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17 Beautiful Farmhouse Sink Ideas

17 Beautiful Farmhouse Sink Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

So, you may be thinking: farmhouse design has a specific sink attached to it? The answer is yes. A farmhouse sink is a common addition to most farmhouse kitchens and bathrooms.

One popular type of farmhouse sink is an apron sink. An apron sink has a visible and unique overhang on the front of it, by an inch or two, depending on the model and what you’re looking for! Yep, the sink literally extends itself over the counter, which gives the apron sink its signature look.

Apron sinks are also called apron front sinks, because of the exposed front area. Unlike most sinks, an apron front sink is not built into the kitchen countertop.

We’ll be going through some pins and photos of farmhouse and apron style sinks; it’s up to you to decide which type of sink you’d like best! We also have a Pinterest board for farmhouse design with many different sections: farmhouse kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more. Check those out for more photos and ideas.

The Cover Photo

You didn’t think we would leave this one out, did you? No way! It’s a beautiful example of a modern white farmhouse kitchen. Traditional farmhouse kitchens didn’t have their sinks on a kitchen island. So, if you have a kitchen island and you want a farmhouse sink, you’ve got your inspiration. Next!

The Farmers Market

Here’s another farmhouse sink, but with a gorgeous black faucet. That’s something out of a movie! This is a really simple and welcome addition to your farmhouse home.

The Copper Color

A copper sink isn’t something you see every day. This goes to show that a farmhouse sink doesn’t have to be boring white colors – you can add some flair! White, off white, cream, copper, black, gray, and sometimes even light blue are the typical varieties of colors you’ll see in a farmhouse sink.

A sleek copper sink can make a strong statement in any kitchen.

The Gray Sink

This farmhouse sink is so subtle because it matches the rest of the three-toned kitchen. This is a great example of how a gray kitchen sink can be incorporated into farmhouse kitchens – and how to blend them into the kitchen, too!

The Freestanding Farmhouse Sink

Who said that a farmhouse sink needs to have an overhang? Step up your bathroom with a freestanding farmhouse sink. Wooden tables will work perfectly, as illustrated right here.

The Black Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

This is a beautiful way to incorporate some darker colors into a brighter style like farmhouse design. It becomes an accent in the kitchen and is best if complemented by other black or dark brown details, whether in tea towels, trimming, appliances, or light or faucet fixtures.

The Complete Farmhouse Kitchen

Going with the trend of black apron sinks, this is a great example of how to incorporate a black farmhouse sink into your kitchen! It’s accentuated by the faucet, dark wood free standing shelves, and stainless steel appliances.

The Double Bowl Sink

Does it get better than having two spaces for your dishes? We can’t think of a better way to have it! Most farmhouse sinks are single bowl, but the double bowl kitchen sink is a newer trend that’s picking up some speed. What do you think?

The Double Farmhouse Bathroom

Yep, this one has two farmhouse sinks, and it’s perfect in a bathroom.

This design is wonderful if you already have the additional space – something like this may not work in a small bathroom since the sink does hang out a bit.

Did you see those baskets on the bottom rack? They are a wonderful touch.

The Stainless Steel Apron Sink

Want an apron sink but you want it to match appliances? They make them in stainless steel now. Most sinks are stainless steel of some sort, and now you can get it with a farmhouse twist.

The Non-Farmhouse Apron Sink

Wait, the apron sink doesn’t need to be in farmhouse design? Nope! It can be in a more modern design or a Victorian-style kitchen! Everyone can enjoy the perks of a fashionable farmhouse sink in their home. It fits in seamlessly here, doesn’t it?

The Apartment

If you live in an apartment, you can have an apron front sink – a stunning one at that. Just make sure you ask your landlord before you demo your old sink!

Here’s this farmhouse sink from another view. It just doesn’t get old!

The Apron Sink and Marble Countertops

Have marble countertops and want an apron sink? No problem, it’ll fit right in! Just make sure that your marble matches the color or the apron sink you want to buy. It’s the perfect combination. Not to mention this is another kitchen that isn’t in a farmhouse style, and the sink looks great.

The Forest Cabin

Perhaps one of our favorite customer photos ever submitted, this farmhouse sink helps make this forest cabin a forest cabin. Be one with the kitchen and one with nature. It’s a beautiful home, isn’t it?

The Cabana Kitchen

Cabanas certainly weren’t around during the farmhouse era, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a stainless steel apron front sink in there. It blends right into the space.

Now, time for a pool party, right?

The Corner Sink

Are you looking to add a sink in the corner of your kitchen? This shouldn’t be a problem; here’s some inspiration for you! Match your apron front sink to the surrounding colors for a lovely addition to your farmhouse kitchen.

The Blend-In Sink

This stainless steel kitchen sink blends right into the kitchen with the rest of the stainless steel appliances. The choices of colors make it a hidden beauty! Gray cabinet choices, along with white on top, make for a pretty kitchen with lights and darks. Oh, and the tiled backsplash? Beautiful!

What is the difference between an apron sink and a farmhouse sink?

There are slight differences between an apron sink and a farmhouse sink. They look similar, as they both have an overhang and generally have rounded corners, but, apron sinks occasionally will have straight edge corners. This is due to the type of material that is used to make these sinks.

Traditional farmhouse style sinks were made from clay or porcelain, giving its signature country look, while apron sinks are made from those materials plus wood and even stainless steel in some instances.

However, over the years, these two methods of making farmhouse sinks have somewhat melded together to create a very unique style! Production has improved, so porcelain sinks now have harder corners and pointed edges, something that wasn’t possible in early farmhouses.

Well, this sums up our farmhouse sink ideas. Apron sinks were seldom used for other applications, other than farmhouse kitchens, but now they’ve become much more versatile. There’s a type of apron sink for all types of design and they can be used in your bathroom too!

If you’re looking for more information, check out our Pinterest boards. We have one dedicated to farmhouse style here, with many different sections. Inspire your next remodel with our farmhouse kitchen, bathroom, family room, and bedroom ideas.

If you want to check out our bohemian design Pinterest board while you’re at it, click here! We update both of these boards daily with new content, so you’ll always have new options!

Happy designing!

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