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4 Beautiful Farmhouse Bathroom Remodels

4 Beautiful Farmhouse Bathroom Remodels - Proline Range Hoods

Bathrooms are often one of the first rooms in a home to be remodeled. They’re small, easy, low cost, and can quickly be changed or redecorated. Farmhouse remodels are becoming increasingly popular again, so if you’re into this look, this article will take you through the different types of bathrooms found in most homes!

If you’re wondering what farmhouse design is, click here to read our blog on typical farmhouse design and decor! Or, keep reading for a quick refresher on farmhouse bathroom design!

For all four types of bathrooms covered in this blog, there are some common trends, including color palette, types of textures, light fixtures and other accessories.

First and foremost, farmhouse design thrives on bright colors, like whites, creams, tans, and baby blues. Dark colors such as forest greens, navy blues, browns, and blacks are best used as accent colors.

Earthy elements such as wood designs, rope or twine and potted plants will further add to the comfort of farmhouse decor.

In addition to decor items, remember that farmhouse design is practical. Incorporate earthy elements into your bathroom using storage containers such as wicker baskets or old milk crates to store towels, rags or other items. Shop flea markets to find antique showerheads, faucets, light fixtures and more! Above all, make sure to maximize the space in your bathroom.

Let’s dive into specific bathrooms, shall we?

Powder Bathrooms and Small Bathrooms

Powder bathrooms are often the smallest bathrooms in your house and the easiest to redesign because of their size. These are typically half-baths, meaning only a toilet and sink. There may be space for storage in larger powder bathrooms but if yours is small, store things like cleaning supplies and extra toilet paper in larger bathrooms in your house.

If there is little to no storage space, hanging shelves above the toilet or putting in ladders over the toilet is the way to go. These shelves are mostly used for decorative items like plants, small flea market finds, or perhaps extra toilet paper! They are a great place for a bathroom heater too!

Hang your hand towel on a ladder or rope-style ring to ensure a relaxed feeling. Your farmhouse style bathroom should be comfortable. If you do have a larger powder room, consider adding wicker baskets or open cabinet shelving. These additions add storage space but make the bathroom feel bigger since there are no doors to the cabinets.

Circular mirrors evoke farmhouse design, so consider investing in one! If circular mirrors go over your budget, consider a DIY wooden frame for a rectangular mirror. This gives off a vintage but homey vibe.

White Bathroom With Small Sink

If you’re not using a wooden mirror frame, match the color of the frame to the light fixtures you choose. These can be darker colors to accent the bathroom and give it a sharp look. Other accent items should be dark in order to create contrast in the bathroom. If you still have space, consider adding a plant, whether real or fake, depending on if your bathroom has windows.

If going for a full bathroom makeover, add in shiplap walls to bring in more texture. Flooring can be hardwood, but often tile will contrast nicely with wooden walls. Add in a decorative floor mat if you’re wanting to add soft texture and comfort to the room!

Finally, find some earthy tissue box covers and nice soap dispensers. Hand-me-downs, flea markets and antique stores are your best friends in this department!

Children’s Bathrooms

Children’s bathrooms are usually bigger than powder rooms, often times with two sinks and multiple drawers for toiletries. There’s a few different ways kids bathrooms can be constructed, so we’ll take a look at a couple different designs! Some elements will apply to both styles and sizes while some features will be exclusive to certain bathrooms.

In a smaller kid’s bathroom, often times there is a toilet, shower, bathtub, or shower and bathtub combo. Most every time these bathrooms have two sinks to accommodate multiple children using the bathroom at once.

First, let’s look at a bathroom with a shower-tub, as pictured above.. This is on the smaller size for a kids bathroom, but utilizing space is still just as important. Since this is a kids bathroom and cleanliness is important, use some cabinets or drawers for storage.

Open cabinets or shelves will likely thrive in higher places and be used mainly for decorative purposes.

Add in plants to these higher shelves and other accessories like pictures, drawings, and vases. This helps keep the environment of the house alive, and gives the kids a sense of home!

A popular option for larger kids bathrooms is to have a bathtub (or shower-bath combo) with two sinks and a sliding door that features a smaller room with a toilet and stand-up shower.\

An easy addition here is to make your sliding door resemble a barn door to give some character and personality to the room. Also,adding in little signs that correspond to children will give off the sense that it is a kid’s bathroom!

Finally add in colors that appeal to children. Accent colors are the best way to do this, but it can be as simple as simple toothbrush holders, rustic soap dispensers, or cloth or wooden tissue box covers.

The one thing to be aware of is to use non-breakable items! Glass or ceramic are no-nos because of the possibility of breaking. Instead, use wood, wicker, metal, or plastic decorations.

