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111 Inspirational Kitchen Hood Ideas

111 Inspirational Kitchen Hood Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

Are you looking for some inspiration? At Proline Range Hoods, we have thousands of customer photos that showcase creative and stylish kitchen hood ideas.

I went through our selection of range hood photos and chose 111 of the most impressive pictures to inspire your next project.

Before you purchase a range hood, there’s a lot of different things to consider. And if you would like to dig into the more practical side of them, we have a buyer’s guide here and a comprehensive FAQ here that are well worth your time.

But in this article, we wanted to show you a number of inspiring ways our customers have used their hoods in their homes. We hope that you find a design that inspires you. Enjoy!

Wall Mount Range Hood Ideas

1. Long, Wide Chimney

Kitchen Hood Ideas - Long and wide Chimney

This photo is so crisp, it doesn’t even look real! It belongs to our March photo contest winner!

As you’ll soon see, open shelving is quite popular; in this photo, they make for nice cubbies to store whatever you like. Not as popular, though, are the drawers below the range as well as the range hood style.

Normally our rectangular range hoods come with a shorter chimney, but this customer opted for a longer chimney because she liked the style. Do you?

2. Multi-Part Backsplash with Custom Designs

August Photo Contest Winner - Wall Range Hood

You’re going to see a lot of backsplash inspiration in this article! This fun multi-colored and multi-patterned backsplash is eye-popping! The hardwood floor, wooden island, and open shelving give this kitchen a rustic look and feel.

Stay tuned for more rustic kitchens; we could only put this hood in one category, unfortunately!

Before we move on, check out a second photo – a close-up – of this beautiful hood. We received several beautiful range hood photos from this customer, who won our August Photo Contest.

Wall Range Hood with Custom Backsplash

3. Traditional White Kitchen

Traditional White Kitchen with Vent Hood

Instead of open shelving, you can go with the traditional white shaker cabinets, and sandwich your range hood in between! This sleek white kitchen is one of our most vibrant, featuring the PLFW 129E wall range hood.

4. Replace your OTR Microwave

Before/After - OTR Microwave to Vent Hood
Before/After Kitchen Remodel

When our customers choose to fit their range hood between cabinets, it’s often to replace a microwave vent hood. Instead of shaker cabinets, you can try out the raised panel ones – and again, you can’t go wrong with white!

The biggest difference between this hood and the above hood is that our PLFW 544 features a unique glass design. If you like glass hoods, be sure to try this one out!

5. Cover Two Ranges

Vent Hood Covering Two Ranges

Range hoods come in a wide variety of sizes. As you can see here, they aren’t just built for one range.

In addition to the double range, the brick backsplash gives this kitchen a rustic feel. Also, check out the spice rack on the left, which is really easy to access while cooking.

This customer installed our powerful PLFW 832.

6. Round Tapered Range Hood

Round Tapered Range Hood

Most hoods are tapered, but not many come with a sleek and thin rounded edge. With this hood, you can bring out the modern tile backsplash. It’s a great finishing touch to your kitchen space.

7. Massive Range Hood (Two Ranges)

Kitchen Hood Ideas - Massive Range Hood

Earlier we saw a double range, but nothing quite as massive as this impressive single-wall kitchen! Our 60” rectangular vent hood spans the entire width of the double range. Here, this customer opted for open shelving for decor, dishes, and other items.

8. Blue Tile Backsplash

Blue Tile Backsplash

This customer chose to highlight their beautiful sea blue tile backsplash with the bright LED lights of the range hood. The backsplash features alternating tile patterns to help it stand out behind the range.

The hood, range, and tile all shine brightly, making this hood an elegant statement piece. What a photo!

9. Decorative Square Tile Backsplash

Decorative Square Tile Backsplash

Check out the decorative backsplash in this picture! It doesn’t span the full width of the range but instead occupies a small square area. Each of the 12 tiles on the backsplash is uniquely designed to grab the attention of anyone who walks in this kitchen.

Here we once again have shaker cabinets, but they’re black. You can also vary your cabinet styles and combine shaker and glass-front cabinets like in this photo. For more cabinet customization ideas, check out our guide on the latest trends!

10. Range Hood for a Smaller Kitchen

Range Hood for a Smaller Kitchen

A range hood is a great option even in a smaller kitchen like this one. White shaker cabinets and granite countertops are a popular design trend today. If you like the look, go for it!

