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16 Dazzling Bohemian Kitchen Ideas

16 Dazzling Bohemian Kitchen Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

Have you ever seen boho decor and wondered: hey, could I do that in my kitchen? The answer is, absolutely! There are some beautiful bohemian kitchen ideas that will make your space lovely. Your kitchen is a gathering place for you, your family, and friends and more, so it deserves to have some personality.

Boho design may be tricky to include if you don’t know what elements to use, but don’t worry – we have a complete guide on bohemian design here.

But boho kitchen design is a little different. Some traditional bohemian colors are far too bright to include and you can’t exactly put in throw pillows, bean bags, and blankets into a kitchen.

To put it shortly, you go light on the boho kitchen decor, tone the bright colors down a little bit, and you’ve got your boho kitchen. Open cabinetry, vintage or rustic style pots and pans (even just for decoration) will get you to where you want to be.

Remember to add decorations indicative of bohemian design. Take a look at the picture below! It incorporates several aspects of traditional, vintage bohemian design, including the rustic rugs on the floor. Most kitchens have rugs in front of their sink anyways, but this one takes it up a notch!

It still has modern touches, including stainless steel appliances like a stove, range hood, and dishwasher, but it includes open cabinetry and ivy plants hanging from the ceiling. But, along with the modern touches, there are plenty of different, older, rustic looking elements too.

The pots and pans are all earthy colors, with a couple, splashes of color in here and there, but browns and tans will be critical to keeping a clean color palette in a bohemian style kitchen!

For more bohemian kitchen ideas, check out our Pinterest board for boho design – in that board, we have a section specifically for bohemian inspired kitchens!

Now that we’ve introduced you to the basics of bohemian kitchen decor, we’ll go over all kinds of bohemian kitchen ideas (see also 'Kitchen DIY Ideas For Your Apartment That Won’t Cost You Your Deposit'). These include simple additions, more complex eclectic ones, and everything in between. Now would be a good time to cue some Bob Marley and throw some pots on the stove!

Our Favorite Bohemian Kitchen Ideas

Keep It Green

To really kick this off, we’re going to stress this point: keep it green!! Keep it as green as possible! Plants of all kinds are welcome in the kitchen – just take a look at this kitchen. You can get as fancy or as wacky as you want with the potters for these plants

Keep It Rustic

Using unfinished wood is a telling sign of bohemian design and is a great idea for your home. Now, if you don’t want all facets of your kitchen to be unfinished wood, like this one, find some smaller wall decorations!

Try out this macrame from Amazon to jumpstart your boho remodel. It’s inexpensive and all you need to do is hang it on your wall.

Keep It Vibrant

The bright rug runner in this kitchen adds zest and color immediately to an otherwise pretty ‘boring’ kitchen. They added in some plants here and there to bring more boho elements, and they nailed it!

Keep It Natural

It’s not hard to bring natural elements into your kitchen! They were clever with this “chandelier” – and you definitely can be, too!

Keep the Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a big time addition to bohemian design, especially if it’s incorporated well! Here, it’s in the form of a backsplash, keeping the room vibrant!

Keep It Open

Open shelving and cabinetry are huge points for boho design in the kitchen. Especially for smaller kitchens, like in apartments, open shelving makes the kitchen feel much bigger! They’re also the perfect spot for plants.

Keep It Unfinished

Okay, obviously you need to finish your redesign or makeover, and we already talked about unfinished wood like it’s used here on the shelves. But we mean to keep changing your look. It should evolve! Rotate your hanging decorations to give the space some variety.

Keep It Toned

Just like your muscles, keep your kitchen toned with colors. This two-toned bohemian style kitchen works exceptionally well. The colors complement each other nicely, while keeping a relaxed yet colorful mood.

Keep Your Patterns

This kitchen does this very well. Patterns will make your kitchen look amazing, especially if they’re the same or similar patterns. Look at the floor, rug, and then walls. It all looks similar, doesn’t it?

Keep It Colorful

You can never have too many colors. How many do you count in this kitchen? All of these colors work differently and they all work together. This kitchen doesn’t involve your typical bright yellows and oranges – these colors are rather muted, but they complete this bohemian kitchen.

Keep the Beams

Wooden beams on your ceiling are reminiscent of farmhouse design, but it’s a great idea for your bohemian kitchen, too! This can be an easy way to incorporate unfinished, vintage wood to your kitchen.

Keep It Cheap

Not only is this a good model of chic boho design, but as the pin suggests, this remodel was pretty inexpensive! Sometimes, simply decorations and placemats are all you need. And that chandelier….we rate it 10 out of 10!

Keep It Light and Airy

A pretty kitchen, especially one with little natural light, thrives on light and bright colors, including tans, whites, creams, and yellows. This one is the perfect match. And it even sneaks some blue in there, too!

Check out the boho cabinet decor; woven baskets and plants really send home the boho look.

Keep It Peaceful

Make sure you include colors, plants, and decorations that adhere to you, and bring out your personality. You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so make sure you enjoy it for extended periods of time!

Keep It Organized

Even if you buy decorations and pots, pans, vases, jars and more from different places, make sure everything is organized!

Keep Your Personality Intact

Seriously, it’s your kitchen, or you and your best friend’s kitchen, or you and your spouse’s kitchen. Remind yourself to make sure you retain your personality in your decor!

Feeling inspired yet? We definitely are, and we wish we could keep going, too! Bohemian kitchen design will make your house or apartment feel like a home. It’s also fun to decorate your space, and hopefully our ideas resonated with you.

Some of the best places to find these items, as with all bohemian inspired rooms, are antique stores, third-party sellers, or a literal bohemian themed store! Old copper teapots, ceramic vases with funky designs for flowers, and wicker baskets to hold kitchen items are pretty essential for creating a beautiful bohemian kitchen.

Enjoy decorating! See, Bob Marley really did make reading this more fun, didn’t it?


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