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Proline PLJW 129.30 vs. 30” Z-Line KB-30 Wall Range Hood

Proline PLJW 129.30 vs. 30” Z-Line KB-30 Wall Range Hood - Proline Range Hoods

Here’s another comparison article that will unpack the similarities and differences between a Proline hood and our competitor’s. Keep reading to learn more about the Proline PLJW 129.30 and Z-Line’s KB-30 wall range hood.

Who should buy these hoods?

If you own a 24” range, both of these hoods are a great option for your kitchen. They come as ducted, which means your kitchen air moves to the outside, or ductless, where the air recirculates back into your home.

Proline PLJW 129.30 and 30” Z-Line KB-30 Wall Range Hood Compared

Proline PLJW 129.30
Z-Line KB 30"

Essential Features - Proline vs. Z-Line


900 CFM vs. 400 CFM

Proline’s PLJW 129.30 runs at a powerful 900 CFM. This is over double the power of the Z-Line KB-30, which is a huge difference. 900 CFM is an effective amount of power for casual and professional cooks alike, whereas 400 CFM is often not enough to keep your kitchen air clean while cooking.

400 CFM is too low to handle any heavy steam and smoke, which is not ideal in the event of an emergency. On the other hand, Proline’s max 900 CFM speed can be turned on with the push of a button to ventilate all that unwanted air outside your home quickly.

Because of the high power of this hood, our customers often run it at lower speeds and reserve the highest speed for emergencies only. This allows your motor to last longer so you can protect your investment for years to come.

CFM Winner - Proline’s 129.30


Stainless Steel Baffle vs. Stainless Steel Baffle

Each hood has stainless steel baffle filters, which are made of durable commercial-grade material built to last you for years to come. These filters are the industry standard and the leading option for high-quality range hoods.

Filters Winner - It’s a tie!


Both of these hoods come in a 430 brushed stainless steel, which is manufactured for indoor residential use.

Colors Winner - It’s a tie!

Recirculating Kit

Neither model uses a recirculating kit, but Z-Line’s 30” KB-30 can be converted to recirculating with the purchase of charcoal filters. Proline’s PLJW 129.30 can only duct to the outside. It is not compatible with charcoal filters or a recirculating kit.

Recirculating Kit Winner - Z-Line 30” KB-30


Both of these hoods use energy-efficient LED lights. One cosmetic note is that Z-Line’s LED lights are located in the back of the underside of the hood, while Proline’s lights are toward the front. Take a look at Z-Line’s lights below, followed by Proline’s.

PLJW 129.30 LED Lights
Proline PLFW 129.30 LED Lights

Lighting Winner - It’s a tie!

Control Panel

Stainless Steel Push Buttons vs. Stainless Steel Push Buttons with Digital Display

The style of your control panel is up to your personal preference. Both models use stainless steel push buttons, while Z-Line’s KB-30 features a small digital display that shows the blower speed – a convenient feature.

Both of the control panels are four-speed, which allows you to cook a wide variety of food. The lower settings are great when you want to converse with your friends and family while your hood is running.

Control Panels Winner - It’s a tie

Great Perks


Z-Line measures their fan speed in decibels, from low speed to high speed:

  • 20 db
  • 29 db
  • 34 db
  • 41 db

The 30” Z-Line KB-30 runs at an ultra-quiet 41 decibels, or about three sones. The three lower speeds are all under two sones. Conversely, the Proline PLJW 129.30 is louder at seven sones, but it's also much more powerful. Both of these models are about equal in terms of noise level, as they are moving equivalent amounts of air.

Noise or Sones Winner - It’s a tie!

And the winner is…

Proline PLJW 129

The extra power of Proline’s 129.30 was the determining factor when choosing our winner. 900 CFM gives you much more freedom to use the lower speeds often, whereas 400 CFM will keep you confined to running the hood at its highest speed. Although the Z-Line KB-30 can be converted to ductless, which is a nice perk, the additional power takes priority here, allowing for a truly enjoyable kitchen experience.

Where to Buy Proline PLJW 129.30

Proline Button
Amazon Button
Home Depot Button

Where to Buy 30” Z-Line KB-30

You can purchase your Z-Line KB-30 wall range hood on Amazon here.

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