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6 Best Range Hoods for Beach Houses

6 Best Range Hoods for Beach Houses - Proline Range Hoods

Summer vacation is certainly my favorite time of year and it’s even better on a beach!

What’s not to enjoy about long days full of fun in the sun, splashing in the ocean, surfing, building sandcastles, and running after seagulls. Then, there is nothing better than coming home and having a lovely dinner on the barbecue with friends or family.

We want to make your vacation all the more enjoyable by helping you upgrade your beach house kitchen. Here are six of the best range hoods for beach houses.

Hurricane Range Hood

Getting into the beachy spirit is easy with a range hood insert. The Hurricane insert offered from Proline is versatile and great for any kitchen!

It comes in many different sizes and depths, so you’ll be able to find a Hurricane insert that works well for your kitchen. Plus, since an insert needs a range hood cover, you can design your kitchen to fit your needs!

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Farmhouse range hood with blue backsplash
Farmhouse hood in white kitchen - best range hoods for beach houses

Here’s a Hurricane insert inside the house, and it works perfectly. A smaller depth allows it to sit closer to the wall and cabinets, for a sleek look. Despite its small size, this insert packs a punch at 600 CFM!

The white panels on the ceiling match the color tone and theme of the rest of the kitchen. The dark wooden plank at the bottom of the design brings forth darker tones and shadows. They compliment the kitchen floor and the beautiful teal backsplash!

Marble Custom Hood

A more luxurious take on the Hurricane range hood insert, this design allows for the hood to sit prominently in the center of the kitchen.

This insert covers two ranges to evacuate heavy smoke and grease with ease. It’ll also keep your kitchen cooler so you can cook comfortably.

White Kitchen with Hardwood floors and marble custom hood

PLJW 129

PLJW 129 wall range hood with kitchen island

The PLJW 129 wall range hood completes this white kitchen with modern stainless steel appliances beautifully. The blue cushions and curtain are a nice highlight in this predominantly white kitchen.

Our PLJW 129 is a powerful hood available at 900 CFM or 1200 CFM depending on the size. The blower has four speeds so you can adjust it based on your cooking style. This hood also features efficient stainless steel baffle filters to capture heavy grease.

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If you love this hood, you might like a couple upgraded versions of the 129. Check out the 129E and 129J.

Wall hood with white cabinets


ProSW with open shelving and white tile backsplash

The ProS wall range hood is one of our best, available as an island or wall hood. With the ProS hoods, you’ll have all the power you need. They feature 900 CFM in the 30” model and all models 36” to 60” packed with 1800 CFM thanks to powerful dual blowers.

You’ll get a sleek stainless steel design along with an easy-to-use glass touch panel that helps control the four fan speeds. It also features stainless steel baffle filters. They are the most efficient filters out there, and they’re dishwasher safe. Pop those in the dishwasher and let it run while you’re at the beach all day!

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ProSW wall range hood

Design wise, this small kitchen features beautiful bricklaying with floating open shelves. A small amount of counter space allows food preparation, or easy access to fill plates. Beautiful white cabinetry tops off this splendid kitchen!


BBQ Pro hood over grill

If you’ve got a grill in need of a range hood, the 42” BBQ Pro will instantly become your best friend. It comes in one size at 42 inches, and is perfect for most grills. It has a large surface area, so it can cover a lot of space, and the 2000 CFM blower captures smoke from the smokiest of pellet smokers.

It’s made specifically to be over an outdoor grill, thanks to its 304 stainless steel finish. With a large capture area, the sleek stainless steel finish, and high-powered blowers, you’re in good hands.

Wall hood with multi-color backsplash over grill

In the kitchen above, the BBQ Pro is an impressive statement piece over the grill. The stainless steel design fits very nicely here, complimenting the stove hood. Gorgeous granite countertops bring contrast in with the small tiles on the backsplash. They add some new textures and colors that help the kitchen pop.

Weathered wood below the stove finishes off this impressive build, with a window to let the ocean breeze in.

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Wall hood with no chimney over grill
Wall hood over grill with wood backsplash

This setup is one of our favorites. With so many textures going on, the range hood and grill provide a strong contrast.

The tile flooring is quite beautiful, and the colors match nicely with the stone layers making up the base of the counterspace.

The textured cabinet doors and a wonderful unfinished wooden backsplash are a great finishing touch to this space.

PLJW 185

Under cabinet range hood over stove

If all you need is a small under cabinet range hood, then the PLJW 185 range hood is perfect for you! We love the spices racked up on the stove in this photo. Such a cute setup!

It comes in two sizes from 30 inches and 36 inches, and is outfitted with a four-speed, 600 CFM dual blower on each model. This low-profile hood doesn’t take up much space, at just five inches tall. Check out our 185 at the button below.

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PLJW 185 in white kitchen
PLJW 185 in white kitchen with brick backsplash

Here’s another example of the 185 in a customer kitchen. With a low profile, it is perfect to place over a small range. You can still fit larger cabinets overhead, too. You won’t be sacrificing any storage space thanks to this compact under cabinet hood!

PLJW 130

PLJW 130

Our PLJW 130 comes in four different sizes ranging from 30” to 48”. This powerful hood features a 900 CFM single blower or 1200 CFM dual blower depending on the size. The blower speed is easily adjustable, thanks to the sleek black LCD touch panel in the front of the hood. With four different speeds, you can cook a wide variety of foods and keep your kitchen air clean.

This range hood with a sleek stainless steel chimney commands attention in your kitchen. It’ll make your beach house stand out from the rest in your neighborhood. Purchase yours below.

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PLJW 130 with long chimney

Whatever range hood you decide to go with in your beach house, you’ll be getting a solid product from Proline. We’re always happy to help you choose the best range hood for your home on the beach! Just reach out to us at (877) 901-5530.

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Thanks for reading, and surf’s up!

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