11. Custom Hood + Stainless Steel Range Hood

Custom Hood + Stainless Steel Range Hood

Everything about this photo is unique! It almost looks like the customer built a custom hood and inserted a stainless steel range hood into it, rather than a range hood insert.

This kitchen also features an indoor stainless steel grill, which is not very common. This paired with the stone base for the countertops, and you’ve captured the quintessential outdoor kitchen look! But this proves you can try it indoors too. What do you think?

12. Stacked Cabinetry

Stacked Cabinetry Surrounding a Vent Hood

This kitchen is certainly small, but they definitely won’t be lacking space. Here we’ve got the same style of cabinets, but just oriented differently and stacked on top of each other. What a practical way to use the space!

13. Rustic Brick Kitchen

Rustic Brick Kitchen

This isn’t a style you’ll typically see in modern kitchens today. Even though range hoods are one of the most modern appliances you can get, that doesn’t mean you have to style your kitchen the same way. The worn red and white bricks here really send the old-fashioned look home.

14. Sleek White Kitchen with Marble Countertops

ProV Wall Hood in White Kitchen

I’m not sure if we could put two ideas one after the other that would be more different. Here we’ve got the same range hood, but instead, it’s in a modern indoor kitchen with traditional shaker cabinets. This customer went with marble countertops, too – a whiteout!

15. Ambient Kitchen

Ambient Kitchen

This kitchen features our ProV wall range hood. Unlike some of the bright kitchens above, you’ll enjoy an ambient environment with this style. Check out the hanging lights over the kitchen island, along with the woven chairs, which are a nice and relaxing touch.

16. Off-White Cabinetry

Modern kitchen with Range and range hood in them

Go with a more muted modern style with off-white or beige shaker cabinets to pair with your wall range hood. This photo contest winner purchased our PLJW 104 wall hood.

The backsplash is subtle and sleek with a pattern of simple white lines. It’s not too loud, but a little more adventurous than a solid color backsplash.

17. Decorative Chimney - Holiday Themed

Decorative Chimney - Holiday Themed

This is our first holiday-themed kitchen! Did you know that you can hide your chimney in plain sight? That’s exactly what this customer did and they added a nice ‘Merry Christmas’ banner to spread holiday spirit too.

Also, take note of how busy the counters and shelves are. Do you like to collect accessories, dishware, and other knick-knacks for people to see, or do you prefer a more spacious kitchen?

18. Muted Earthy Kitchen

Muted Earthy Kitchen

Here’s another ambient kitchen, but this one is complete with marble countertops and a fun multi-colored backsplash. It gives off an earthy feel with all the dark browns and greens. While not as bright as most of our other kitchens, this is a great source of inspiration for those who love the darker colors.

19. Vaulted Ceiling Installation

Range Hood Installed from a Vaulted Ceiling

Notice that this wall range hood is installed on a vaulted ceiling – yes, your chimney can be cut to match the slope of your ceiling!

We love the modern style of this kitchen. The marble countertops and marble backsplash look great together. With marble counters, a lot of times you’ll see white cabinets, but this homeowner went with black for a more muted look!

Check out the stainless steel backsplash with a shelf under the hood – a practical way to store anything you readily need in your kitchen.

20. Match the backsplash and range hood.

Match the backsplash and the range hood. Wall Range Hood in White Kitchen

In this kitchen, we’ve got the more common marble countertops and white cabinets. This brightens up the room. The gray tile backsplash complements the stainless steel range hood; matching colors like this is something you might want to consider if you’re going for a uniform, crisp look.

21. Stand-Alone Range Hood

Stand-Alone Range Hood with Custom Backsplash

This is quite a rare setup! The range hood and range have their own section in the kitchen. Normally you’ll see the hood sandwiched between kitchen cabinets, but this homeowner had the space to give their hood some room to breathe.

I love the stylized marble backsplash – and it matches the kitchen island too! What do you think?

22. Full-Length Chimney

Full Length Chimney Hood - Proline range hoods

Some of our range hoods, like this ProV, come with a chimney that spans the length of the entire hood.

In contrast to the bright white kitchens, you may instead like the more subtle look and feel of black furniture.

This kitchen evokes a rustic feeling with the old-fashioned hanging lights and the large wooden beam through the island. Open shelving and a decorative backsplash is a pretty popular combination; the tan and black combination works well!

