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7 Festive Christmas Wreath Ideas

7 Festive Christmas Wreath Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

One of the staples of Christmas, at least in my own home, is decorative wreaths. We only ever have a few wreaths here and there, mainly on the front door, our front entryway, and on our kitchen and dining room tables.

Oftentimes, we DIY one or two of the wreaths as a fun activity to prepare for the Christmas season.

We’ll get into some different kinds of wreaths and hopefully inspire you with new ideas for this Christmas season! Who’s ready for 2022?

Pinecones, Berries, and More

Pinecones, Berries, and More - Festive Christmas Wreath Ideas

This wreath combines everything we know and love about Christmas. The green branches form a beautiful circle and are decorated wonderfully. A few large pinecones grab some immediate attention with a few smaller ones dotting the wreath.

Wrapped cinnamon sticks, holly berries, and a bow complete the look. Talk about a beautiful wreath for your front door!

Holly and Berries and Ornaments

Holly and Berries and Ornaments

If you’re looking to go the big and luscious route, this wreath is for you. It features a beautiful dark green base, holly berries, and ornaments both big and small! We especially love the different colors and sizes of ornaments. So beautiful!

The Luxurious Wreath

The Luxurious Wreath

Sometimes, silver and gold light the way. Here, green leaves are intermixed with silver, gold, and white leaves, leaving us with a beautifully crafted wreath.

The golden fixture that holds the wreath on the front door is equally beautiful.

DIY Your Own Wreath

DIY Your Own Wreath

We DIY our own wreaths on occasion during the Christmas season, and there’s no reason why you couldn’t do this as well!

Sometimes, making a “half-wreath” as illustrated above is a great way to add more Christmas spirit to your home. You can of course make these wreaths full, but there’s something unique about those two half wreaths.

Green, Faux, and Plain

Green, Faux, and Plain

Looking to go the faux route and save money year after year? Or, do you live in a city environment with no easy access to wooded areas?

Faux options are available to you! You can complement your wreath with wonderful decor just like in the above photo. Go nuts!

Ribbons and Bows

Ribbons and Bows

Tie off your wreath with a few knots this season. Nine red bows encircle this mixed foliage wreath, popping color off here and there.

A small ornament hangs below the wreath, and the entire piece looks fantastic against the brown front door. Sometimes sweet and simple is the way to go!

Silver and Gold Wreath

Silver and Gold Wreath

We all need a little silver and gold sometimes. This design is different from our previous silver and gold example, and it’s quite beautiful!

Silver, gold, and white ornaments fill the wreath with only a few spots of green showing, This is just another way to bring silver and gold into your home for Christmas!

We told you it was going to be short and sweet! If you’re looking for more inspiration, Pinterest is a great source for all things Christmas wreaths. Follow our Christmas board for more ideas and inspiration.

And, if you have never DIY’d your own Christmas wreath before, I would highly recommend doing so this year. It’s a great family activity, and gets you excited for the upcoming season!

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