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You Want a Commercial Range Hood for Your Home

You Want a Commercial Range Hood for Your Home - Proline Range Hoods

Are you tired of smoke and cooking exhaust fumes filling your kitchen as you cook, or of the lingering smell of that fish or curry after dinner is over? You’re not alone. Many people find themselves wishing their hood would vent better. We have helped fix that problem for a lot of them over the years.

Residential range hoods from big box stores are typically underpowered and aren’t able to effectively vent heavy cooking exhaust out of your kitchen.

Have you ever wished you could get a range hood built for a restaurant and put it in your kitchen? Wouldn’t that power and reliability be nice to have? Did you know that you can...and you should! You will love it and never look back.

You can install a commercial grade range hood and enjoy it in your home.

Most residential range hoods lack the quality you need.

Most residential range hoods lack the power for proper ventilation in your kitchen. Big box stores focus on quantity over quality. While you can find a range hood at cheaper prices online and in local stores, you may find yourself replacing it sooner than you would like.

Hoods sold in most big box stores are built of lower quality stainless steel or plastics, which makes them a poor investment.

Their biggest drawback is the inadequate power to vent unwanted contaminants out of your kitchen. They range from 100 CFM to 500 CFM, which is simply not enough power to exhaust the cooking fumes from your home.

You don’t have a lot of flexibility with these weaker hoods. They don’t work well at all at lower speeds. They just don’t have enough power to move air outside your kitchen.

Commercial Range Hoods

On the other end of the spectrum, you have commercial range hoods. These are built for restaurants or other commercial environments. They are manufactured to endure heavy use and vent heavy smoke and grease out of large restaurant-style kitchens.

Some are several feet long, spanning dozens of ranges and you’ll often see them installed side-by-side in restaurants to vent all the cooking exhaust out of the kitchen. Restaurants cook a lot of food over long periods of time, so it’s vital to have an exceptionally powerful hood.

In fact, restaurants are required by law to have a range hood. Each state has its own code that outlines these requirements. They include specifics like the mounting height, power (which is determined by the amount of grease and smoke produced in the kitchen), and fire suppression systems, among other requirements.

Here are some of the main features of commercial hoods.

  • Up to 5000 CFM
  • Incredibly durable, made of heavy materials
  • Larger than residential range hoods, sometimes several feet long
  • Built for reliability for restaurants or other commercial environments
  • Complete with fire suppression systems to reduce risk in the event of a kitchen fire
  • Many have variable speed so the user has more control over the ventilation

Enter Proline’s Commercial-Grade Range Hoods For Your Home

Proline’s powerful commercial quality range hoods give you the best of what commercial hoods have to offer with added features needed around the house. Even Gordon Ramsay installed a Proline hood when he chose a hood for his head chef’s home.

If you’re looking for incredible power, check out our professional series hoods, guaranteed to not disappoint. In addition, our high-efficiency motors keep them quiet even at high noise levels.

In fact, our range hoods are more powerful, even at their lower settings, than most of the products you’ll see in your local big box store. This is a huge advantage because it allows you to keep your hood in good condition for much longer.

Running the range hood on lower speeds can add years to its lifespan and it allows you to enjoy conversing with your guests while cooking. That’s a win-win situation!

We exclusively sell commercial-grade residential range hoods. What does that mean? Our hoods are essentially commercial range hoods without the fire suppression system. And a number of our customers have bought a Proline range hood and installed it in their commercial establishments and loved it. (For the record, we don’t suggest or endorse doing that.)

Some qualities of our range hoods include:

  • Incredible blower power up to 2000 CFM
  • Variable speed to adapt to any cooking style or cooking environment
  • Premium-grade 430 stainless steel brushed finish
  • Highly durable 304 stainless steel for outdoor use
  • Available sizes range from 24” to 60”, which can span up to two ranges and large grills
  • Duct to the outside
  • Efficient motors that make the hoods ultra-quiet

What Sets Proline Apart

What Sets Proline Apart - Commercial Range Hoods For Your Home

There are dozens of range hood distributors out there, but at Proline, we’re the manufacturer of our hoods too. Manufacturing and distributing our commercial grade range hoods has several advantages for you:

Most importantly, we don’t have to work with distributors that up the price before it gets into your hands. Instead, we package every hood up in one of our local warehouses and send yours right to your door. Before each hood ships, we hand inspect it and all of its functions to ensure that your hood is in great condition before arrives to you.

At Proline, we don’t like working with middlemen and distributors. It’s easier for us to focus on designing and producing professional-quality range hoods. We want to bring you a range hood at the best value on the market.

Although we pride ourselves on our luxury products, we always put the customer first. As the manufacturer, we have an experienced customer service team that is readily available to answer any questions you may have about your range hood. Whereas other companies that are sole distributors won’t be able to answer your questions in confidence.

Further, we also sell replacement parts; this way, if anything stops working or breaks on your range hood, you can give us a call at (877) 901-5530 and we’ll have a solution for you.

See a few of our commercial grade range hoods in real kitchens!