23. Bright Tin Backsplash

Bright Tin Backsplash

This is one of the most unique kitchen hood designs on this list. What is it exactly? You’re looking at a decorative tin tile backsplash, paired with our sleek PLJW 101 wall range hood. What do you think?

24. Add a shelf under the hood.

Wall Range Hood with a Shelf Underneath

Open up your kitchen and let some natural light in! People can admire this ProV wall hood from outside the home. Check out the stainless steel ledge where this homeowner put a few decorations.

Also, take a look at those hanging lights – they’re large and in charge with a sleek gray seal to secure the light in place.

Browse our wide selection of wall range hoods below!

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Under Cabinet Range Hood Ideas

25. Thin Tapered Range Hood

If you’re after a bright kitchen, you’ll love this one. It features one of our thin and tapered under cabinet range hoods.

This customer was able to fit a couple of cabinets above the hood for extra storage space. Unlike many kitchens we’ve seen, this backsplash is not meant to catch attention; instead the gray tile blends into the design.

26. Rounded Under Cabinet Range Hood

Rounded Under Cabinet Range Hood

This picture features one of our few rounded under cabinet range hoods. Most of them are tapered at a sharp angle, as you can see below.

I love what this homeowner did with their backsplash! The brown accents are a nice touch to the marble finish and add some interest to the space. If you’re not a fan of white shaker cabinets, give dark gray a try. You can also add a pattern in the middle and find some fun cabinet handles to give your kitchen some character.

27. Muted Backsplash

Modern Range Hood - PLJW 185

Sometimes the photo speaks for itself. There’s nothing groundbreaking about this kitchen: traditional white cabinets, a soft blue-gray tile backsplash, and a stainless steel hood, but the kitchen is beautiful – simple and sleek at its finest.

28. Dual Backsplash

Sleek Under Cabinet Hood with Dual Backsplash

If one brick tile backsplash isn’t enough, why not go for two? I had to look closely to notice the intricate designs on the backsplash behind the range. The gray stands out nicely and complements the stainless steel range and hood.

29. Suspended Under Cabinet Range Hood

Suspended Under Cabinet Hood

This under cabinet vent hood almost looks like it’s floating! Cabinets don’t need to surround your hood; instead, you can just let it hang from your upper cabinets. Do you like this unique design?

Purchase a Proline under cabinet range hood below!

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Island Range Hood Ideas

30. Suspended Ceiling for Island Range Hood

Beautiful Island Range Hood Installation

This is our favorite island range hood installationa photo contest winner, too. This homeowner was so creative with the bright red suspended ceiling. It’s an eye-catching design that looks incredibly modern. As a nice touch, the range controls match the ceiling!

This kitchen features our ProSI range hood.

31. Fused Double Range Hood

Fused Double Range Hood

This is one of the most creative photos out there! We’ve got two hoods here welded together. Talk about a distinctive design!

Check out the top of the chimney too, with the decorative wooden boxes. They sprinkled a little bit of farmhouse design into their cooking space.

32. Pair your hood with an electric stove.

Now we’re on to island range hoods. This sleek hood covers an electric stove. The kitchen island has a wooden base which is not very common. You’ll also notice the plants – both fake and real – to give some personality to the kitchen.

33. Diner-Style Kitchen

This kitchen gives a diner or kitchen bar feeling, with the tall stools and the restaurant-style hanging lights. With this setup, you can serve your food right off of the burner!

34. Extra-Long Chimney

Look at the chimney on this range hood! A high ceiling shouldn’t stop you from adding our PLJI 101 to your kitchen. This customer has a farmhouse look brewing with the wooden floors, shaker cabinets, and wooden ceiling.

35. Short Chimney

Short Chimney

This chimney is shorter than our standard sizes, but it’s a great option if you don’t have a lot of space between your ceiling and your grill or range. This homeowner built a lowered space to mount their range hood. This is up to personal preference, but what is most important is that your hood is mounted between 36 and 42” from your cooktop in outdoor kitchens.

36. Bring the range hood out in a muted kitchen.

Bring the range hood out in a muted kitchen.

Check out the brick kitchen island; you don’t see that every day. This kitchen hood photo has a lot of browns: the floors, chairs, rustic cabinets, and the brick. These muted colors really make the bright stainless steel range hood pop.

