Small Kitchen? – The Best Kitchen Remodeling Tips For Tiny Kitchens

When remodeling a small kitchen, a little planning beforehand can go a long way. When space is limited, it  takes thoughtful preparation to create a space that is both appealing, functional, and storage efficient. Here we will show you how to make the most of the small kitchen space that you have. Find some of the best kitchen remodeling tips, budgeting advice, and kitchen design ideas to inspire your next remodeling project.

Small Kitchen Remodeling Preparation – Start With A Budget

What is the first step for planning a small kitchen remodel?

When remodeling, one benefit of owning a small kitchen is the cost of investment.  Investing in a kitchen remodel can get pricey. When planning for your new kitchen, you will need to think about the size of space which you are wanting to be remodeled, the quality of materials to be used, and whether or not there are any changes to be made to the layout of the room.

What is the average cost of a small kitchen remodel?

According to data reported by HomeAdvisor members in 2016,  on average, a small kitchen remodel costs an average of $20,474.  For a less intensive project, this will usually range in between the price range of $10,000 and $15,000.  However it’s important to note that these costs only include fresh wall paint, cabinet refacing, a sink upgrade, and a new tile backsplash.

For a more intensive project, plan on adding an additional $30,000+ in remodeling fees. This would be due to the additional costs that come with installing custom cabinets, hardwood floors, luxury stone counters, and high-end appliances. Once you have an idea of what you are wanting, and how much money you are willing to invest,  then you can jump into the next stage of planning.

Tips for planning a small kitchen remodel budget: 

  • Decide how much you are willing to invest, and stick to your budget!
  • Break down your project costs on paper. Plan for labor costs to be an additional 25-35% of your project costs.
  • Set aside at least 20% of your budget to handle the unexpected. Especially if you have an older home that has who knows what lurking behind the walls and the floor.
  • Make a list of your priorities for your small kitchen project. What is most important to you? New cabinets? All new appliances?
  • Know how you are going to pay for your kitchen remodel. Have extra bonus money coming in from work? Or are you planning on taking out a loan?
  • Create a spreadsheet to keep track of all of your remodeling costs, and make sure to keep it up to date.
  • Plan on where you can save some money by doing some of the work yourself.
  • Avoid the extras.

Small Kitchen Remodeling Planning – Save Yourself The Extra Headaches

What work are you willing to do yourself? 

You have a good idea of budget, now you need to decide what you are planning on doing yourself, and what kitchen design services you are planning to be hired out. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, you may want to go the route of hiring a kitchen designer, or a kitchen remodeling contractor.  If you like the idea of having a professional help you develop a plan, this would not be a bad way to go.

Find your kitchen design style for your small kitchen.

Know your kitchen design style and stick to it. What design styles speak to you? If you are finding you can’t make a decision, it may be best to take the Houzz Kitchen Design Style Quiz, or to hire a kitchen design professional

The best places to find small kitchen design inspiration:

  • Kitchen Design Boards on Pinterest– Find beautiful images of incredible small kitchen design ideas to inspire your own kitchen project.  Save all of your favorite finds your own boards, and save your favorite products and images to come back to later.
  • Kitchen Design Photos on Houzz– Professionals have been using the online Houzz platform to share their design work for years. See incredible small kitchen designs shared by the best design professionals from all over the world. Much like Pinterest, you can also collaborate with design professionals on Houzz and share Houzz idea-books of your favorite kitchens and products.
  • Kitchen Design Magazines – Online or paper, magazines can be a great place to find kitchen design inspiration along with great articles and advice.
  • Kitchen Design Websites and Blogs – You can never go wrong with a Google Search. Try using relevant search phrases like “Small Kitchen Design Ideas.”

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