Now let us show you some of our vent hoods in real customer kitchens.

ProV Wall Range Hood -

This range hood is one of our most powerful and versatile models, the ProV wall mount range hood. This hood comes with three different blower options, a 1200 CFM local blower, 1300 CFM inline blower, or a 1700 CFM local blower. 1700 CFM is unprecedented for a residential range hood, so this product gives you exceptional commercial-grade quality.

If you go with the 1300 CFM option, the inline blower is a coveted feature that you’ll seldom come across at big box stores. This blower sits inside your ductwork rather than inside your range hood. It’s much quieter than a local blower inside the hood, which means you’ll be more comfortable running the hood at higher speeds. You can socialize with your company while the hood is running.

ProV Wall Vent Hood -

This Proline customer has quite a unique setup. This photo features another ProV and it really shows the versatility of our vent hoods. It has incredible power and can be used in settings beyond the kitchen, whereas residential range hoods are limited to just casual cooks.

High-End Commercial Features

  • 3 Powerful CFM options: 1200, 1300, and 1700 CFM
  • Comes in 430 or 304 Stainless Steel
  • Local/Inline Blower Compatibility
  • Commercial grade baffle filters
  • Variable Speed blower
  • Ducts to the outside
PLJW 109 Commercial Range Hood -

The second model is our PLJW 109, which like the ProV, is one of our more versatile range hoods. It comes in 1000 CFM or 2000 CFM, so depending on your cooking habits you can go with the ultra-powerful industrial-grade 2000 CFM or the reliable 1000 CFM option.

High-End Commercial Features

  • Premium-grade 430 or 304 stainless steel
  • Commercial baffle filters
  • Ducts to the outside
  • Available in 1000 CFM or 2000 CFM
  • Four-speed blower
  • Ducts to the outside
ProS Commercial Range Hood For Your Home

This customer kitchen features our ProS commercial range hood. It is a bit thinner than the ProV and 109 range hoods and includes a sleek LED control panel with a digital display that makes controlling the hood simple and easy.

High-End Commercial Features

  • Impressive 1800 CFM dual blower (36” and above)
  • High Quality 430 stainless steel
  • Industrial-grade baffle filters
  • Versatile four-speed blower
  • Ducts to the outside
PLJI 101 Island Range Hood -

Here is our PLJI 101, the first island range hood featured in this article. It is available up to 60” wide and it comes in either 1000 CFM or 2000 CFM. Learn more about our island hood below.

High-End Commercial Features

  • Available in 1000 or 2000 CFM
  • Professional Quality 430 Stainless Steel
  • Commercial-grade Baffle Filters
  • Four-speed blower that adapts to any cooking style
  • Ducts to the outside
Proline Commercial-grade range hood - PLJW104 -

The PLJW 104, like the island 103 model, is also available in sizes up to 60” and it makes for a great outdoor range hood. You can purchase this hood in either 430 or 304 stainless steel depending on your needs.

High-End Commercial Features

  • Variable-speed blower with adjustable knobs
  • Available in 430 or 304 stainless steel
  • Powerful 1200 CFM dual blowers to clean your kitchen air
  • Ducts to the outside
PLJI 103 Island Vent Hood -

Take a look at our PLJI 103, another one that is available in the larger sizes up to 60”. It also comes in 304 stainless steel if you want the extra durability indoors or if you are looking to inject some life into your outdoor patio.

PLJI 103 Island Vent Hood -

Speaking of outdoor patios, here’s one of our commercial-grade island range hoods in an outdoor setting. Check out this beautiful stone kitchen!

This is another PLJI 103 model, built to withstand tough grease, dirt, and adverse weather conditions. This stainless steel hood will endure the high heat of a stainless steel grill with ease and keep your outdoor space grime-free.

What Our Customers Have Said About Their Hoods

“You know you have a great product and a great company when three people are happy. One, your installer (contractor) that says, he's installed many, this was easy. Second, the electrician that came, connected (all he had to do was provide an outlet) in 10 minutes, and was done. And, last but not the least, my Wife that absolutely adores it. Of course, it has become the focal point of our kitchen. Thanks, Proline. Our experience has been fantastic.” - Chandresh S.

“Works great! Looks wonderful. Everyone who sees it, likes it.” - Caesar A.

“What an awesome product that Proline has created! With our kitchen upgrade, came this beautiful product, which has been doing just great for the last 2 months. Strikingly appealing is the fact that all the features work as promised. Apart from having white colored cabinets, we are into plenty of traditional Asian and Indian cooking and this Proline range hood handles all the exhaust needs extremely well. Highly satisfied and would recommend it to anyone, especially those who do the traditional cooking. Great product, indeed!” - Sateesh S.

Again, all of our hoods are commercial-grade. We prioritize quality over quantity, unlike most other brands. Because we manufacture our hoods, we can ship them to you directly with no hassle and perform thorough quality control before every hood leaves our warehouse.

If you are interested in a Proline range hood, call our customer service team at (877) 901-5530 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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