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Proline's $10,000 Grand Prize Photo Contest Winner Announced

Proline's $10,000 Grand Prize Photo Contest Winner Announced - Proline Range Hoods

Our first big photo contest was a fantastic success! We had hundreds of amazing photos submitted. It was so hard each month to select the winning images. It was a lot of work selecting only one photo from the dozens and dozens that could have won the grand prize!

We've been looking forward to this moment since day 1, over a year ago!

And the $10,000 grand prize winner is...

$10,000 Grand Prize Photo Contest Winner - Proline Photo Contest

Lynda C. – Model: PLJW 104.48

We are proud to present our $10,000 grand prize to Lynda C. This photograph is from her kitchen in Arizona. Congratulations, Lynda! The preparation of your hood and the space around it as well as the lighting and clarity of your picture are all brilliant! The composition is great, and it is a simple and really crisp angle that shows how good that hood can look in a kitchen.

Lynda submitted 15 amazing photos over three different months. This photo won first place back in January of this year. This breathtaking shot features our 48" PLJW 104.

This concludes our photo contest. Thank you all so much for participating!

We want to give a huge thank you to everyone who participated! You all made it so hard for us to choose winners every single month, and we were impressed by the quality of your photos. You made this contest a blast!

If you would like to revisit our winners, click here. Or, check out our honorable mentions on this page.

If you enjoyed the contest, check out more articles on our blog!

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