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11 Outdoor Kitchen Essentials

11 Outdoor Kitchen Essentials - Proline Range Hoods

Creating an outdoor kitchen or living space can seem like a daunting task. But, with careful planning, your backyard can be the go-to spot for neighborhood hangouts and cookouts.

Check out these 11 essentials for your outdoor kitchen that you should consider integrating into your outdoor kitchen space.

Kitchen island

Green egg next to gas grill on kitchen island - outdoor kitchen essentials

There are a lot of great reasons to have an island in your outdoor kitchen. They provide space for appliances that anyone could need access to. A kitchen island is also a great place to prepare food. You might choose to install a sink too if that makes cooking more efficient for you.

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture

One of the first things you need to think about when designing your outdoor patio are the people. Where are they going to sit? How many seats will you need? Although you may want to keep the cook nearby or at a bar area, consider keeping guests away from the grill so they can avoid heavy smoke.

Make sure to regularly clean your outdoor furniture to keep it in great condition.

Overhead cover

Overhead cover on outdoor patio - 11 outdoor kitchen essentials

If your outdoor kitchen gets a lot of sun, a roof or a pergola can provide guests with much needed shade. You might also consider an awning or roof extension depending on your needs.

Learn more about five different types of patio covers in our complete guide.

Built-in gas grill

Built in gas grill in outdoor kitchen

Once you have an idea of where guests will go, you need to figure out how you're going to feed them. Most outdoor kitchens include a built-in gas grill. Make finding a quality built-in grill a priority as it will be the centerpiece and the mainstay of your outdoor kitchen.

For the grill enthusiasts among us, built-in grills tend to last longer than freestanding grills and can be higher quality as well.

Side burner or griddle

Range hood over grill with side burner

Another kitchen staple you will probably want is a side burner or griddle. With a side burner, you can cook anything outside that you could inside. It’s a great way to make practical use of your outdoor kitchen. A side burner can also keep dishes warm before serving. This is helpful if you can’t quite time everything to finish at the same time.

If you go with a griddle, you can cook breakfast quickly. It’ll save some space on your gas grill too if you’re running low.

Pizza oven

Pizza oven

Outdoor kitchens don’t always have to be about grilling steaks. A homemade crispy pepperoni pizza would be a hit with the kids, while a handcrafted margarita pizza paired with red wine will make your house the place for adult events.

It will also help you cater to the vegetarians and vegans in your life.

The oven can be used to make great fire-baked casseroles and desserts, too.


Juicy meat being cut

Are you a meat lover? How does a smoked rack of ribs and a sweet lemonade sound on a three-day weekend? With a smoker all your meat fantasies can come true and it's a sure fire way to be queen or king of the neighborhood.

Why spend double the amount on a rack of ribs at a restaurant when you can get the same or better quality at home?

Cold storage

Drinks in fridge

Okay now that we have the food out of the way, how about the drinks? An outdoor refrigerator is a must. No one wants to run in and outside the house a thousand times to grab more ice, drinks or condiments.

With some planning, an integrated fridge can be convenient and out of the way.

*Also, if you're a big entertainer, consider a beverage center with soda dispensing hook-ups.

Dry storage

Outdoor patio with cooking area

One important storage element is a place for trash and recyclables. Consider a storage cabinet to keep silverware and other utensils as well as seasonings and condiments.

Stainless steel is a popular material for outdoor cabinetry.

Like cabinets, trash bins and fridges can be built into your bottom cabinets. This way you can get the most out of a small outdoor space.

Outdoor range hood

Outdoor range hood over grill with tile backsplash

If you’re installing a grill under a covered patio, you will need a vent hood.

A powerful outdoor range hood is more than enough to vent out all the harmful contaminants and smoke from your cookspace. It’ll keep grease and smoke off surrounding cabinets, counters, and overhangs. Also, you won’t be smelling last night’s dinner.

Safety in your outdoor kitchen

For additional safety, you can also install vent panels to keep carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and other contaminants out of your outdoor space. Make sure that grills, side burners, and other appliances are insulated properly when installing them in your outdoor patio.

These installations are best left to professionals so you can ensure you’re cooking in a safe, comfortable environment.

There you go: 11 Essentials For Your Outdoor Kitchen

That’s all for our post on outdoor kitchen essentials. If you invest in these appliances, you’ll be hosting amazing barbecues in your backyard in no time. A quality outdoor kitchen will increase your home’s value, too.

For more outdoor kitchen and design inspiration, check out our Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

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