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4 Ways to Style Beach House Kitchen Cabinets

4 Ways to Style Beach House Kitchen Cabinets - Proline Range Hoods

Styling your beach house cabinets to fit the mood or aesthetic of your kitchen and home may seem daunting. Choosing between styles, colors, handle types, and trims can make the decision difficult.

How will this color look in my kitchen compared to a different color? Does the handle really matter all that much? What about trim? If I choose this design over a different design, will it match the rest of my house?

There are a lot of questions you might have. We’ll break down four of the more popular kitchen cabinet designs to help you make a decision!

Handleless Cabinets

Handleless Beach House Kitchen Cabinets

Starting off our blog is a beautiful kitchen displaying light brown and tan wood underneath a gorgeous granite countertop.

We have a pretty basic design for cabinets: there are no handles, and a simple trim. However, when looking closer at the trim, you can see there is quite a bit of detail! The trimming juts out from the rest of the drawers and doors. Beautiful, don’t you think?

On these cabinets, there are no handles or knobs, meaning there are likely handholds somewhere hidden behind the trim. This is probably why the trim juts out as far as it does, so handholds can be easily reached.

The island is a beautiful statement piece in this kitchen. It features cabinetry on all sides, which allows for more storage without sacrificing any extra space. Pair this island with a beautiful island range hood and you’ve got a complete kitchen.

Range hood over island

White Cabinetry

Stainless steel island hood in white kitchen

In this gorgeous kitchen out of New England, we’ve got some beautiful colors on display. Everything about this kitchen works incredibly well!

The stainless steel appliances are complimented very nicely by the countertops, both dark and light granite. Even the backsplash behind the cabinets and beside the windows adds some color and styling to this kitchen. Brown wooden floors and white cabinetry finish out this stunning build!

So, let’s talk about white cabinets. These cabinets are quite extraordinary. They work very well in this three-toned kitchen, and they perfectly match the regional preferences of the East Coast, especially New England. A simple trim outlining the shape of the cabinet or drawer is the craftsmanship at play here. However, where it gets interesting is the knobs and handles on the drawers and cabinets.

Firstly, they’re stainless steel, so they all match the rest of the stainless steel in the kitchen, including the range hood, stove, and ovens. Secondly, they’re practical for these types of drawers, since there are no undercuts or overcuts that would yield hand-holds for opening.

What’s interesting is that there are two kinds of handles on the cabinets: knobs, and handles.

Typically, knobs are only used for swinging doors on cabinets and handles are used for sliding drawers. However, knobs can be used for both swinging doors and sliding drawers. Here, there’s a mix of the two!

There’s also some cabinets with a glass or plastic front: two double doors on the right side of the top photo, and one door on the left side of the window panes. This is typical in colonial New England style homes.

Do you like this range hood? It’s our professional ProS island hood. Take a look here.

White shaker cabinets in white kitchen
Large kitchen with shaker cabinets and stainless steel appliances

Multi-Toned Cabinets

Island hood over blue island cabinetry and marble countertops

We’ve got a couple different styles and colors at play here and it turned out to be quite the spectacle! Check out the blue cabinets under the island that are useful for storing items that may not be used all the time. They’ve got black handles for ease of use!

Carrying this over to the wall, there are large handles on the right side of these photos that open larger pantries. The same design is kept, with trimming around the edges of these large doors.

However, like the rest of the kitchen, these are white! Since they take up a large portion of the wall and kitchen itself, light is much more radiant in this kitchen as it bounces well off the white cabinets and walls.

Finally, we can see the cabinetry under the sink and on the wall by the windows. Here, the colors of the large doors are kept, but the size of the handles mimic the cabinetry under the island. It’s small details like these that bring the whole kitchen together!

All of these cabinets are pretty spot on with shaker style cabinetry, which is dominant in Scandanavian and farmhouse style kitchens. With simple trim, black handles, and soft colors, this kitchen shines through!

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Island hood in medium sized kitchen
Island hood with LED lights on and blue cabinetry

Farmhouse Style Cabinetry

Farmhouse range hood insert with wood cabinetry

We’ve got some beauty brewing in this farmhouse kitchen! From the colors used to the backsplash behind the stove, the textures on the range hood and the beauty of the cabinetry, there’s so much to love right here. The chevron tiling on the backsplash is particularly beautiful, so we’ll start here with our kitchen breakdown.

Farmhouse Hood Insert

The tiling leads right into the centerpiece of the kitchen, which is the gorgeous range hood cover and stove. This kitchen features our powerful Hurricane insert. A tall chimney is covered up by a gorgeous white covering with rough, unfinished wood covering the base of the chimney and range hood insert. Below it sits the stainless steel stove on top of a dark countertop.

Fresh Daily Custom Hood

That countertop shares colors with the kitchen island to bring the kitchen together.. Looking at the picture below, there’s some gorgeous cabinetry on the right side of the sink.

Fresh Daily Custom Hood with Hanging Lights

The most striking is the bamboo-like upper cabinets. Two knobs control these folding doors, and create quite the scene in the kitchen. Tan works well in this style of kitchen. It contrasts nicely with the wooden beams on the ceiling. The lower cabinetry is solid wood, with handles for all the drawers and knobs for the doors.

There you have it: four different ways to style kitchen cabinets. You can go so many different ways with the style but we hope our ideas gave you some inspiration.

If this article helped you at all and you want more, check out some of our other posts! We’ve got plenty of design related posts, mostly related to the kitchen. You might like this one on three toned rooms and kitchens.

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Follow your favorite boards, like farmhouse design, beach house design, or mountain homes. We’ll see you on the next one!

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