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5 Mountain Home Exterior Ideas

5 Mountain Home Exterior Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

Mountain homes have a distinct look to them, regardless of what region you’re in. From the green, rolling mountains of the east coast to the high rising peaks on the west coast, mountain homes are a staple in America.

Today, we’re looking at the amazing exteriors of mountain homes. We’ll break down the most important areas of your mountain home and show you some amazing photos. Hopefully you can find some inspiration!

Grand Reveal of the Whole House

Mountain Home Exterior - Sunset

This is your first impression. When you drive up to your house, and see it there, sprawled in front of you, wonder and awe should flow freely.

The grand reveal should be breathtaking. This might mean a towering mountain home that rises above everything around it. Or you might like a more tame, spread out design with sharp triangle peaks.

Most mountain homes feature sharp triangle peaks or log cabin wooden siding.

Take a look at this one!

Front Door

Front door of blue mountain home

As you approach the front door to the home, the grand entrance should be exactly that: grand.

Often, in the more expensive homes, the entrance is flanked by large pillars of wood. This may come in the form of a covered front entrance with two or four pillars leading to the large door.

Check out the pin below. With two large pillars built out of wood on a base of stone, this entrance is something to behold.

Two porch lanterns on the wood pillars illuminate this house during the night. Another lantern above the front door leads you right into the home.

If one wasn’t enough, here’s another beautiful mountain home entryway. In this photo, the house towers over the front door, thanks to a second floor directly above the front door.

The large windows allow for ample light allowed in during the daytime, so you don’t have to keep lights on all the time.

You might notice that there are no pillars. But, check out the tall triangular roof with triangular windows. This design is way popular in today’s mountain homes.

This entrance is covered and features four lights on the underside of the gateway.

Back Deck and Porch

Mountain Home in the Evening

This is where the fun begins. That view off the back porch is sure to be a breathtaking one.

Views in mountain homes are a big deal. Whether you’re overlooking a lake, a row of houses, or mountains peeking out behind a city, the view completes the home.

It can also drive the price up for the house in question. Who wouldn’t want to look at Lake Tahoe from their home?

These decks are perfect for late night barbecues after a long day of adventuring outside.

Others may be a little bit quieter, and some people like the solitude of being in the middle of a forest! These back porches may be a bit smaller in size, and secluded from the rest of the neighborhood, thanks to towering trees.

In these instances, the backyard that the deck overlooks may be of more use for this home!

Some people add hot tubs, small playgrounds, a large fire pit with outdoor furniture, and the like to make themselves feel at home.

Others may use it for storing their boat, kayak, paddle board, or snowmobile. The possibilities are endless!

Thanks for reading our mountain home exterior ideas. We hope you enjoyed them!

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If you need more ideas, head on over to our Pinterest page! We have an entire board dedicated strictly to mountain homes. You’ll love it!

See you soon – have a fantastic day!

Cabin style mountain home in the forest

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