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Proline's Innovative Approach to Outdoor Ventilation!

Proline's Innovative Approach to Outdoor Ventilation! - Proline Range Hoods

The Birth of Comfort in Outdoor Kitchens

Let's face it, grilling is awesome. That sizzling sound, the mouthwatering smells... pure backyard bliss. But there's one thing that can put a damper on a good cookout: smoke. Especially when you're stuck inhaling it all night. For years, outdoor cooking enthusiasts had to endure the discomforts of smoke, heat, and lingering odors, accepting them as unavoidable nuisances.

That is, until more than 14 years ago, when Proline Range Hoods forever changed the outdoor cooking landscape with a groundbreaking invention. Recognizing the need for specialized ventilation in outdoor kitchens, they developed the first outdoor range hood – a revolutionary concept at the time.

This wasn't just about moving indoor technology outdoors; it was about creating a solution that could withstand the rigors of outdoor cooking, weather, and enhance the overall experience. The essence of this innovation lies in its ability to cater specifically to outdoor environments, where factors like wind, space, and the intensity of cooking activities pose unique challenges.

Find out more by watching the video below or reading further.

Why an Outdoor Range Hood is a Game-Changer

Sure, an outdoor range hood gets rid of smoke, and that's a big plus. But it does more than that. Here are some reasons why a vent hood is a true game-changer in your backyard kitchen:

Keeps Your Patio Enjoyable

Thick smoke can sting your eyes and make it hard to breathe. A quality outdoor vent hood whisks that smoke away, keeping your outdoor space comfortable for everyone.

Protects Your Belongings

Proline does outdoor range hoods in outdoor kitchens - Proline Range Hoods -

Grease and smoke can cling to furniture and decor, leaving a sticky mess. A good range hood helps keep your kitchen investment looking fresh.

Reduces Odors

Let's be honest, grilled food smells amazing while it's cooking. But those same odors can linger for hours, even days. A good hood helps those delicious aromas dissipate quickly.

an out door kitchen with a proline range hood and stainless steel appliances and stone and tile - Proline Range Hoods -

The Art and Science of Testing: Ensuring Peak Performance

At the heart of Proline's success is an uncompromising approach to testing and development. The video walkthrough in their warehouse is more than a behind-the-scenes look; it's a testament to their dedication to quality.

By simulating extreme cooking conditions — think 700° grills and smoke billowing — Proline doesn't just test their range hoods; they push them to their limits.

This rigorous testing ensures that when you turn on a Proline outdoor range hood, it performs at its peak, even on the highest setting, proving that their technology is not just about aesthetics but about real-world functionality.

High Heat, Don't Care

"We crank up the heat under competitor's hoods to a scorching 700°F," explains Mark from Proline. "That's hotter than most home grills will ever get, but it helps us identify any weaknesses in design or materials."

smoke coming off the Brazilian Barbecue - Proline Range Hoods -

The Smoke Show

"We want to see how well a hood handles a real smoke overload," Mark continues. "So, we fire up a grill and get those burgers smoking to create a thick cloud.

A good range hood should capture almost all of that smoke and vent it away."

Mounting Matters

Placement is key! Proline tests range hoods mounted at different distances from the grill to see how it affects their smoke capture ability. "You might be surprised to learn that closer isn't always better!" Mark warns.

A Comparative Insight: What Sets Proline Apart

In the competitive landscape of outdoor range hoods, what truly sets Proline apart is its attention to detail and the user experience.

While other models might struggle with smoke bypass or inadequate coverage, Proline's designs are a study in precision and efficiency. Their outdoor range hoods are crafted with no flat (parallel to the ground) surfaces, a strategic decision aimed at maximizing smoke capture.

This is complemented by their depth and width, ensuring that no matter the size of your grill, so long as customers buy the right size hood, coverage is never compromised.

But perhaps what's most telling of Proline's superiority is their willingness to compare their products directly with competitors' under identical conditions.

This level of transparency not only underscores their confidence in their range hoods but also equips customers with the information they need to make informed decisions.

a Proline vent hood over a grill next to a Green Egg - Proline Range Hoods -

Proline's Game-Changing Outdoor Range Hood Design

That's where Proline's innovative, industry-leading design comes into play. Their outdoor range hoods feature a recessed capture area and a depth of 36 inches, allowing you to mount them higher for optimal clearance while still ensuring proper smoke and heat evacuation.

