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7 Types of Range Hoods To Consider For Your Kitchen

7 Types of Range Hoods To Consider For Your Kitchen - Proline Range Hoods

Range hoods come in many different styles and types. Here we will talk about the different range hood types including what you will need to know about each range hood style. From wall mount vent hoods to island vent hoods, we've got you covered.

We'll also discuss what to look for in your kitchen vent hood. Depending on the layout of your kitchen, and your own kitchen requirements, here you can learn more about vent hoods in order to select the best exhaust hood for your space.

1. Wall Mount Range Hoods

One of the most popular types of range hood styles is the wall mount range hood. Wall mount range hoods are installed to the wall above your stove. In some cases, you may have to remove a section of cabinets above your stove to create the most effective capture area which is recommended to be 28"-36" above your cooktop.

These exhaust fans sometimes come with an optional chimney piece that helps with the ventilation while enhancing the look as well. In addition, wall mount hoods typically vent out through an exterior wall behind them that vents to the outside.

Wall mount range hoods do a fantastic job of adding a sleek aesthetic to your kitchen space. Designers and professionals have been calling exhaust hoods the centerpiece of the kitchen and these appliances easily become the trophy piece due to their strong presence above your cooking space.

Wall Mounted Range Hood with Pendant Lighting
Featuring the Proline Wall Mount Range Hood - PLFW 130

2. Under Cabinet Range Hoods

Under cabinet range hoods are great for that homeowner who may want a low profile design. A great thing about under cabinet hoods is that you don't have to remove any cabinets before installing the range hood. You will be installing it underneath your cabinet instead of on the wall.

However, if your cabinet is too close to your stovetop, you may want to raise your cabinets enough to give you the ideal capture area of 28" - 36" above your stove top.

In order to provide proper air ventilation, the duct work for your under cabinet range hood is either installed behind the hood out of an exterior wall or up through the cabinet above the range hood. This is great because it ends up saving you a little more wall space due to its compact size.

Bright Kitchen with Pendant Lighting and an Under Cabinet Range Hood
Featuring the Proline Under Cabinet Range Hood - PLJW 120

3. Island Range Hoods

Have a kitchen island with a stove installed in it? If this is how your kitchen is designed you may want to consider installing an island range hood. Island range hoods are mounted on the ceiling above your cooktop and vented to the outside of the house with ductwork usually going up through the ceiling and out through the roof with a roof cap or through an exterior wall.

Like a wall mount hood, this type of oven hood can give your kitchen some great appeal. From curved glass island range hoods to your classic stainless steel island range hoods, there are plenty of beautiful options to choose from for different kitchen themes.

ProV Island Range Hood
Featuring the Proline Island Range Hood - PROVI 48

4. Outdoor/BBQ Range Hoods

Even though most wall mount and island mount vent hoods may work for well covered outdoor applications, Proline Range Hoods has specifically designed top-of-the-line Outdoor/BBQ range hoods that will withstand all of the outside elements that outdoor kitchens require.

Yes, when you are grilling lots of heavy smoke and grease is released from your grill appliance which means there should be a stronger air capture and design elements which will resist high heat.

Keep in mind that when you are installing your hood that all outdoor hoods should be mounted higher than indoor hoods. Outdoor hoods should be mounted about 36"-40" above your cooktop or grill area to achieve optimal ventilation.

Wall Range Hood Over Stainless Steel Grill
Featuring the Proline Outdoor/BBQ Range Hood - PROV Chimney

5. Professional Vent Hoods

For those of you who don't like the idea of missed toxins and unwanted fumes in your kitchen, Professional Range Hoods are a great option. At Proline, we have designed a Professional Range Hood Series with each range hood reaching over 900+ CFM.

Wall Range Hood with Chimney Between Cabinets
Featuring the Proline Professional Range Hood - PLJW 130

6. Range Hood Inserts

Range hood inserts are great options for those who may prefer the look of a custom-built range hood cover as opposed to the look of a more visible appliance. The great thing about range hood inserts is that you can build a custom range hood cover to match your cabinet design.

Range hood inserts act as the actual ventilation tool for the range hood. The custom built hood, on the other hand, acts as the aesthetic piece. This allows you to have great ventilation power while maintaining a sleek design that perfectly fits your kitchen.

Custom Hood in White Kitchen
Featuring a Proline Insert Range Hood - Hurricane Insert

7. Custom Range Hoods

Looking for a powerful design punch? Go with a custom range hood design. Custom range hoods are great options for those who may want a stove hood with a more compelling look. Custom hoods can come in many different shapes and styles and may be customized to meet your own requirements.

The material options are endless. Choose from handcrafted and sculpted materials, classic rivets, and a unique selection of custom finishes.

Artisan Hood in Rustic Kitchen with Black Cabinets

My home has special cabinetry built above my range hood. What do you call that cabinet?

The special cabinetry is called a custom hood. Sometimes, custom hoods are shaped like range hoods, with tapered designs. But custom hoods that function as your kitchen cabinetry are also popular. The range hood insert slides in the bottom, below the cabinets.

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