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What is Boho Farmhouse Design?

What is Boho Farmhouse Design? - Proline Range Hoods

So, you’re on Pinterest looking for farmhouse design because you want to remodel a room in your house – or your entire house! Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, and then, you see it: it's definitely farmhouse design, but there’s a bright red rug too! Boho farmhouse design!

You keep scrolling and you see more of this trend: dreamcatchers, leafy tropical plants, succulents, bright oranges, reds, and yellows.

You’ve just stumbled upon the mix and match boho farmhouse style. Yup, it’s a thing, and it’s pretty beautiful. Someone out there realized bohemian design and farmhouse design are actually quite similar in more ways than one, hence why we now have bohemian farmhouse design. Pretty funky, right?

Chair with a blanket over it and two throw pillows

So, we’re going to point out some similarities and differences in both design concepts, and when we dive into the mixed design, you’ll be able to see how the two match and work well together really easily.

To begin, both designs are very reliant on white, light, and airy colors. Tans, creams, whites, light yellows and similar shades are all fundamental baselines for color tones in rooms.

Both are accented by greens in the form of plants and blues in the form of smaller decor, such as pillow covers or shades for windows. Unfinished wood, dark browns, interesting pots for plants, and pictures galore are shared by both styles. Finally, both designs thrive on open furniture, whether it’s open shelves or cabinetry.

One popular piece of farmhouse decor is apple picking ladders. For rustic boho decor, you’ll often see nested chairs, throw pillows, and blankets scattered on the floor. All in all, you should evoke a relaxed feel with either design.

Boho style involves a vast variety of colors, including bright reds, oranges, yellows, purples and pinks. It’s funky designed chairs from the 60s and 70s, dream catchers on the wall, extravagantly decorated tapestries, and of course, lots of bright blankets.

Woman lying in a hammock in a living room

In contrast, modern farmhouse design uses a mixture of shaker style cabinets, unfinished furniture of all kinds, and signs and other decor that literally resemble living on a farm. This can be something as simple as a sign that says ‘farmhouse laundry room” to milk jugs for organization or decorative purposes.

Boho Farmhouse Decor - Hanging Light Fixture Over Wooden Kitchen Island
White Brick Fireplace with Decorations

Think you have the hang of it now? Let’s run through some of our favorite boho farmhouse combinations, from living rooms to bedrooms and kitchens.

Boho Farmhouse Bedroom

Bring in the Tropics

One of the easiest and simple ways to combine the two styles is to bring in tropical plants. This can vary from this large leafed plant to palms, or giant cacti! As long as it can be grown in tropical weather, it’s a good fit for you.

Here’s another look at what this could be like in your home!

Tall Palm Plant next to open shelves with pictures

Unfinished Business

These unfinished wooden beams paired with a fading Morrocan style rug make for a perfect combination in this wide open space. The chandelier in the stairwell seems to signify a specific time period of splendor and wonderful engineering.

Mirror, Mirror, on the….Floor?

One perk of combining modern farmhouse and boho design together is that it’s pretty seamless, since so many of their common themes and trends overlap. Here, a mirror rests on the wall next to a plant with a woven pot and a vase holding grains.

Oh, and the rug? Vintage.

Color Me Impressed

Adding color to a bland palette is sure to emote some feeling and liveliness in the room. This family room has a brighter piano, complemented by various colors of frames for the pictures on the wall. Sometimes all you need is a couple of colors here and there!

Add Patterns and Plants

Patterns are very indicative of bohemian farmhouse decor – and adding just the right plants and colors can give you the feeling of farmhouse decor, too.

Farmhouse Bathtub surrounded by plants

Bundles of Wheat

Check out this boho farmhouse sitting room! It sounds crazy, but one standout characteristic of farmhouse style is a bundle of wheat. This one is quite large, but it creates a different kind of atmosphere - and it fits right in with bohemian design!

Bright Farmhouse Sitting Room

Bring in Air Support!

A strong representation in both design trends, air plants are a huge plus and an easy addition to make to your boho farmhouse style room. While they work better in a bedroom (or a college apartment common area), these are not hard to implement anywhere. Rotate through a couple different ropes and other hanging methods to keep the design fresh and new!

Brown Couch with Colorful Throw Pillows

Make The Room Move

Hopefully you don’t live in earthquake country, but, every once in a while, shift your design and decor! Keep it ever-changing so it doesn’t get stale or old. So many items in this living room above are able to be changed around. Same with this bedroom below!

Light Pink Bedspread with Orange Throw Pillows

Entryway of Dreams

This is honestly all the inspiration you need for a boho farmhouse entryway. Like, seriously, this entryway has it all! A cowboy hat, flip flops, a cow skull, air plant, cactus plant, and snake plant….and we didn’t even mention everything! It’s a wonder for sure.

Morroccan Rugs and Circle Mirrors

Sometimes, you just gotta call it like it is. It’s a look, and it works even better since a round coffee table is the centerpiece. Round table not enough for you? Check out the chairs and the pillows. Oh, and there’s a giant tree in the corner. We have a look for every kind of person.

Palettes, Patterns, and Pictures

They kind of have the whole boho farmhouse bedroom down pat. Since most of the room thrives on bright orange tones, it’s subdued by a funky rug and simple photos on the wall.

Shelves, Hats and Rugs, Oh My!

Talk about a one-punch. Open shelving, hats, and simple colors from farmhouse design and a morrocan rug, a copper side table and decorative pillow covers from bohemian style. And, an air plant from both!

There ya go, a little bit of a mixed-up blog, but hopefully we didn’t blend your brain too much! Boho farmhouse design is quite simple to bring into your own home, especially if you already have pieces of it alive and well.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we have a section on our bohemian design board on Pinterest dedicated to boho farmhouse decor. And, while you’re at it, check out our farmhouse design board and bohemian design board while you’re at it. You’ll be fluent in both of them in no time!

Take a look at those boards and you’ll be on your way to your own boho farmhouse home.

Happy decorating!

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