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Farmhouse Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas!

Farmhouse Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas! - Proline Range Hoods

Designing your bedroom can be a fun task but it can be very tricky to match decor with colors and textures. Luckily, farmhouse design takes the weight off of your shoulders and practically builds itself.

Farmhouse bedrooms aren’t very bold; they’re not out to make a statement with bright colors. So, after you’ve got your first piece, whether it’s large or small, building off of these accessories is easy!

Sure, in adhering to the 60-30-10 color design rule, you can include elements of bright, cold colors, but for most rooms, whites, creams, and tans rule the world.

Moderate colors can be anything, but commonly used are greens, blues, yellows and other earthy tones. Now, here’s where you can add your bold and bright accent colors. Feel free to get creative with the space and add in oranges, reds, bright blues, and maybe pinks or purples!

Remember to combine old with new – have some contrast in the style of furniture and decor of your room. More often than not, you’ll have several electronics in your room: TVs, tablets, phones, and many others. This might put a damper on the rustic feel of farmhouse, but we’ll show you how to make some adjustments and maintain that farmhouse feeling.

Let’s dive in and discuss!

Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Your Farmhouse Bed

To achieve that farmhouse feeling, there’s no need to purchase a new bed! You probably already have a bed, so we’ll show you how to make it fit into the latest farmhouse style trends.

Let’s start under your bed. Most bedrooms have some sort of frame, but farmhouse design offers some other unique ideas.

Storage space is essential in bedrooms, and your bed can take up a large portion of your room. Consider getting a bed frame with built in storage units. These units offer drawers under your bed, and you can find frames that have drawers on each side of your bed. Not only does it provide a practical use for cleaning up your room, but it also looks great, too! Take a look below!

Headboards and footboards are an option if you elect to have a traditional bed frame with no storage. These can either be painted wood or metal frames! As long as the colors in your room complement each other, you can’t go wrong.

Bedroom with Wooden Headboard

Where Do Clothes Go?

Whatever you may have in your room – a wardrobe, dresser, built in storage in a closet, or a combo of the three of these – farmhouse design is built on simplicity.

Weathered wood is the best way to go, but the color is up to you! Traditionally, light colors are preferred, so whites, tans, and even soft browns are acceptable. However, blacks and deep browns can accent your room nicely. Here’s an example where dark brown wood shines!

Don’t be afraid to mix it up in this department - just remember the color rule! Here, the importance can be placed more on the feel of the wood rather than the color. Weathered wood or even driftwood will give it an arcadian feel.

Consider installing a mirror above your dresser if it’s low enough! Especially in smaller rooms, mirrors make the room appear bigger!

Make sure you capitalize on the storage space on top of your dresser, too, whether it be in your closet or in the bedroom itself.

The Night Stand and the Annoying Alarm Clock

Almost like the title of a book, these are important pieces in your room! You’ll use them every single day, more so than your dresser! Your night stand holds your clock, your phone, maybe an iPad, a bedside lamp, a little’s important!

Make this piece different from the rest of the furniture in your room and add flair to it.

Give it some texture, too – some favorites for farmhouse design include wicker or woven nightstands with wood frames. These will look lovely and fit right into a typical farmhouse bedroom!

A freestanding table or short barstool will make a great addition! These make rooms feel more open since you can see through them, and perhaps should be used in smaller bedrooms where space is tight.

However, in larger bedrooms where storage space is plentiful, there’s no need.

White Master Bedroom With Bathroom

Wooden nightstands are very practical and offer storage for miscellaneous items you want to keep close to your beside. Just make sure there’s an open shelf to your nightstand! Part of it can be closed in either a drawer or door, but the beauty of farmhouse charm is having open shelves and cabinets.

People couldn’t rely on hinges and slides in the old days! Check out the image below for inspiration!

Wooden Nightstand, Plant, and Bed

Desk and Workspace

If you still have space in your room, adding a desk for work is practical. If you’re feeling like the design has been heavy on wood furniture, here’s where you can add a new, trendy desk!

Glass-top laptop desks are practical and give the room an industrial, modern feel to an otherwise outdated-looking room. Other modern new desks would work well paired with some shelving above the desk!