37. Crown Molding at the Top of the Chimney

Island Range Hood with Crown Molding Border

We love this modern island hood! Did you know that you can decorate around the top of your chimney with crown molding? Cool, right?

Add some personality to your kitchen island with hanging lights and a potted plant and it’ll look amazing.

Did you notice the two-tiered kitchen island too? The range is on the lower table, which you can partially see in the back of this photo.

38. Add some extra lighting!

Island Range Hood with Hanging Lighting

Do you need some extra lighting over your range? Check out these old-fashioned hanging lights!

This is another design that utilizes darker colors, which makes the brighter parts of the kitchen like the countertops and range hood stand out. This kitchen has everything: unfinished wood, medium hardwood (flooring), granite, brick...a stark contrast to the typical monochromatic modern white kitchen that is so popular today.

39. Deck Installation

Range Hood on a Deck

What a nice standalone kitchen island to cover the grill and green egg. Typically you’ll see these on a patio but this homeowner built one right on their deck. They’re arm’s length away from any guests so it’s a great place to socialize and enjoy the company of friends and family.

40. No Chimney

Island Vent Hood with No Chimney

Take a long look at this kitchen; does anything look unusual? If you spotted the island hood with no chimney, you’re exactly right. Most island hoods are installed with chimneys, but it’s possible to mount yours without one, as long as you have space for ductwork to run in the ceiling.

41. Need extra storage space? Use your range hood!

Need extra storage space? Use your range hood!

Are you low on shelf space in your kitchen? Buy one of our rectangular range hoods and your problem is solved. Look at all the different types of dishware and accessories on top of this hood!

42. Outdoor Bar

Outdoor Bar

Cook and face your guests with this sweet setup! What do you think of this outdoor kitchen with wrap-around seating.

Here we have yet another grill and green egg combo, popular in today’s outdoor kitchens.

43. Enjoy the view while you cook.

You can never have enough natural light. Throw some meat on the grill and enjoy a nice view while you’re at it. The wooden ceiling is pretty unusual too, and check out the pattern around the chimney.

No need to keep yourself busy while your meat is grilling, either. You’ve got a TV right above your head!

44. Double Range Hoods!

Double Range Hood

Double range hoods are attractive options for your outdoor kitchen. Some people choose to go with a larger range hood that covers the grill and green egg, but you can always go with two smaller range hoods! This way, you’ll have double the coverage and twice as much ventilation power to keep the space fresh and clean.

45. Semi-Enclosed Patio

Vent Hood under Semi Enclosed Patio

What a view! This homeowner was really creative. They ran ductwork through their slotted ceiling, which gives them a lot of shade too. This looks like a great place to cook and hang out.

Buy one of our professional island range hoods below.

Range Hood Insert Ideas

46. Gray Custom Hood

gray custom hood in gray cabinets

Aim for a more concealed look and hide your range hood insert with a wooden custom hood. You can match the cabinetry and kitchen island like in this photo for a sleek and subtle design.

47. Custom Hood = Cabinets

white custom range hood in cabinets proline range hood insert

This range hood insert fits underneath functional cabinets, rather than a custom hood. It blends in so well, you may not be able to see it at first glance. Look for the stove top!

48. Bold Black Finish

Talk about bold! All of the kitchen cabinets are light hardwood. So, two great options here are to go with a light hardwood custom hood, or make it pop with a bolder or brighter color. It’s clear what this customer chose. The custom hood will be the first thing you see when you walk in.

49. White Custom Hood with a Decorative Arch

Decorative wooden hoods are an exciting addition to the kitchen. This custom hood features an archway to partially hide the range hood. It fits in nicely with the shaker cabinets and drawers. Check out the intricate square backsplash that adds some strong contrast in a predominantly white kitchen.

50. Intricate Range Hood with Crown Molding

There’s decorative and there’s intricate – and this custom hood is intricate. It was spruced up with some beautiful crown molding which evokes an old-fashioned yet high-end look. Speaking of old-fashioned, check out the hanging lights. These rustic accessories look like lanterns; the style is not as common as the more lightweight and streamlined lights you may see in today’s kitchens.

51. Silver Stripes

Kitchen Hood Ideas - SIlver Stripes on a Custom Hood

This custom hood matches the look of a typical range hood. It has a nice crown molding outline at the top of the chimney, and sleek silver stripes at the base and top of the custom hood.

