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19 Ways to Incorporate Lighting Into Your Outdoor Space

19 Ways to Incorporate Lighting Into Your Outdoor Space - Proline Range Hoods

Not all fun times are had outdoors during the day. You can make great memories and enjoy amazing food late into the night.

If that sounds like fun, one thing you’ll definitely want is outdoor lighting. Thankfully, you have a lot of options. We’ll go over 19 elegant ways to incorporate lighting into your outdoor space.

String lights

One of the most popular options for outdoor lighting is string lights. They are so versatile that you can hang them almost anywhere. You can wrap them around a pergola or hang them from post to post. You can also anchor outdoor string lights to trees or line them around shrubs or other plants. The possibilities are endless.

If outdoor string lights are calling your name, learn how to hang them properly in this complete guide. You’ll be well on your way to an elegant, well-lit outdoor patio!

Check out this beautiful patio. Four strings of lights loom over the outdoor patio and converge at the same point on the side of the house. You can install string lights in several fun patterns like V-shaped or W-shaped orientations. Of course, hanging them in a square works perfectly well too!

This is quite a busy outdoor patio. It looks like a great place for guests. You might want not one set of string lights but two to give your patio the brightness it needs. They don’t all have to be white or yellow lights either; look into colored lights to make your space unique. In this photo, the wall sconces in the back liven up the space nicely. The party is here!


This photo is stunning. So stunning that the candles are probably the last thing you’ll notice here. Check them out on the bottom right. Perhaps this isn’t the most practical outdoor lighting if you’re going to have kids jumping in the pool. But they are great for show.

There’s so much amazing lighting in this photo. You’ve got the lights in the pool, two outdoor fire pits, the house lights in the outdoor kitchen, and the candles. Time to invite some guests over!

Path lights

If you have a beautiful outdoor path, you want people to enjoy it day and night. Invest in some path lights to illuminate your walkway. It’ll also ensure people know where they’re stepping when it’s dark. Most modern path lights are solar LEDs. They charge during the day when the sun is out and turn on when it gets dark.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights are a beautiful finishing touch to your outdoor space. As you can see, they work great above a dining room table. You could also install them over a kitchen island or bar seating. Just make sure you have a stable structure to hang the lights! These particular lights have a rustic wicker-style cover over the lightbulbs. Glass and ceramic are

Stair lights

Instead of a path on your outdoor patio, you might have stairs. (Or maybe you have both!) Stair lighting is a practical option to brighten up your outdoor space. It looks so luxurious too! You won’t see this in most outdoor kitchens. So if you’re looking for a great conversation starter, consider stair lights for your patio.

Built-in LED lights or can lights

Built-in LED or can lights rival string lights as far as popularity goes. Outdoor roofs and covers are so popular nowadays, and one of the most low-maintenance lighting options is built-in LEDs.

They’re minimalist and you don’t run the risk of hitting your head on them since they’re inside the roof. Also, if you go with quality lights like LEDs, you’ll rarely have to replace them too!

The picture above has all the room you’ll need for guests, storage for food, a pool, a trampoline. Looks like fun!

In this nighttime picture, you can tell how much the lights help illuminate the space. This outdoor kitchen has ample room for guests and chefs alike. In fact, your guests can watch you grill, so there’s some entertainment value too. It looks like there are a lot of seats to fill, though. Get those invites out!

Under this roof, you’ve got more than enough light to grill at any time of the day. The cooking space is sweet too. With two side burners, a side griddle, and a gas grill, this is every chef’s dream.

Here’s yet another outdoor kitchen with built-in LED can lights. This kitchen features a bar-and-grill setup. Grill meats to perfection, turn around, and serve your guests. It’s that easy! With enough of the built-in lights, you can illuminate your entire patio.

Pool lights

Most pools have lights inside so you can see where you’re swimming. They can make for some impressive scenery as you can see in the photo above. Of course, the pool lights are paired with floor lights to complete this outdoor space. Late-night swimming is no longer off-limits. It’s time to schedule a pool party with family and friends.

Fire pit

A fire pit brings family and friends together for great conversation. It’s not only warm and cozy but also can provide fantastic lighting for your backyard. Look at how bright it makes the patio above look. Don’t you wish you were sitting in one of those chairs?

You can have one fire pit – but why not two? Wood fires won’t burn forever, so you can install some additional lights as in the photo above. String lights and wood fire pits complement each other well, don’t you think?

If this sounds like your ideal outdoor space, check out our article ‘How to Start a Wood Fire in a Fire Pit.


