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Range Hood, Vent Hood, Kitchen Hood? What should we call it anyway?

Range Hood, Vent Hood, Kitchen Hood? What should we call it anyway? - Proline Range Hoods

There are several iterations of the word ‘range hood’ used these days. I took some time looking into where each variation of the word is used across the world, and the results were fascinating. We’ll start with America, then England, and then look at the rest of the world. Let’s begin.

Range Hood Synonyms

After some digging, I found several variants of the word “range hood.”

  • Range Hood
  • Kitchen hood
  • Exhaust hood
  • Extractor hood
  • Stove hood
  • Vent hood
  • Cooker hood
  • Ventilation hood
  • Cooking canopy
  • Extractor fan
  • Fume extractor
  • Electric chimney

I then used Google Trends to compare synonyms of range hood to the word “range hood.” Google Trends measures the popularity of search terms.

The graphs display what is called ‘interest over time,’ relative to the most popular search term on the chart. 100% interest is the highest level of popularity, while 50% means the term is half as popular in comparison.

“Range Hood” Synonyms in America

In America, here are the most popular variants of range hood and how they compare with ‘range hood.’ The data range is one year.

Google Trends Data

Clearly, range hood is the most popular, with vent hood wavering at about half as popular. Kitchen hood is about half as popular as vent hood, in yellow, and the last two (stove hood and exhaust hood) are even less popular. On January 17, 2020 when this data was collected, you can see that range hood is dominating the search queries, at almost 100% popularity.

Stove hood has a 16% interest over time and exhaust hood is at 14% to round out the bottom two queries on January 17. The rest of the synonyms listed above are all lower than both stove hood and exhaust hood.

England’s Use of “Range Hood”

Range Hood, Vent Hood, What do we call it anyway?

Now, plug in those same queries but for England, and you’ll see an entirely different story. Kitchen hood is dominating the search queries, followed by range hood and then the other three variations.

What this graph doesn’t show is other search queries – ones that weren’t popular in America, but are incredibly common in England. Check out the most popular search queries in England for different variants of range hood below.

Range Hood Search Data

Vent hood, stove hood, and exhaust hood are not among the top 5. Instead we’ve got “extractor fan” dominating the search results, showing 98% popularity as of January 17 2020 when this data was collected. This is closely followed by cooker hood, then extractor hood and kitchen hood.

Range hood, which was so prominent in America, is crawling on the bottom of the graph with little to no increase.

Comparing Worldwide “Range Hood” Query Use to America and England

How does the worldwide use of “range hood” and its synonyms compare to America and England?

To recap, the most popular queries in America were:

  1. Range hood
  2. Vent hood
  3. Kitchen hood
  4. Stove hood
  5. Exhaust hood

The most popular queries in England were:

  1. Extractor fan
  2. Cooker hood
  3. Extractor hood
  4. Kitchen hood
  5. Range hood

The most popular worldwide words include:

  1. Range hood
  2. Extractor fan
  3. Cooker hood
  4. Vent hood
  5. Kitchen hood
Range Hood Variants

If you take this same graph and stretch the range back to 2004 (see below), you can see that the most popular queries for range hood and its synonyms have steadily grown over the past 15+ years. Over time, people have learned about the health benefits and convenience of having a range hood in their kitchen.

If you’re considering a range hood, check out Proline’s range hood styles here.

Google Trends Information

Three Takeaways

So, how do we interpret this graph of worldwide search queries for range hood and its synonyms? Check out these two takeaways.

“Range hood” Remains Dominant

The worldwide graph is similar to the graph of America’s search query in that “range hood” tops the charts. Click here to see real time data on how the top 5 performing queries worldwide are changing during the past year.

Three Outliers: Exhaust Hood, Stove Hood, and Extractor Hood

First Two Outliers

In America, the fourth and fifth most popular queries were stove hood and exhaust hood, at 16% and 14% interest over time respectively.

These didn’t make the top 5 world queries. But here’s how they stack up against range hood for worldwide search queries in the past year.

Tracking Range Hood Search Query Over Time

You can see that the interest over time for stove hood and exhaust hood are ranging between about 10 and 15% interest over time.

That’s nearly equivalent to the stove hood and exhaust hood interests over time of 16 and 14%. What this means is that there’s a more popular query worldwide that’s not as popular in America – and it kicked exhaust hood and stove hood from the top 5 worldwide.

The more popular query I alluded to above is ‘extractor fan.’ How can I tell? It shows up in the world top 5, but not America’s top 5.

Third Outlier

The third outlier comes from the top 5 queries in England: extractor hood. It has 28% interest over time and is the third most popular search query in England among ‘range hood’ variants.

In the worldwide graph above, extractor hood has 13% interest over time; this term was kicked from the top 5 world list by “vent hood.” Again, I know this because “vent hood” is not in the top 5 queries for England, but it appears in the top 5 world queries.

What queries do people search where you live? Check out “Compared breakdown by region” at this link to experiment with the data.

For each of the search terms you enter into Google Trends, you can also check out the most popular or the highest-growing queries related to your term. Go take a look!

I hope you enjoyed this article on the popularity of “range hood” and its variants. Have fun exploring Google Trends!

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