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10 Tips For Elegant and Creative Range Hood Design

10 Tips For Elegant and Creative Range Hood Design - Proline Range Hoods

Vent hoods may seem like they are not the most "glamorous" part of kitchen design. Many do not even understand the importance or benefits of having a range hood in their own homes. Some states even have safety codes and regulations for range hoods, requiring them to be installed in your home. However, interior designers and other house professionals consider range hoods a crucial investment for any kitchen space. These appliances are not only the powerful force behind having fresh clean air, but also an elegant showpiece in the kitchen.

Range Hoods Provide Both Beauty and Function

There is nothing worse than an appliance that have no aesthetic appeal, made merely to get the job done.. A range hood should be both functional and beautiful. Below we have shared some of our favorite customer kitchens featuring some of our Proline hoods. These are appealing and powerful. Some designers call range hoods a "trophy" or "statement piece," and a "superstar appliance of the kitchen." We couldn't agree more.

What are you waiting for? Show off that range hood! Here are 10 of our favorite range hood ideas this season. Do any of these designs fit well in your kitchen?

Stainless Steel Range Hood That Makes a Strong Statement

Some of Our Favorite Stainless Steel Hoods

Outdoor Range Hood

We would love for you to join us as we celebrate everything fun in the kitchen and celebrate home improvement!

We hope you've found this post to be helpful. A range hood, does not need to be just a hood fan. Pick the right hood for your kitchen and it will surely add that major design punch and powerful function that you have been wanting.

If you are looking into purchasing a range hood and don't even know where to begin, don't worry. At Proline Range Hoods, we've got your back!

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1) Tile Over Your Range Hood

Tile Over a Range Hood

It can really make a statement with tile on it. The possibilities are endless. This will give your vent hood a fun and simple elegance that is sure to get your family and friends talking.

2) Get Creative With the Backsplash

Creative Backsplash
Decorative Backsplash, August Photo Contest Winner
August Photo Contest Winner

Take the tile to the ceiling, try a more decorative tile design or keep it simple and clean with a white subway tile design. Maybe you want a more commercial look with a stainless steel backsplash. Or perhaps you consider your style to be more modern and are looking for a clean glass slab. Whatever suits your personality, customize that backsplash to make your range hood pop.

3) Build It In

ProV Insert

Traditional homes have shown that building in the range hood is one of the best ways to show it off. It’s kind of like putting your favorite picture into a beautiful frame. Give your vent hood that little extra character and charm today by building it into your wall. To build it in, you’ll need a range hood insert; take a look at our selection.

4) Work the Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Wall Range Hood Over Stainless Steel Grill

When it comes to range hoods, stainless steel is a classic choice. It is easy to clean and, not to mention, gorgeous. Just when you thought you couldn’t be a bigger fan, you will discover that stainless steel range hoods offer affordable, high-quality kitchen ventilation. Add some shine to your kitchen by purchasing a stainless steel range hood today.

5) Custom Carved Range Hood

Artisan Bradshaw Range Hood
Artisan Bradshaw Range Hood

Nothing says luxury quite like a custom carved wooden range hood. This hood blends nicely with the cabinets and gives the kitchen a more old-fashioned look. Click here to view our artisan range hood selection.

6) Go Big

Large Range Hood in a Gray Kitchen with a Kitchen Island

Maybe you consider yourself a chef extraordinaire and want your kitchen to have luxurious, large scale kitchen appliances. Go for a commercial restaurant-style kitchen and make a statement with your grand sized range hood. Who knew kitchen ventilation could add such a fun detail to a space?

7) Replace Your Microwave

Wall Mount Range Hoods can be a great alternative to a microwave in your kitchen. It has been proven that microwave ventilation does not cover nearly enough stovetop space, nor is it as effective as clearing the air as range hood ventilation. There are always options for places to put your microwave whether it’s down below in a slide-out drawer, built in your cabinets, or on top of your counter space. Range hoods are a beautiful, modern addition to your kitchen in place of your microwave.

8) Decorate It

PLJL Insert

Use some decorative brackets to spice things up, experiment with the color and design, or add a ledge above your hood in order to really dress it up with fun decor items for the different seasons.

9) Iron Hoods

Custom Iron Hood

Nothing makes a statement like a durable iron range hood. Whether you like the industrial, modern, or traditional look, an iron hood will surely stand out in your kitchen.

Check out this custom painted wood design that includes a range hood insert, found on Pinterest.

10) Paint It

Do you love color? Are you going for a more chic style or an eccentric look? Do you want your range hood to match your other sky blue appliances? Get your range hood painted to add that creative pop of color.

We hope these 10 tips inspired you to customize your range hood and show it off as the focal point in your kitchen.

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