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7 Modern Mountain Home Landscaping Ideas

7 Modern Mountain Home Landscaping Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

The exterior of your mountain home is quite the sight, but designing the landscaping for a mountain home is just as important.

There are two areas to think about: your front yard or front entrance, and your backyard!

Your front entrance should hold more of the impressive features and have a fine, polished look to it. Your backyard should be geared more toward comfort and entertainment, with firepits, fountains, and a patio area.

If you only have the budget to tackle one area, the backyard is the way to go. Often the biggest draw from the front of the house is the architecture itself. The backyard is a little more secluded but you can host fun events like cookouts and impress your guests!

Front Entrance Landscaping

As people enter your home, you want to make a great first impression. So, why not have some sort of grand landscaping to invite people in?

Entrance by Water

In this pin below, the driveway is flanked with a beautiful water feature off to the left hand side of the house. Tall trees flank the house as you enter, enveloping you in the forest!

Fountain Display

This front entrance is mouth-watering. The house looms in the background, watching over a beautiful display of flowers and water flowing through the front yard.

A large fountain is the beautiful focal point of the yard. It’ll catch everyone’s attention!

Short and Simple

Sometimes, simple is better. Here, a paved concrete walkway mirrors the driveway as it lines up straight to the front door.

Plants and trees coupled with bright lighting give this lush landscape some character!

Backyard Landscaping

Here’s where most of the magic happens. The backyard is important to any home, and perhaps one of the biggest draws when buying a home nestled in the mountains.

What’s the view like? How can I enjoy the view from the comfort of my backyard? All of these are answered with these delightful backyard landscaping ideas.

A Modern Firepit for a Modern Mountain Home

This modern home has a simple landscape: a firepit surrounded by chairs. Bring out the drinks, snacks, and remember to look up with those stargazing eyes!

Tall trees envelop this backyard, so there’s not much in the way of views; but, this only makes your mountain home more intimate. Enjoy the company of the people around you as you remember fun trips and recount stories.

An Elevated Fire Pit

If you weren’t a fan of the last fire pit, maybe this one is more your style. With an elevated rock ring around the fire and a ledge built around the perimeter, this fire pit is certainly lavish. It carries similar characteristics as the former example, but with more pizzazz.

Water Landscaping

If fire pits aren’t your thing, bring home water into the picture! This waterfall pool is the perfect addition to a backyard that needs a little extra sparkle. A fire ring is certainly welcome, but bringing in a water feature like a waterfall or coy pond really adds a unique touch.

Bring Out the Beauty

Okay, this is an extra addition for y’all – here’s how to do a water feature! With a waterfall spanning over five feet in width and entering into a large pool, this is how you landscape your mountain home backyard. A walkway leads from the house to the backyard, and, we’re assuming, to a patio area with chairs, a view, and good company.

Thanks for reading about some incredible landscaping ideas for mountain homes. Landscaping your mountain home is one of the best things you can do to increase your home value.

If you’re interested in learning more about the exterior of mountain homes, check out our recently published article on mountain home exteriors. It covers everything from front entrances to your backyard deck!

If you liked this blog and need more ideas, head on over to our Pinterest page! We have an entire board dedicated strictly to mountain homes, with different looks including A-frames, and several other parts of the home.

We’ll see you on the next one, or in the mountains! Happy trails!

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