If fire pits can provide nice light, how about a fireplace? Load some wood and newspaper in the chimney, give it a light, and you’re good to go. The large brick fireplaces will last much longer than fire pits too – as long as you have enough wood.

Here’s another brick fireplace. It’s a little more modern and the furniture is black instead of brown. I like the color scheme a little better because the furniture pops out more prominently. The fireplace looks newer and more modern as well. What do you think?

Home lighting

If you don’t have great patio lighting, no worries! Depending on the location of your patio, you can use your home lighting to light your patio. It works well in the photo above since the deck and guest area is right outside the home!

While it’s true that glass doors don’t give a lot of privacy, they’re perfect to provide additional lighting from your home. Then you don’t have to worry about installing separate lights on your patio.

Range hood

Sometimes, all the light you need is from your outdoor range hood. Most range hoods feature LED or Halogen lights. Depending on the model, you might have dimmable lights too. They are a cool feature!

Keep in mind that range hood lights are not designed for hours of use. You should only turn them on when you’re cooking. If you want additional lighting for guests, string lights, pendant lights, or another similar type are your best bet.

Maybe you’ve got a setup in a basement where there is not a lot of light. A range hood can illuminate your entire cooktop, making cooking a breeze. The stainless steel hood complements the red grill perfectly. There’s some nice storage below the grill and a built-in fridge too.

Around plants or trees

Do you have some vines, bushes, plants, or trees around your outdoor patio? You can weave the lights in and around the plants for some unique fun decor. String lights are typically the go-to here as they’re easy to maneuver around branches and leaves.

You don’t have to have string lights, though. Sometimes all you need is one light to make a cozy outdoor space.

Inside trees or shrubs

You can set lights at the base of trees and shrubs for some amazing lighting and shadows. The lights call more attention to the plants on your patio so they’ll get your guests’ attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if your floor lights are the first thing your friends mention when they visit your patio. They’re easy to install, too. No climbing into trees and weaving the lights through plants to get the perfect setup.

Natural light

If you’re not much of a night owl, patio lights might not be necessary. Sometimes, all you need is some natural light. So you can design your space to take in as much natural light as possible. You’ll want a few trees, but not too many so the light isn’t blocked entirely. Also, consider a south-facing patio so you can get the most light each day.

You can also invest in a pergola that lets some light in while providing some shade. It won’t provide full protection from the elements but it’s a great hangout spot on nice spring or summer days.

Hanging globe lights

Some patios will have outdoor covers with tall ceilings. So built-in lights won’t work too well. They’re just too far away from the ground floor. Instead you can try hanging globe lights. They are a type of pendant light that’s modern and stylish. In this space, the pendant lights along with the range hood provide a lot of light. Do you like the style?

Wall sconces

Wall sconces are a nice addition to your outdoor space. They won’t often illuminate a whole patio by themselves. You’ll definitely want more than one. But wall sconces don’t take up a lot of space. As the name suggests, they’re installed on your wall. They come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes too.

This type of wall sconce is common in front of houses, but they work well on outdoor patios too. Line these up along the edge of your house or install them on the posts of your outdoor cover to get great coverage for your outdoor patio.

Traditional hanging lights

We’ve seen built-in lights, string lights, pendant lights, and more, but a reliable option is a hanging light. It’s nothing too luxurious but can get the job done. You could also supplement a couple of hanging lights with string lights to make the space more unique. Hanging lights are a practical addition to this space since the outdoor cover blocks out all light from above.

This outdoor patio only has two hanging lights but they provide a ton of bright light! This photo was taken at night too so you can see how crucial it is to have great lighting on your outdoor patio. Looking at the kitchen above, you probably won’t even need the range hood lights.

Hanging lights from the ceiling

Hanging lights don’t need a glass, ceramic or whicker cover. You can just hang them by themselves for a unique look. On sloped ceilings, hanging lights like these are one of the best choices for your outdoor lighting. With no covers, you can arrange the lights a little closer to each other too.

Kitchen counter lamps

Have you ever seen these mini lamps? They’re a cute and fun addition to your outdoor cooking area. Or if you host guests at a large table, maybe you can line a few of these up to liven up the space. They require electricity, though, so keep that in mind while planning out your outdoor kitchen.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of outdoor lighting photos. As you can tell, there are so many lighting options at your disposal, from hanging lights to built-in lights and stair lights. There’s not necessarily a best outdoor lighting option for your patio. But certain types of lights may work much better in your space compared to others.

Perhaps you could consult a designer and get their recommendations. Or ask your friends and neighbors if they have any outdoor lighting setups they love.

Thanks for stopping by! For more outdoor kitchen and patio inspiration, check out the articles below.

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