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Blueprint to the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Blueprint to the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen - Proline Range Hoods

What is a perfect outdoor kitchen?

Of course, there is no perfect thing in the world, but you can work toward perfection by understanding what makes a good outdoor kitchen. Here are the five key advantages to having an outdoor kitchen.

1 – Grilling

You can cook indoors with a normal range and follow every step to make sure that your food will taste great. However, it will never have the same taste as a BBQ grill or smoker. Any of these methods of cooking is an art, and cannot be indoors. After all, you don’t want to burn your house down or set off your smoke alarm. Haven’t grilled before? No problem. Check out this article on how to barbecue like a grill master. And if you wanted to learn from an experienced griller from Brazil, click here!

You can also install a powerful outdoor range hood from Proline – the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. These hoods range from 1200 CFM to 2000 CFM and are sure to keep your kitchen air clean.

Meat on the Grill with Tomatoes
Griling Steaks

Following this logic, let’s talk about your set up for cooking.

You will need to compensate for the high-temperature cooking that can negatively impact your health and the environment. First, make sure that there is enough air in the space. If not, you may require a make-up air kit. Many outdoor kitchens are enclosed and have only the air supply of windows and doors, which may be inadequate. To the best of your ability, open your outdoor space to the outside to ensure that you have adequate air to cook whatever you’d like.

2 – Socializing

Secondary to food, socializing is a big part of having an outdoor kitchen. After all, who are you going to grill all that food for?

So – how do you draw people to your outdoor kitchen? There are many ways:

Examples we have seen include:

  • Including a TV in your layout. This can be especially great for evening events or other social gatherings.
  • Poker, ping-pong or pool tables are great fun and will entertain your guests for hours.
  • Table games are always fun but try to get simple and short ones to keep guests engaged.
  • Music is a MUST if you want to have energetic parties and gatherings.
A man and a woman smiling at each other

All in all, be creative! Find something that is “you” and has fun with the project.

3 – Food Storage

While you are cooking inside, usually the fridge is able to hold all the food you will need. In most cases, you only have to feed your family, and the occasional guests. However, if you have an outdoor kitchen, chances are you will be serving a lot more people at once. You will need much more space to store your food.

Outdoor Kitchen with Food on the Grill

There are four main storage areas to think about. Frozen food before cooking, food that needs to be cold during cooking, food that needs to keep warm after you cook, and storage for food while it is being served. An extra fridge is often a must for supplying sufficient food for all your attendees.

A table is enough for the food that is being served, but what many people don’t think about is the third type: we suggest you keep slow cookers, microwaves or food warmers around so you can store a wide variety of food.

4 – Contact with Nature

Outdoor cooking brings us closer to nature. It is a different feeling and depending on our surroundings, it can be very special. Try to cook during camping, and not feel a connection to the elements around us.

It is amazing but there is a downside to it that will affect your design: natural elements can deteriorate your kitchen appliances. At the same time, contact with nature will make for some great photos – just look at the view in the pictures below.

Grill with Kebabs and a Nice Shot of Mountains in the Background
Assorted Food Set Neatly on a Table in a Boat

Discover the secret to a perfectly clean kitchen with our recommended degreasers.

Tips for Outdoor Appliances

  • Think about the materials – Stainless steel is usually the best material because of its durability on rainy, snowy and high-temperature environments.
  • The flooring makes a huge difference! Choose it according to your weather pattern. Wood works well for colder places because it doesn’t conduct heat or cold. If you are in hotter spots, stone floors can help you keep a controlled space, and so on.
  • Airflow in the kitchen – Greater airflow in the kitchen space can be a strong indicator of a fresh kitchen.

5 – Trying New Things!

It is a good idea to add new things to your outdoor kitchen that you want to try. Newest trends include brick stoves to make bread, pizza, and other foods – and don’t forget fire pits for camping, among other types of cooking. Check our gallery below for ideas!

Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen with a Stone Fireplace and Granite Countertops
Stone Fireplace
Outdoor Kitchen with Granite Countertops
Outdoor Pavilion
Enclosed Patio With Couches, Chairs, and a Wall Mount Range Hood
Kitchen with granite countertops, wall range hood, and a fireplace
Range Hood over Stainless Steel Grill

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