the shadows

In a kitchen with wooden decor, a white vase stands out. Take a few flowers grown in your farmhouse and put them in the vase. Replace them every day for a new look.

Amaze your friends with your seemingly endless supply of beautiful fresh flowers and show off the wonderful plants grown in your farmhouse.

10. Hanging chalkboard or wallpaper

chalkboard - DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Decor And Design Ideas

Every kitchen needs a shopping list and what’s better than hanging it front and center in your kitchen?

Put up wallpaper behind your door or next to your fridge as an accent decor piece. Then use colorful chalk to keep track of your shopping needs.

Alternatively, get a chalk stand to give your kitchen character. It might seem a bit like a sidewalk cafe but it’s fine. As long as you have a designated space for the board and the rest of your interior is the same color as the stand, it will fit in well.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found a design you like and want to replicate. If not, you may have found something that inspired you to come up with a design idea. We’ve covered everything from practical DIYs like the chalkboard and pan hanger to simple design pieces like candles and paint.

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