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Incorporate Beautiful Coffee Stations in Your Home

Incorporate Beautiful Coffee Stations in Your Home - Proline Range Hoods

Sure, you’ve got a section of counter space set aside for coffee, but that takes away space for cooking or placing mail and other random objects by the sink. Coffee stations are the way to go; they're convenient and they'll save you valuable counter space.

Do you love going to bed knowing that one of the first things you’ll do in the morning is drink a lovely cup of coffee?Are you a coffee super fan or connoisseur who loves its aroma, taste, and warm smoothness? Wouldn't you want a dedicated spot for coffee in your kitchen?

If so, you’re not alone.

We’re going to dive into some coffee bars and stations we love so you can get yours up and running in your home.

Latte Art

The Size of Coffee Stations In Your Home

Think about your coffee drinking habits. Are you someone who has a cup or two a week or a cup or two every hour?

Maybe you have a bar where you put the grinder, coffee maker, your mugs, and the coffee. Or perhaps you’re content with a smaller station: one that just has room for a few cups and some coasters.

Also consider the size of your kitchen or hallway. The coffee station has to fit in your home, after all.


Bookcases and Dressers for Espressos

Simply put, large bars can be made from old dressers, side tables, and even bookcases. Simply paint them to match the color palette of your kitchen (or the color of coffee) and they’ll look like new.

Cup of Coffee Sitting on a Table

Coffee stations have great potential for creating additional storage. For example, using old dressers or a bookcase will give you extra drawers to store whatever you like.

You can store the coffee grounds, filters, k-cups, sugar, or even creamer if you want to incorporate a small refrigerator. Check out some pins below for ideas.

Side Tables For Days and Cappuccinos

For smaller spaces and kitchens, a side table or even a large stool could work! Whether taller or shorter, side tables will be most useful if you have a shelf or two underneath for more storage.

If you’re still lacking in storage, consider open shelving! Place your mugs on the shelf, or include hooks underneath for pretty storage. Check out the pins below for some inspiration.

A cart will work too, especially if you want your coffee station to be mobile! You and your guests can wheel it around from room to room so everyone can enjoy delicious coffee.

Believe it or not, you can make coffee without a grinder – coarse, fine, however you like it! Check out our step-by-step guide here.

Wake Up Latte and Smell the….Coffee?

Everyone loves a good coffee station or bar sign, right? Something that speaks coffee in the morning, or a pancake breakfast….anything like that!

One great option is a painted wooden sign, either mounted or hanging by a hook using a rope. This adds so much character to your coffee bar. Personalize it to your home, your family, and lifestyle.

Sugar and Bokeh and Everything Mocha

It’s time to decorate your coffee station or bar. You may feel your bar is already dressed up with everything you need, but, you’d be surprised. There’s probably room for more.

If you’re holding sugar on a shelf, try out a decorative container with “Sugar” on the outside. Find cute but practical storage containers for coffee grounds, sugar packets, k-cup stirrers, and more.

Coffee Beans
Coffee Station

Then, add some elements that aren’t related to coffee. Plants always add texture and character to any design.

Or you could add more signs or a chalkboard if you really want to improve the look of your coffee station.

Deck out your bar with seasonal decorations - maybe add apple cider and pumpkin flavors during autumn and peppermint during the winter.

For more storage options, mason jars, big or small, will tidy up your station. Additionally, wicker baskets with cloth lining are great options for small plates and mugs that don’t fit anywhere else.

Let's Macchiato it Up!

So, there you have it - everything you’ll need to create your own little coffee station in your home. Hopefully these ideas are able to make a….matcha in your kitchen!

We’ll stop with the puns now….

See you a latte!

Latte Sitting on Table

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