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24 Beautiful Water Features for Your Home

24 Beautiful Water Features for Your Home - Proline Range Hoods

Sure, we don’t expect you to have water features for your home that look something like this…

But, we can give you inspiration for smaller water features like waterfalls, water fountains, koi ponds, and many others! These additions will bring the great outdoors inside for a change. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a forest river or creek.

There is no limit on size – we’ll be sharing some large water features that will require contractors and builders as well as other small water features that you can implement in your home.

This article is full of indoor water fountain ideas and outdoor water features that will make a water-ful addition to your home! So, let’s get rowing downstream!

Beautiful Lush Waterfall with Sun Shining Through Ceiling

Outdoor Water Features

Outdoor water features are easier to implement than indoor water features; there are so many different ways that you can incorporate them in your front yard, backyard, or wherever you like. Take a look at our list of 15 outdoor water features!

Outdoor Koi or Fish Ponds

Water Features for Your Home - Fish Ponds

One of the more common water features in a backyard is a fish pond. The sizes of these depend greatly - large ponds are common since they allow more fish to roam around, but it all depends on the size of your backyard.

Statue Water Fountains

Statue Water Fountain

This is one of our most elegant outdoor water fountain ideas. Perhaps seen more frequently in movies, statue water fountains are some of the most unique water features.

This fountain certainly makes for a strong focal point and conversation starter. You'll have people talking about it for weeks on end.

Here’s a beautiful stone fountain from Amazon that has several different styles!

Single Shooting Fountains

Shooting Fountain - Outdoor Water Fountain

A single rocket of water is a beautiful fountain to add to your backyard. And, if you can sync them to intermittent settings so the water rises and falls, you’ve got a wonderful party entertainer. Beware of the splash zone! You’ll have to keep the kids from diving in!

Elegant Drip-Drop Fountains

Blue Drip Fountain

Talk about mesmerizing! This water feature is a multi-tier fountain that has separate bowls of water on different levels and they drip down, down, down….and boy are they so fun to look at!

You can use these as a wall fountain and they’re small enough to buy several and decorate the space. Or, you can install one of these fountains as the centerpiece of your outdoor space. It’s up to you!

There are dozens of elegant options to browse on Amazon; we’ve listed a couple of different styles below.

57” Floor Water Fountain

33” Stacked Stone Waterfall Fountain

Go Greek

Roman Outdoor Fountain - Water Features for Your Home

Wow. This water feature is sure to add some elegance to your backyard. You’ll make people double take once they stumble across this fountain, which is fit for a king or queen.

Check out this awesome lion-head wall water fountain from Amazon. They have so many great options.

Multiple Shooting Fountains

Multiple Shooting Fountains

What’s better than one shooting fountain? Multiple shooting fountains of course! Imagine multiple jets of water in your backyard, set intermittently. You’ll have the same effect as the water fountains on the Vegas strip!


We can’t forget about waterfalls! Some of the most effective and simple water features include waterfalls. Like water fountains, the best part here is they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You’ll rarely see a copycat waterfall.

Stone Cascading Fountain

This stone cascading fountain is a great addition to your outdoor space, but it can also be used as an indoor water fountain.

If you’re looking for something a little more modern, upgrade your home with this cascading stone fountain from Amazon.

Modern Triple Waterfall

Talk about a water feature that really blends into the space! Unlike the water fountain above, this modern triple waterfall is a subtle addition. You can really save space with this water feature, too.

Brick Fountain

Here's another water fountain, but this time with a rustic brick foundation. This brick fountain is a beautiful centerpiece of your outdoor patio or backyard.

Multiple Level Waterfall Garden

This outdoor water garden looks like it came out of a movie. The stone and rocks give this fountain a modern, high-end look that will fit right into any backyard.

High Relic Antique Fountain

If you’re going for a more classical look, check out this small handcrafted outdoor fountain. Set it next to your outdoor plants or as a centerpiece on your table.

Check out the reviews on Amazon for this tall fountain. It doubles as a bird bath too!

Cascading Double Waterfall

This outdoor waterfall won’t blow anyone away, but it is great eye candy that will greet you as you walk outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Small Lily Pad Pond

This is quite the water feature; it may look like a simple plant, but it’s actually a pond with several different plants. This feature comes with lights too to really make the plants stand out.

