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Why Are Range Hoods Necessary?

Why Are Range Hoods Necessary? - Proline Range Hoods

Range hoods started showing up in kitchens in the late 1890s in Europe. Of course, they didn't have a blower like the modern types that we see today. But at that time, they started realizing the importance of kitchen ventilation for cooking.

In the old days, kitchens were not made to be the place where the food was ate, but exclusively prepared. The amount of food prepared was very big considering that the number of people that ate under the same roof was also big. The heat of preparation was high. There was a lot of smoke; since there were no gas ranges at that time, most foods were cooked with wood. And many times there was not enough room for more than one or two people in the space, which made the time spent inside of it increase. Thus kitchen ventilation was invented to facilitate their job and keep their health protected.

Range Hoods and Today

Cooking has evolved a lot in the past century. We have created gas ovens that give a more controlled heat and healthier smokeless burn (not completely healthy but still healthier than burning wood in your kitchen). The sanitary conditions of kitchens also evolved, making it healthier to cook food. This is not counting, of course, storage spaces which have improved with fridges and freezers, dishwashers, and more. We can make kitchens that are enormous and can be accessed by more people today.

All these changes in technology and cooking culture have added so much for making the kitchen a safer and healthier place, why do we still need range hoods? And even more, we need blowers to move the air out instead of just a passage for the air, is it really necessary?

The answer, of course, is YES.

Man Grilling Outside

The old problems persist...

Although we have created a cleaner source of heat that do not suffocate people in the kitchen, gas ovens still create CO2 particles that are extremely harmful to human beings. What about electric stoves? The high temperatures and electricity going through the metal generate small particles that, if inhaled, are connected to lung damage. Besides that, there are other particles created by the heat of the food, and the pan's materials, that are also health risks.

In other words, of course, the danger to a chef's health is not as much as it was back in the day. However, there are still a lot of possibilities that show a necessity of ventilation systems in place to at least clean the air for whoever is cooking.

With controlled heat comes a higher burning risk

Gas or electric stoves have a lot of control on the heat they provide, we can now create many different types of cooking. With that, the usage of high heat cooking also increased, creating possibilities for new types of food, but also many different risks besides the inhalation of dangerous substances. The heat of the oven can increase the temperature of your home, and if left forgotten can become a fire danger, making a range hood the perfect tool to counteract this effect. Providing an escape from the extra heat created by the oven is essential for diminishing the risks of fire or heat damage.

New problems too...

Grease can now go everywhere

Grease in high temperature breaks down into small particles and can drop into our skin. In the same way, it is a huge source of damage to the kitchen because these particles also reach appliances, counters, furniture, and many other places. You can have a backsplash that will prevent permanent damage to your wall. However, you still need to replace it often, unless you have a range hood!

The range hood creates a temperature difference at a small distance from the heat source. This drops the temperature of grease, protecting you and your kitchen from damage. Additionally, a range hood would suck all other small particles of them that can be inhaled.

White Kitchen with Wall Mounted Range Hood

In some states, it is legally required

In some states, it has become a necessity in every home and a law required appliance. Because of that, ventilation systems have become a huge market in the US. There is a lot of information on the requirements necessary statewide for what type of range hood you will need. In any case, Proline Range Hoods have you covered. We offer multiple different types of hoods that will fit your needs and also look amazing in your kitchen. Check us out HERE.

It looks very good in your kitchen

At the end of everything, not only is it amazing for your health, but it will also help your kitchen look amazing! There are many different types of range hoods for many different types of kitchen designs,. Independent of what is your kitchen situation you will definitely find a range hood that will be a seamless part of your kitchen.

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