52. Match your cabinetry.

Custom Hood that Matches Cabinetry

You have two main options with your custom hood: you can either make it stand out or have it blend in seamlessly with your kitchen. This is one example of seamless design. As a guest, you might not even notice that a range hood insert is under the range; it’s concealed nicely. This homeowner matched their custom hood design with their cabinets.

53. Add a portrait on your custom hood.

Custom Hood with a Picture

Do you have any nice paintings or portraits in your home? Add one to your custom hood! We’re also getting some nice farmhouse vibes with the dark hardwood border at the base of the custom hood. How creative!

54. Stylized Wooden Custom Hood

Stylized Wooden Custom Hood

This custom hood goes one step further than your typical painted wood hood. Check out the unique pattern at the base of the hood. They built a little lip that hides the controls and blocks the light from reaching visitors, too. What a unique design!

55. White Tapered Custom Hood

Tapered Hood with Range Hood Insert

Your custom hood doesn’t have to match the cabinet design. You can also just go with the simple white look.

56. Defined Custom Hood

Sleek Wooden Custom Hood

Another photo contest winner! Are you noticing a theme? This custom hood is simple but beautiful; it makes a strong statement but isn’t too unusual. Paired with the open wooden shelves and the apron sink, we’re getting a lot of farmhouse vibes with this kitchen!

Compared to the photo above, this custom hood has more defined edges and some added color. The wooden borders give it some shape and a nice crisp look.

57. Gilded Custom Hood

Gilded Custom Hood

This isn’t something you see every day in a kitchen. This wooden hood was decked out with a custom gilded pattern. The multi-color backsplash is beautiful, too.

58. Dichromatic

Dichromatic Range Hood Insert

Your custom hood doesn’t have to be monochromatic. Look at how eye-catching this one is! There’s crown molding at the top of the chimney and in the front to complete this hood’s eclectic look.

59. Add a wreath!

White Custom Hood with Wreath - ProV Insert

This custom hood matches the color of the open shelves and shaker cabinets to blend into the surroundings smoothly. The wreath is a nice festive touch. This photo features our ProV insert available here.

60. Carve out some storage space!

Carve some storage space out of your custom hood.

It’s rare to see a custom hood hanging over an island, but now you know it’s possible. And it’s even rarer to see the open compartment on the side for extra storage space. Way cool!

61. Wooden Custom Island Hood

Of course, just as I said it was rare, here’s another island range hood insert! This one’s fitted with dark hardwood though, to match the cabinets and flooring. It looks like something you might see in a farmhouse home.

62. Intricate Victorian Style Hood

proline range hood in a kitchen

As far as traditional white custom hoods go, this is probably one of the most unique you’ll ever see. The intricate supports to hold up the shelf on the insert remind me of something you might see in a Victorian home.

63. Farmhouse Custom Hood

Farmhouse Custom Hood

We love the style of this farmhouse insert; in fact, it was one of our 2020 photo contest winners!

64. Built-In Ledge

Custom Hood with Built in Ledge for Plants

Have you ever thought about using your custom hood as a shelf for planters? What a cool way to bring some nature into the kitchen!

65. Dark Arch

Dark Custom Cabinetry

Do you prefer the square custom hoods or a hood that slopes at the bottom? Square is much more common but if you want to stand out, this is one surefire way – and it looks beautiful!

This kitchen features our PLJL vent hood insert.

Browse our wide selection of range hood inserts below!

Outdoor Range Hood Ideas

66. Green Egg and Grill Combo

Green Egg and Grill Combo

This outdoor kitchen features a green egg and grill combo! With a large enough range hood, you can cover both of these effectively.

This is a little subtle but you also might notice the ledge with blue tile below it – a nice cosmetic touch. Most outdoor kitchens are built with earthy colors in mind and in this one, the homeowner snuck in a deep blue. How creative!

67. Outdoor Home Theatre

Outdoor Home Theater

This looks like an outdoor kitchen I’d want to have, complete with a ProV island range hood! You’ve got your grill, a green egg, a nice fireplace, a TV – what else is there to ask for?

68. Covered Patio

Covered Patio

This outdoor kitchen is completely covered, but it’s not enclosed. You can’t look up to the sky like you could in the last kitchen, but you’ve got a nice view too.