However, this isn’t to say ‘Be afraid of wood!’ There are certainly plenty of rustic desks out there for the taking!

When adding a desk to your room, make sure the chair matches the desk’s character. If you’re buying a glass-top, metal frame desk, try out a new, modern chair! And on the flip side, if pastoral, rustic wood is your forte, match it with an old-fashioned chair!

Below is a good example of a wooden desk with a modern feeling. The colors certainly match the room, but it’s more of a laptop desk than a filing desk with drawer space. Either can work in your bedroom; it’s up to you!

White Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse Decor and Making Your Room Look GOOD!

Go Back to Bed

Throw pillows and strewn blankets will add soft textures to your room. When adding pillows to your bed, make sure it’s done in odd numbers! Even numbers will look unusual, especially if all the pillows are square.

Go for three or five pillows on your bed, varying in size! One large pillow, a few medium sized ones, and then a small one for the front of the pile!

Blankets draped off the side of the bed or strewn on the bed make for a nice addition, breaking up the seriousness of the room.

Feel free to get multiple blankets and layer them! Below is an example of both of these ideas in action. Try out any of these ideas – or even combine them – and you’ll be able to relax in your room!

But What of the Walls?

You can’t get more boring than an empty wall in your room. There’s so many possibilities there! Pictures and calendars and designs and shelves….whatever you want! Make it YOUR room.

Shelves above your desk or even your bed and nightstand allow for miscellaneous storage space. See where you can add shelves in your room to add a plant or two, just for fun!

Pictures or collages of frames on the wall really bring out your bedroom. If the frames are different sizes, display them in odd numbers, similar to throw pillows.

Start small with three on a wall, and as you finalize the layout of your room, add two more pictures to a certain wall to keep the odd numbers alive.

However, if you’re going to have a specific set of frames that are the same size and distance apart, this rule can be broken to accommodate six frames. Below is an example of how even numbers work!

Large Bedroom with Six Pictures Hanging Above

What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?

Forgive us for the little bit of Romeo and Juliet there. But isn’t that light dreamy? Bedroom lighting and natural accents will greatly impact your room, so let’s talk a little bit about...

...air plants! These and potted plants will thrive best by your window and they also look incredibly gorgeous! Remember that plants and pots will act as moderate or accent colors, so use this to your advantage!

Combine different textures; try not to use the same color and material type for more than one plant! As seen below, there are two potted plants of the same color family, but one is wicker while the other appears ceramic.

However, the air plant and the potted plant on the right share color and wicker baskets. The reason this works is because the design of the wicker baskets greatly differ. The artwork is different, which gives each plant a unique feature!

Additionally, the hanging plant is accompanied by rope which holds the plant in the air, further separating the design!

Farmhouse Bedroom Windows Bringing in Natural Light

It’s in Storage….

Finally, storage for your bedroom essentials. Trunks and ottoman storage units will work fantastic at the foot of your bed and serve a couple of practical purposes. Besides the storage they offer, these can be decorative pieces!

Make sure you find something that fits the overall room but again, is different from the rest so it can maintain the uniqueness of the room.

Other options include previously mentioned items, such as bed frames with built-in storage and nightstands with drawers, doors or open shelving. Bed frames may be trickier to pull off since they are larger items and generally come with a high price tag, but nightstands can be small and effective or large and impactful.

An option for smaller rooms is to build the bed into storage cabinets! Farmhouse design is about using the most of your space, combining comfort with function.

In this image below, giant nightstands flank the bed as shelves line the sides and the top of the bed. Notice the size of this room – it appears big because of the camera and lens combination, but it’s actually very small! This is an effective way to make the most of your room.

Bedroom with Open Shelving

Any mix and match of these ideas works towards building a lovely farmhouse bedroom. There are so many ideas and combinations of how to build a personalized bedroom, so, now that you have the basics, head over to Pinterest!

Proline Range Hoods has a “Farmhouse Home, Bedroom, and Kitchen Inspiration” board! We have each portion divided into designated sections and a section specifically for farmhouse bedroom ideas! Feel free to check out our other blogs and other boards on Pinterest for your design inspiration.

Good luck with your remodeling project!

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