Guest Bathroom

The guest bathroom may be the hardest bathroom in your house to remodel. It not only needs to look the part, but it also needs to function like a “small” master bathroom. Remember, guests may stay for a night or two or a couple weeks! Luckily, farmhouse design combines looks with function!

Some simple additions are open cabinet storage. This may be the best place for this certain design because it gives the bathroom a hotel-like feel. Roll up or fold towels and place them on the empty shelves. Even if those towels aren’t the ones you provide your guest to use, they look pretty and keep the bathroom clear of clutter.

Ladder storage can be particularly effective and it looks beautiful! Add in some miscellaneous photos or illustrations to copycat a hotel bathroom environment. Soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and tissue box covers are a necessity, and here’s where you can slightly bend a rule in farmhouse design.

Generic farmhouse design calls for mix and match but here, make sure things match in the bathroom! Guests will notice if simple things like textures and colors are not the same. Keep the same theme throughout the room. Wicker baskets and wood should be similar, if not identical. Consider adding a large wicker basket for dirty clothes!

Overlapping shiplap walls will further bring out farmhouse design. Generally, light colored wood looks best, keeping the room light and airy. Add some illustrations in darker wooden frames to further accent the room!

If possible, replace clear shower doors and windows with frosted glass. While you may love clear glass for your master bathroom, guests may want an element of privacy in a home that’s not theirs.

It’s a small change that works for most bathrooms. However, frosted glass makes rooms feel smaller because it isn’t see-through. If you have a small guest bathroom already, consider installing clear shower doors to make the bathroom feel bigger.

This decision is up to you! Farmhouse design incorporates both looks well.

The Master Bathroom

Now onto the master bathroom. Let’s make this space yours, shall we?

The biggest bathroom in the house can often include all of the elements discussed above plus more! We’ve already established free hanging shelves and open cabinets will look well and function properly.

Closed cabinets will look fantastic in a master bathroom and also keep most of the clutter clear. If there’s a door that hides storage, consider spicing up how you store things! Add baskets to hold medicine, extra toiletry supplies, and more!

Decorative mirrors will make a big impact as well. Consider purchasing one through antique stores or online! As for large over-the-sink mirrors, it may be more practical to use large rectangular mirrors instead of the circular mirrors used for powder rooms or guest bathrooms. These are particularly effective without a frame, considering the massive size of these mirrors.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, plants will make your bathroom feel like heaven. Many master bathrooms will incorporate both real and fake plants – real plants by the window, bathtub, and sinks, while adding fake plants in the shower.

That’s not to say real plants can’t live in your shower! Eucalyptus plants surprisingly thrive in showers as long as you take constant care of it. Feel free to go overboard in the plant department. You honestly can’t have enough plants!

The overall look of your master bathroom can be determined by the flooring, walls, and ceiling. If you have lofted ceilings or high ceilings in general, wooden beams create an incredibly comforting look.

Generally, these pieces of wood are finished but may still appear weathered, worn, and sometimes a little rough. The beams illustrated in this photo below add the rustic feeling to the bathroom immediately.

The walls can either be painted or overlapping shiplap wood. Flooring is usually dictated by the types of walls you use. If you use shiplap design, have large tile flooring. If you use painted walls, finished wood flooring is probably the way to go!

Finally, decorate your walls with unique light fixtures that will give your bathroom an old-fashioned look. Home Depot and Lowe’s sell some amazing ones, so check them out! Check out the one below! Also, notice the large circular mirror and style of drawers under the sink.

You’ll likely have a separate shower and bathtub in your master bathroom, both of which can be incorporated well. Consider a freestanding bathtub! This is a statement piece in your bathroom and will likely draw the most attention in the room. They’re big, bold, and just....right there, in front of you. Beautiful, really!

Free Standing Bathtub

The other alternative is to build into the wall, which can definitely be an option as well! This may be an effective way to add plants along the perimeter of your bathtub. For the shower, many options exist!

Bathtub enclosed with brick surrounded by plants

Lots of modern farmhouse designs incorporate clear shower doors or a half-wall of glass separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom. The choice is up to you!

Small tiling in the shower can be an accent piece to your bathroom, especially if dark colors like black and gray are used. It creates contrast in the room in addition to other dark accent elements like mirror frames, plants, and soap dispensers.

Well, there’s your farmhouse bathroom guide! Most of these elements can be incorporated into several different kinds of bathrooms while some are clearly for specific bathrooms. Feel free to mix some of these suggestions through different bathrooms; maybe you’ll find something you love!

We have a farmhouse home decor pinterest board that covers so many trends! We also have a section that is purely for farmhouse bathroom design and decor, so make sure you check out some of our ideas!

Good luck and happy designing!

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