69. Stone and Granite Combo

Stone and Granite Combo

Did I mention earthy colors? Stone floor, Stone counter, and granite countertops are a popular combination that you’ll see in today’s modern outdoor kitchens. A wall range hood and single grill are a popular combo as well. This is a nice semi-enclosed patio – it’s covered, but you still get some natural light in.

This homeowner practically has a lakefront view! That’s one thing that might be hard to replicate in this outdoor kitchen.

70. Half-Concealed Outdoor Hood

Half Concealed Outdoor Hood

This outdoor island range hood is installed in the ceiling, concealed by a ledge so you can’t see the full chimney from the outside.

This outdoor kitchen is compact. It has a brick counter base, which is quite unique. The stainless steel drawers are easy to access, too.

71. Wooden Pavilion

Vent Hood in Wooden Pavilion

This wall range hood hangs from a wooden ceiling. This pavilion-style outdoor patio is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy delicious food with family and friends.

Purchase a powerful commercial-grade outdoor hood from Proline below!

Kitchen Hood Designs - Wood

72. Unfinished Wood Hood

Unfinished Wood Hood

In such a bright white kitchen, the most obvious choice would be to go with a custom hood that’s also white. But this homeowner went with unfinished wood, a nice rustic addition to an otherwise modern kitchen.

Check out the small black lights on the wall too! Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

73. Light Wood - Farmhouse Style Insert

Wooden Farmhouse Range Hood Insert

Are you a fan of the farmhouse style? Check out this custom wooden range hood! If you like this look, buy our ProV range hood insert here.

74. Three-Tiered Insert

Three-Tiered Gray Custom Hood

This is a unique three-tiered custom hood that is one-of-a-kind. Unlike most inserts, this hood is a stand-alone structure. Most custom hoods are built into the surrounding cabinetry, like the one below.

75. Massive Decorative Custom Hood

Massive Decorative Custom Hood

Another option for your custom hood is a massive structure with decorative crown molding. The insert itself doesn’t span the entire width of this hood, but it was built larger to make it more attractive and elegant.

A nice perk about fitting your insert into a large custom hood is that you will have more than enough space for the insert. Many of our customers buy hoods larger than their range – in fact, it’s what we recommend – and this design makes that easy.

76. Stone Custom Hood

Stone Custom Hood

This ProV insert is one of our favorites. This custom stone hood might be a little outside your budget, but it’s definitely worth it. The tile backsplash is a beautiful addition and it complements the modern custom hood and the medium hardwood cabinets well.

Check out the full kitchen below.

77. Worn Wooden Custom Hood

Worn Wooden Custom Hood

Rather than go with a sleek, finished look, you can do the opposite and build a custom hood with worn wood. This hood has a texture that is natural and it gives visitors a nice taste of the outdoors. Are you after the clean and crisp design or a more natural and worn look?

Scalloped Range Hoods

78. Bright White Scalloped Hood - With a View!

This scalloped range hood is bright and beautiful. It’s installed right next to the window too, so you can enjoy a nice view while cooking!

79. Yellow is In

This is a bit more unusual of a design – when was the last time you saw a yellow brick backsplash? Or teapots and shelves like the ones pictured on either side of the range? Even the container holding the fruit is a blast from the past. What do you think?

80. Metallic Scalloped Hood

This hood is a little more subdued – yes, it’s metallic so it still pops out of your kitchen, but it doesn’t quite offer the sheer brightness of a white range hood.

Vintage Range Hoods

81. Blast from the Past - Apartment Range Hood

Apartment Range Hood

We don’t come across many hoods in an apartment, but here’s one for you!

This looks like a kitchen design you might see in an ‘80s or ‘90s diner or café. In this beautiful photo, the hood is tucked into the corner. It’s important to consider where you want to install your range and range hood, so keep that in mind as you start your remodel.

82. Industrial Custom Hood

Industrial Custom Hood

This two-toned kitchen is giving off some strong industrial vibes. The vintage cabinets blend in nicely with the textured custom hood. Normally white is the color of choice, but this kitchen makes a statement with black.

83. Copper Finished Hood

Copper Finished Hood

This looks a lot like your typical island range hood, but it’s actually a custom hood with an insert! Copper finish isn’t something you’ll see in most modern kitchens, but it can definitely work.

84. Vintage Victorian

Vintage Victorian Hood

What a cool use of patterns in this kitchen! The symmetrical backsplash, crown molding, and ornate Victorian design on the custom hood all give this kitchen some character!