Water lilies are a beautiful and colorful addition to your pond garden; check out the reviews for these water lilies on Amazon – available in four different colors!

Bubbly Fountain

Catch people’s attention with this bubbly fountain that will keep people entertained as they stroll through your backyard. You won’t have to worry about over saturating your grass with water as it overflows onto the bed of gravel. It’s a beautiful cosmetic choice as well!

Fountains are a great cosmetic choice for your outdoor patio. But if you wanted to go for a swim or relax, you might consider installing a stock tank pool in your back yard.

Indoor Water Features

Indoor water features are trickier to implement than outdoor features, but no matter how you manage it, they will still be gorgeous additions to your home. Some of these are small, like fish bowls, and some are able to be plugged into your wall. Others, like large indoor fountains and indoor waterfalls will need to be installed and professionally maintained.

No matter your income level, you’re sure to find a water feature here that you’ll love!

Waterfalls...Yes, Indoor Waterfalls

Indoor waterfalls are actually more common than you think, and they can be done pretty easily, too! Some of these may be massive additions to your home but for the most part, you can get by with a smaller one.

Try out this best-selling fountain from Amazon with a three-tier waterfall.

Or, check out the pins below for more inspiration.

Fish Are Friends, Not Food!

Bringing in any size fish tank is the perfect indoor water feature – and it’s super easy too. It doesn’t take a lot of space and you won’t be breaking the bank with this water feature. Add some ivy or kelp (real or fake) around the tank for looks!

Water Garden

If you need a more calming environment indoors, simply add some plants to make a water garden. In this case, they’re underwater plants - and water plants give off the look of serenity and peace. They also require little to not maintenance - just make sure they’re near sunlight! Check out the pin below!

Indoor Koi Fish Ponds

If you don’t mind the smell of fish (or have a way to ventilate this), an indoor koi pond is perfect for you. Gone are the days of going outside to enjoy nature. Enjoy some peace and quiet in your own home! And of course, the sound of dropping water will fill your home….

Create Your Own Zen….

Zen….something we all want, right? A simple way to add water indoors (and a mess-free water addition!) is a recirculating waterfall fountain! Nowadays, these come with their own remote, and usually colored lights inside. This indoor fountain is the perfect water feature to set the mood for dinner and a movie.

Or, if you have an outdoor patio, this flowing well is beautiful, too!

Cascading Water Fountain

Cascading water fountains are pretty simple water features, and they, like the water garden, will give your home a feeling of serenity. These come in different sizes and with different features, so customizing it to your home has never been easier!

If you loved this pin, you can actually buy the same water fountain on Amazon here!

DIY Water Features!

This sounds more complicated than it is, but creating your own koi pond or water feature has never been easier! DIY water features for your home are quite popular; they may take more time but they are great on a budget.

Find a large old container for making a koi pond, add some levels of greenery, and you’ve made your own koi pond! Find a recirculating pump to create your own indoor waterfall or maybe go with an outdoor DIY idea (see also 'Kitchen DIY Ideas For Your Apartment').

The DIY opportunities are endless here! Check out this fish pond that features a metal bath. Creative! Be sure to browse Pinterest for more inspiration.

Water Garden in Vases

Indoor house plants are a beautiful addition to your home. A really cool feature of the Anthurium plants above is that, with a clear vase, you can watch the roots grow and spread. Your window-sill is the go-to option for these beauties.

This live Anthurium plant from Amazon is a nice addition to your home.

Fish Bowl with Water Garden

Adding a water feature to your home can be as simple as buying a fish, believe it or not. You can grow a little garden for your fish to make it feel right at home.

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And there you have it! We hope you liked our guide on indoor and outdoor water features.

Adding water to your home is pretty simple if you’re trying to go small. Larger indoor and outdoor water features will of course require builders and contractors, but if you’re serious about your renovation, you can turn your home into a paradise!

If you want to get started on your Pinterest inspiration board, check out ours! We have several fountain ideas for indoors and outdoors as well as other beautiful water features. And hey, if all else fails, a hot tub or jacuzzi could be in store for you.

Happy planning and pinning!

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