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3 Trends for Your Kitchen This Summer

3 Trends for Your Kitchen This Summer - Proline Range Hoods

Trends are great to follow for reforming your kitchen with easy-to-make changes like colors, patterns, updated appliances, tile designs, cabinet material, and much, much more.

We strongly encourage you to not base a whole room on the trends of that season because every few years, the trends often change. There’s a very thin line between trendy features and still achieving a timeless look. If you are able to balance them, you will be able to easily make your kitchen look amazing. We hope this article will help you achieve that balance.

Now for the list! There are a lot of different trends in 2019 that differ greatly from the ones in 2018. The list below is made with the top design trends for this year. You can make these three changes in no time!

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1. The Colors of This Summer

PLFW 750 Wall Range Hood

While last summer, designers, architects, homeowners, and others were trending towards more color, there was a switch for many of the interior designers. White kitchens combined with wooden appliances are the newest trend that is taking the design world by storm. The trend comes back from the minimalistic times of 3-5 years ago combined with an environmentally friendly wave.

This trend is great for smaller kitchens since it gives the feeling of more space created. For big kitchens, it adds a natural tone to help people feel at ease spending time in that space. To apply this trend to your kitchen, we suggest starting small with wood spoons and other hardware spread throughout the kitchen. They will contrast with the white kitchen. If you can, changing your counter to wood and leaving stainless steel appliances will look incredible. This will add the feeling of a rustic kitchen.

Why Does It Work?

An important principle to follow is that opposites complement each other. White and wooden furniture complement each other in many different ways. In terms of texture, the white color gives a feeling of smooth while wood creates a rough texture.

In a contemporary sense, white is representative of a modern-industrial space, while wood is very rustic or natural. Juxtaposing these seemingly contrasting designs creates a powerful effect by adding a unique and engaging variety to your kitchen.

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2. Storage From Floor to Ceiling

Expansive Kitchen with Wooden Beams on the Ceiling

We think this trend is extremely important for one primary reason! It makes your kitchen timeless, yet still a useful and convenient place. Remember that your kitchen is not there to only look good, but it’s also a place for cooking and eating with your family.

By adding more storage room, you are keeping the minimalist trend of having the least amount of visible small appliances as possible. This in turn gives you much more storage space. Your guests will visit your kitchen and be impressed by the open feeling and the neat organization in your kitchen. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

One of the things we want to make clear is that the trend has started two years ago and it won’t leave! You see many designers that love the floor-to-ceiling storage spaces. We know it might take a big budget to add them to your kitchen, but if is one of the greatest decisions you will make!

3. Range Hood Inserts

ProV Range Hood Insert in White Kitchen

Range hood inserts are on the rise! Making your kitchen unique and adding your own statement to it is a trend that we think it’s going to stay for a long time!

Range hoods are extremely necessary for your kitchen. It has never been easy to hide them in your cabinetry and give them a unique look. However, the possibilities for customization are endless – you have a lot of freedom to make your insert just how you like it.

Check out Proline Range Hood inserts that are highly customizable for your unique set of cabinets or custom hood structure. They come in many sizes ranging from 28” to 58”. You won’t regret adding a versatile range hood insert to complete your elegant kitchen. It will enhance your cooking experience and clean your kitchen air too!

Note: In most cases, subtract two inches from the width of your custom hood structure to determine the size of the range hood insert you require. For example, if you purchase a 58” range hood insert, it will fit seamlessly into a 60” hood structure. Find an insert here or browse our other hood styles.

We hope you enjoyed reading up on these three trends for your kitchen for Summer 2019! Subscribe to our blog for more kitchen design inspiration.

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