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9 Benefits of Proline’s Outdoor Range Hoods

9 Benefits of Proline’s Outdoor Range Hoods - Proline Range Hoods

Are you on the fence about purchasing an outdoor hood – or do you want to learn more about them? An outdoor range hood offers several benefits and they are a functional modern addition to your home too.

At Proline, we have been selling professional quality outdoor vent hoods for 15+ years. In this article, we’ll go over nine clear-cut benefits to purchasing one of Proline’s outdoor range hoods.

1. High Durability

Island Hood in Wooden Kitchen

Proline’s outdoor range hoods are built with a more durable stainless steel finish called 304 stainless steel to handle the weather and the high heat of your grill or grills. Your range hood will last for years to come.

2. Will Last You 10+ Years

In addition to the durable exterior, most outdoor range hoods have powerful, high-efficiency motors when compared to indoor range hoods. They require much more power than indoor hoods.

These motors will last you for many years. You can find some outdoor hoods with blowers up to 2000 CFM. With these powerful hoods, you more than likely won’t need to run your hood at max speed all the time. Running your hood at lower speeds puts less strain on the motor, and it will last much longer as a result.

3. Versatile

Outdoor range hoods are one of the most versatile kitchen appliances on the market. You can run them at any speed depending on what you’re cooking. Not to mention that they offer tremendous power to accommodate nearly any situation in the kitchen.

You can vent your outdoor hood through the wall or ceiling. Not only that, but the largest and most powerful outdoor hoods can cover two grills or ranges.

If you’re looking for an outdoor hood that covers a large grill or two grills, check out our article on the best 60” outdoor hoods.

4. Low Maintenance

Outdoor vent hoods are designed to catch heavy grease, dirt, and other large particles that pass through your hood. But even with all of this tough grease, you have nothing to worry about. Thanks to Proline’s dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffle filters, cleaning has never been easier.

Our professional-quality outdoor hoods are equipped with these efficient filters to maximize the amount of grease that the hood removes from your kitchen air. They require cleaning at most once every three weeks and up to six weeks depending on your cooking habits.

5. Protect Your Outdoor Cooking Space from Cooking Exhaust, Smoke, and Contaminants

Island Range Hood Over Cooktop

An outdoor range hood from Proline will keep your outdoor kitchen smoke-free. With blower options up to 2000 CFM and sizes up to 60”, our hoods ensure maximum airflow outside your home and optimal coverage of your cooktop.

6. Provide Clean Fresh Air in Your Outdoor Patio

If you’ve grilled before, you know that it produces a lot of smoke, steam, and strong odors. Proline’s high-quality outdoor vent hoods pack enough power to move all of that unwanted air outside your cooking space.

7. Appealing to Your Guests

Outdoor Range Hoods - Vent Hood Over Grill

There are many different areas of your home that add to its appeal: a fancy entryway, beautiful landscaping, water features, an outdoor patio, and much more. Like these features, an outdoor Proline hood is a modern and attractive addition to your outdoor kitchen that will impress your guests.

They’ll enjoy clean and fresh air in your outdoor space thanks to your outdoor vent hood. It will make your kitchen comfortable and inviting.

8. Attractive to Potential Future Buyers

An outdoor range hood from Proline is not only inviting to your guests, but also to potential buyers. The exterior of your home is likely the first thing a future buyer will see. Also, if they like the inside of your home and then find out about your outdoor kitchen with a professional vent hood, this can work in your favor and be an effective selling point.

9. Cost-Effective

When looking for a range hood, one of the first things you might consider is the cost. What is your budget and is it flexible or do you have to stick to a strict amount? When considering an outdoor range hood, open yourself up to the possibility of going outside your budget for the purchase, but saving money in the long run.

In other words, a professional quality and durable outdoor range hood may be a big investment, but it will bring you 10+ years of efficient use and fresh outdoor air. At Proline, we offer some of the best deals in the range hood industry.

We hope that these nine benefits of Proline’s outdoor hoods have helped you decide on how to begin your outdoor kitchen renovation.

We definitely recommend that you purchase an outdoor range hood to keep the space properly ventilated. Compared to indoor hoods, there are not many alternatives at your disposal. While you may be able to get away with an over-the-range microwave or a stand-alone fan in your indoor kitchen, those two options aren’t ideal to vent the heavy smoke and steam of your grill.

Are you itching to purchase an outdoor range hood? Buy yours at the link below.

Have you already bought your outdoor hood? For a complete list of helpful installation tips, click here.

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