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5 Best 60 Inch Outdoor Range Hoods

5 Best 60 Inch Outdoor Range Hoods - Proline Range Hoods

Are you looking for the ultimate coverage of your cooktop – a range hood that packs the power and has the size to handle any job in your outdoor kitchen? A 60” outdoor range hood will get the job done in your kitchen. These hoods are the largest residential exhaust fans on the market! They will vent grease efficiently from grills that are 48” or smaller. Because of their impressive size, they can also cover two small grills or ranges if you have that setup.

We want you to have a successful outdoor kitchen renovation. To do that, it’s important to pick a vent hood that is right for you. We’ll go over five of our best 60 inch outdoor range hoods in this article.

PLJW 104 - 304 SS

Best 60 Inch Outdoor Range Hoods - PLJW 104 304 SS Product Picture

The PLJW 104 304 SS is a beautiful outdoor range hood that is easy to use. It is one of just two models that feature innovative dial knobs where you can adjust the main power, blower speed, and LED lights! (The other being our ProV models).

The high-efficiency blower is rated at 1200 CFM which will suck up smoke and steam with ease. You also have three lower speeds available, giving you great flexibility while cooking.

The 60” hood features eight LED lights for incredible coverage of your entire cooktop. With this hood, you’ll also enjoy efficient stainless steel baffle filters that capture grease, dirt, and other contaminants in your kitchen air.

Built with a sturdy 304 stainless steel, the outdoor-rated PLJW 104 will last you for years.

Here’s how it looks in a real customer kitchen! This customer won the $10,000 grand prize from our first photo contest!

Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner - PLJW 104

And here’s this hood in an outdoor setting.

Outdoor Kitchen with Professional Vent Hood

Check out more of the features of our 104 below.

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PLJI 102 - 304 SS

PLJI 102 - 304 SS Product Picture

The PLJI 102 304 SS is a powerful and sleek island range hood. Built with 304 stainless steel, it’s a fantastic fit for your outdoor kitchen. It features an 1800 CFM blower which will keep your outdoor space cool and vent the heavy grease and dirt produced by your grill outside of your home.

This island hood has matching control panels on opposite sides of the hood so that you can easily access the controls while you’re on the move in the kitchen. It also features four bright LED lights and efficient stainless steel baffle filters to help you have a smooth kitchen experience. The filters are dishwasher-safe, so cleaning is not a problem.

Stainless Steel Hood Over Grill

For a full list of the 60” PLJI 102’s features, check out the table below.

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PLJI 103 - 304 SS

PLJI 103 304 SS - Product Picture

The PLJI 103 304 SS is a professional-grade outdoor vent hood. It has a sleek tapered look and is built with premium 304 stainless steel to keep your hood in great condition for years to come. The design is very similar to our 102 model, but instead of black LCD control panels, this hood features stainless steel push buttons under the front of the hood. The 103 includes a powerful 1800 CFM blower that can handle any task in the kitchen. With as much as 1800 CFM, you can actually keep this hood running on the lower speeds, and it’ll be much quieter!

Like the 102, the 103 features four bright LED lights and durable grease filters to capture contaminants from your kitchen air.

Outdoor Hood Over Stainless Steel Grill
Bright Outdoor Kitchen Over Large Grill

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PLJW 109 - 304 SS

PLJW 109 - 304 SS Product Picture

The PLJW 109 304 SS has all the power you need in an outdoor range hood. With a 2000 CFM dual blower, it’s our strongest range hood at Proline. 2000 CFM gives you amazing flexibility and allows you to run the hood almost exclusively on the lower speeds. They are much quieter and will prolong the life of your motor.

You can adjust the blower speed to four different levels based on your cooking style using the stainless steel push buttons under the hood. There, you can also turn on the four bright LED lights to help you see what you’re doing while cooking.

The 109 is also complete with two heat lamp sockets in the back of your hood so that you can warm your food before it’s served. Also before you join your guests, toss the stainless steel baffle filters into the dishwasher for a quick and easy clean.

Check out more features of the 109 in the table below.

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PLJW 105 - 304 SS

PLJW 105 304 SS - Product Photo

Finishing our list is the second 2000 CFM 60” hood, the PLJW 105. Like the 109, you can adjust the speed of this hood to four different speeds. Also, the stainless steel push buttons are conveniently placed under the front of the range hood.

Our PLJW 105 won’t only suck the smoke from your kitchen. It’ll also brighten your cooktop with four LED lights that will last you thousands of hours! Just like all our other hoods on this list, the stainless steel baffle filters are dishwasher-safe, making cleaning a breeze.

PLJW 105 Filters

Take a look at the full list of its features in this table.

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That wraps up our article on the best 60” outdoor range hoods! If you have any questions about your outdoor hood, call us at (877) 901 - 5530 and we’ll be happy to help.

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