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8 Backsplash Ideas To Show Off Your Cooking Space

8 Backsplash Ideas To Show Off Your Cooking Space - Proline Range Hoods

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word backsplash? If you’re anything like us, it’s COLOR...or TEXTURE...or PATTERN! Ok, so there’s a lot of design elements that flicker around in our heads when we consider the backsplash, the star actor, in our kitchen layouts. That’s because the backsplash plays one of the most integral roles in the kitchen. It brings it all to life. It’s where you can really let your creative spirit shine. If you really want to step it up a notch, turn your backsplash into a work of art and forget the cold industrial stainless steel as your only option. It’s time to strap in and check out these amazing ideas for your new backsplash.

Get inspired by these top 8 ideas for your new backsplash!

1. Floor to Ceiling

In the areas where you don’t have cabinetry, let your backsplash truly pop by taking it all the way up to your ceiling height. Wall cabinetry is beginning to be a thing of the past while floating shelves & windows are taking a front seat. Running floor to ceiling can really open up your kitchen space making the room feel larger, especially if the tile you choose is reflective.

2. Large Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are a classic look, but, you know we like to reinvent the wheel, and what a great spin on a tried and true design. Using oversized subway tiles to create open space is a unique new way to showcase this classic design. Larger subway tiles are now being manufactured & can help create the impression of more space. Also, think how much easier it will be to clean without so many grout lines. This idea really is a win-win!

3. Mirrored or Metallic Finishes

If you’re interested in creating a little drama, try mirrored or metallic tiles. This can be a striking way to play with your space. The reflective finish opens up a world of possibilities and light play is one of them. Imagine the natural light bouncing in from your window, off of your backsplash, and back onto your quartz countertop. A metallic tile is another creative way to amplify a theatrical look without an overwhelming glossy look. So if you want an eye-catching backsplash that is intriguing, this sort of thing might be just what you’re looking for!

4. Patterns on Patterns on Patterns

With the rise in neutral color schemes, especially in the kitchen, plain tile backsplashes are becoming obsolete. Homeowners are increasingly interested in creating a backsplash that is in juxtaposition to the otherwise blandness of the kitchen. We’re seeing some really great trends in 2019 that incorporate funky, bold patterns. Some really fun ideas to experiment with are mosaic, Moroccan, herringbone, and vertical tile work. Considering your backsplash is the main focal point of your kitchen, some of the most creative new trends also include artwork inside of the tile, or a large graphic print made of tile. There are many patterns for you to consider, so get wild!

5. Even More Intriguing Finishes

With these avant-garde backsplash ideas for 2019, you can get really creative with your tile. Think about an acid wash to help the finish appear antique. You can mimic some natural elements of nature to give your kitchen a more organic vibe.

6. Every Color of the Rainbow

Tiles now come in any color you can imagine, so it’s easy to really spark some interest in your kitchen by utilizing bold, iridescent, or ombre colored tile for optimal effects!

This is the perfect place to introduce a style that’s your own and make your kitchen really pop. A cool charcoal grey tile next to some copper finishes in a modern kitchen gives a feeling of luxury, while deep forest teal green mermaid shaped tiles paired with brass hardware can be that whimsical aesthetic that speaks to your bohemian-chic aesthetic. Any color you desire is appropriate these days, as long as it’s tastefully designed and well lit.

Keep in mind the way color affects our mood and overall demeanor. The use of color in design evokes powerful emotion. Here’s a quick rundown:


Blue is calming. It puts you into a peaceful state that is easy to be in for an extended period of time. It’s often used in study areas and bedrooms to make them comfortable. The calming influence helps people become more productive in their environments.


Red has the opposite effect. It stimulates a quick pulse and increases your breathing rate. It can inspire romance or violence. Wearing it can make people confrontational, or easy to excite. It pushes people to act. It’s warm and radiant to a point that your mind can’t ignore it. It’s true even in the darkest forms.


Yellow is the epitome of happiness. It helps people be more optimistic. It is joyful and also pushes people to act. In oppressive quantities, it can cause babies to cry and make people lose their cool faster.


Similar to blue, green is also calming. It’s a natural color that you see everywhere in nature. It refreshes the viewer. It’s difficult to get upset in such an environment.


You know purple is royal. Since before the industrial revolution, purple has been associated with royalty, because it was rare. Rare things are expensive and only kings could afford them. That meaning still sticks.


There’s an argument circulating around that black isn’t really a color. That argument is merely a distraction, whether or not it’s true, because black very much exists in fashion and in design. It evokes the feeling of authority and power. It’s thinning in clothing and never goes out of style. It screams cool to people too. Many technological gizmos come in black because it’s awe-inspiring. Use black to stimulate that feeling.


Just because black is the opposite of white, the meaning for white isn’t the direct opposite of black. It simply shows innocence and purity. It’s a happy color that makes you feel free.

These colors are helpful when designing anything from a home, to a wardrobe to a website. Use your colors wisely to evoke the emotions you intend.

Remember you don't have to go overboard right away if you’re hesitant. You can always start with a few funky colored tiles here or there, or add a border in a color you love just to test the waters.

7. Marble Slabs Instead of Individual Pieces

Large slabs of marble or granite are a new way to show off the kitchen. These big pieces can open up the room, creating the illusion of more space. There’s also a sophistication that accompanies a huge rock slab and the small fragments of tile may seem tedious after considering one piece of marble.

8. Alternative Materials

Handmade or organic tiles are becoming even more popular. We’ve seen backsplashes done in pennies, textured copper, and ceramic tiles with different art prints stamped into them. Again, this is when you can let your creativity go wild! Consider using tile that is handmade or has a significant meaning to you, this way your kitchen will feel authentically eclectic.

Natural stone tiles can give an organic feel that makes the space automatically feel nurturing and holistic.

So remember to make your backsplash really count by using a little pre-planning and creativity!

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