85. Decorative Tapered Hood

Here we’ve got a custom hood with a light brown finish, close to the copper finish we saw a little earlier. This one is tapered, though, with a nice simple pattern at the base and a crisp design at the top. Also, it doesn’t reach all the way up to the ceiling, like most custom hoods.

86. Vintage Cabinetry Custom Hood

Vintage Custom Cabinetry

Rustic Range Hoods

87. Stylish Stainless Attachments

Stylish Stainless Attachments on a Hood

This is not only a nice kitchen hood photo but it has people cooking too!

Have you ever seen a range hood with the stainless steel attachments? Kind of cool, right? Don’t forget about the custom backsplash too!

88. Dark Hardwood to Match Other Kitchen Elements

Dark Hardwood Custom Hood

What do you think of this dark hardwood custom hood? I think it’s a really clever design, matching the floor, dining table, and the double doors at the end of the hall.

89. Pan Rack Below a Wall Range Hood

Range Hood with a Pan Rack Underneath

If you don’t have enough kitchen space for your pans, add a pan rack behind your range, right below your range hood! This homeowner likes a busy kitchen, with multi-colored dishes and pans to decorate the space.

90. Surrounding Pan Racks for Your Island Hood

Surrounding Pan Racks for Your Island Range Hood

If that pan rack idea didn’t suit your fancy, maybe this one will. You can even add pan racks if you have an island hood, but instead of putting them against the back wall, they’ll hang from your ceiling!

91. Massive Rustic Custom Hood

Massive Rustic Custom Hood

Go big or go home! This massive custom hood is appropriate for such a large open kitchen as this one. This is perhaps one of our most rustic pictures, with the exposed wooden ceiling beams, copper pans, and dozens of other old-fashioned decor scattered throughout the room.

Here’s a closer look.

Closer Look - Massive Custom Hood

92. Summer & Farmhouse Vibes - Vaulted Ceiling

Wall Range Hood in Summer Home

To me, this picture screams summer and farmhouse. The range hood is installed right next to a window so you can get a lot of warmth and natural light coming in! Also, notice that it’s installed on a vaulted ceiling; the ceiling doesn’t have to be flat!

93. Unique Wooden Beams – and a Sign!

Farmhouse Hood with Wooden Beam Supports

As if the sign wasn’t a big enough clue, here’s another farmhouse range hood! What a cool wooden structure, with a beam that spans across the full width of the hood! And this homeowner even stored a few pans on top of the beam. Sweet!

94. Custom Hood with a Sign

Custom Hood with a 'Fresh Daily' Sign

If this doesn’t look inviting to you, I don’t know what will. The unfinished wood is beautiful and the ‘fresh daily’ sign is a nice personalized touch. We’ve seen signs on chimneys, but Yes, you can add signs to your custom hood too!

95. Intricate Wooden Custom Hood

This beautiful custom hood is bright and crisp. It looks like what you might see in a high-end farmhouse kitchen. The carefully crafted wooden decorations under the hood are a nice touch.

Modern Kitchen Ideas

96. Large Hood for a Large Island

Large Hood for a Large Island

If you’re serving a lot of people, you’ll probably need a really big kitchen island! This customer sure did and he went with one of our largest island range hoods to cover his electric stove.

97. Ductless or Recirculating Range Hood

Large Hood for a Large range

Here’s our first ductless range hood! A recirculating kit is not only functional, but it can also be a nice design element.

Aside from the hood, this kitchen is full of inspiration. The turquoise island, the small cute drawers, the woven stools, the glass-front cabinets, metallic hanging lights – this kitchen has it all!

98. Small and Low-Profile

Small, Low-Profile Vent Hood

A lot of our photos have been pretty high-end hoods, but you can go with something smaller and more low-profile if you’re not an avid cook. The flat panel drawers and multi-colored gray backsplash are both sleek. What do you think of this small rectangular vent hood?

99. Reflective Cabinetry

Vent hood with reflective cabinetry

Pair your kitchen hood with reflective cabinetry and you’ll have a bright kitchen that everyone will love! The plants are a beautiful idea too, giving color to an otherwise monochromatic kitchen.

100. Creative Hanging Lights

Creative Hanging Lights over island, in front of wall range hood

If you’re looking for these hanging lights, you might have to contact the owner of this kitchen. You probably won’t find them anywhere else. The kitchen hood in this photo shines alongside the reflective tile backsplash. Add the marble countertops and you’ve got one of the most modern kitchens out there!

101. Backlit Range Hood

Backlit Range Hood

Speaking of lights, have you ever seen any quite like these? Not only that, but the entire hood is backlit brightly! So cool!

creative dark kitchen with tons of vibe!

102. Ductless Hood in White Kitchen

Ductless Hood in White Kitchen

This is a traditional white kitchen with a ductless range hood. If you’re looking for sleek, simple, and modern, this idea is just for you.

103. Hood with Visible Ductwork

Hood with Visible Ductwork

You probably have never thought of skipping the chimney part and leaving your ductwork completely visible! Well, here it is.

104. Poolside Range Hood

Poolside Range Hood - Photo Contest Winner

This is one of our most stunning photos – and we received it in our first photo contest! Who wouldn’t love this outdoor paradise? While your guests enjoy the pool you can be cooking food right next to them!

105. Decor Abound

Ductless Hood with Several Knick-Knacks and Decor

Go crazy with the decorations: oven mitts, pictures, wall decor, and other knick-knacks personalize the kitchen space! Make a statement with a bright-colored backsplash like this yellow one – not too bright but it definitely grabs your attention!

106. Tiny Range Hood

tiny proline range hood in a tiny kitchen

As we near the end of this list, we thought it would be good to give some love to our 24” range hoods! We love the look and feel of this compact and bright kitchen!

107. Ductless Hood Over a Grill

Ductless Hood Over a Grill

Check out this ductless range hood over a stainless steel grill! Most grills require ducted range hoods but one that’s this small won’t need a lot of power from the hood.

108. Beer Anyone?

Honorable Mention - Photo Contest

This customer sent in a photo of his range hood – and this is not your typical setup. He brews beer! Cheers!

109. Behind a Brick Oven

Range Hood behind a brick oven

This kitchen is quite unique. It looks like the homeowner had a brick oven set up; now that they don’t use it, they installed a range hood in front! It’ll forever be a unique piece of decor and a great conversation starter!

110. Store vases below your range hood.

Range Hood with Shelves Underneath to store vases

We’ve only seen a couple of pictures in our list where a shelf was added behind the range, which may be a fun way to show off some of your dishes or other knick-knacks.

111. Long Stainless Steel Chimney

Long Stainless Steel Chimney

Do you like the look of the long chimney? If so, this vintage kitchen may be just the inspiration you needed. All of the wooden elements contribute to the vintage look. Between the plants and other decorations, you have plenty of ways to personalize your kitchen.

Many of these came in from our own customers, too. It is great to see people putting a lot of effort into building a beautiful kitchen. Hopefully these range hood pictures can give you some inspiration to start your long-awaited kitchen remodel.

If you liked what you see, browse our wide selection of professional range hoods here.

From sleek contemporary hoods to rustic wood range hoods, the options for adding visual interest and a focal point to your kitchen are endless. An interior designer can help you choose a kitchen hood that complements your entire kitchen's aesthetic, whether you prefer modern farmhouse vibes with traditional lines or a clean, seamless contemporary feel. The chimney style hood you select can create great visual interest while also effectively removing cooking odors. Various materials like stainless steel, wood, or a matte finish can establish the tone for your kitchen decor. Ultimately, your kitchen hood should be a reflection of your personal sense of style and art. With so many favorite kitchen hood ideas to consider, finding the perfect one to anchor your open concept kitchen design is a great choice for any home.

When it comes to kitchen hoods, the possibilities are vast for adding sculptural impact and complementing your home design vision. Opting for a hood crafted from unique materials like copper or textured wood can imbue your space with warmth and character. Those seeking a more contemporary vibe may be drawn to hoods with clean lines and a matte finish that creates a sleek, seamless look. For the ultimate statement piece, an oversized chimney style hood in the same color as your cabinetry offers stunning continuity. An interior designer can guide you in selecting shapes, finishes and proportions that provide maximum functionality while aligning with your aesthetic sense. Whether anchoring an open concept kitchen or configured as a central focal point, the right kitchen hood has the power to elevate an entire kitchen through inspired materials and classic yet modern artistry.

If 111 wasn’t enough, check out some more range hood photos on this page.

Be sure to check out the links below for more information on range hoods and kitchen inspiration!

Want to learn more about the different types of range hoods? Here are some resources!

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