"Let me demonstrate with one of our classic Proline outdoor hood models," Mark says as he fires up the grill again, this time with the Proline hood in place.

"Look at that! Despite the initial burst of smoke when opening the grill lid, our deep, strategically designed capture area ensures that 99% of the smoke is effectively evacuated."

This level of performance is why Proline should be your choice for an outdoor range hood.

They're not just slapping together some boxy contraption and calling it a day. Proline has meticulously engineered its products from the ground up to elevate your entire alfresco cooking and dining experience.

Grill station with a Proline vent hood for the ventilation - Proline Range Hoods -

Choosing the Right Outdoor Range Hood: Key Things to Consider

Now that you've seen the kind of punishment a Proline range hood can take, let's talk about how to choose the right one for your needs. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

Capture Area

This is the space under the hood where smoke and grease are drawn in. The bigger the capture area, the better the hood will be at pulling everything away from your cooking surface. Make sure your hood is at least 6-12 inches wider than your cooking surface.

Depth is Your Friend

Shallow hoods just don't cut it outdoors. A deeper hood creates a larger capture zone and allows for more effective smoke and grease removal. Make sure your hood at least covers your cooking surface from front to back.

Mounting Height

There's a sweet spot for mounting height. Too low, and you lose headroom. Too high, and the hood won't be as effective. Look for a range hood that allows for adjustable mounting heights. For outdoor hoods, mount them so the bottom of the hood is between 36 and 42 inches from the cooking surface of your grill or BBQ.

Proline Range Hoods: The Difference is Clear

When it comes to outdoor range hoods, Proline has been at the forefront of innovation for over a decade. They design and build their hoods with performance and usability in mind.

Deep Capture Area

Proline outdoor hoods are designed with a generous capture area to ensure maximum smoke and grease removal.

Multiple Mounting Options

Proline hoods offer adjustable mounting heights for optimal performance in any outdoor kitchen setup.

No Smoke Build Up

Their innovative design eliminates flat surfaces where grease and smoke can build up. This smooths airflow and keeps your hood looking sharp.

awesome outdoor kitchen with a vent hood and lights and counter and sink and appliances - Proline Range Hoods -

Powerful Commercial-Grade Motors

Proline hoods come equipped with high-performance motors (up to 2000 CFM) that can handle even the most smoke-intensive grilling sessions.

Durable Construction

They use high-quality materials that can withstand the harshest outdoor elements, ensuring your range hood delivers lasting performance for years to come.

Designing for Excellence: The Proline Philosophy

The philosophy underpinning Proline's entire way of doing everything is simple: enhance the cooking experience through innovation and thoughtful design.

This is evident in features like the recessed capture area and the strategic depth of their hoods, which are designed to ensure efficient smoke capture without compromising on space or aesthetics.

The result is a cooking experience that is as pleasant as it is efficient, allowing you to enjoy the flavors of your food without the discomfort of smoke and heat.

Moreover, Proline's commitment to this philosophy extends beyond their product line. Their approach to customer education, through detailed demonstrations and explanations of their technology, speaks volumes about their dedication to not just selling a product but enhancing a lifestyle.

Proline does outdoor range hoods in outdoor kitchens - Proline Range Hoods -

The Verdict: Why Proline Should Be Your Choice

Choosing an outdoor range hood is about more than just venting smoke; it's about investing in your comfort and the quality of your outdoor cooking experience.

Proline Range Hoods, with their innovative designs, rigorous testing, and commitment to customer satisfaction, stand out as the premier choice for those seeking to elevate their outdoor kitchens.

Whether it's their pioneering outdoor range hood or their latest model designed to capture nearly 100% of smoke, Proline proves time and again that they're not just leading the market — they're redefining it.

As we look to the future of outdoor cooking, it's clear that Proline Range Hoods will continue to be at the forefront, driving innovation and setting new standards for comfort and efficiency.

So, when it comes to choosing a range hood for your outdoor kitchen, the question isn't just about which brand to choose; it's about what kind of outdoor cooking experience you want to create. With Proline, the choice is clear: unparalleled performance, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.

Breathe Easy and Grill Like a Pro: The Final Word on Outdoor Range Hoods

An outdoor range hood isn't just an accessory; it's an investment in your outdoor living space.

So, ditch the smoke and embrace the fresh air. With a Proline range hood in your backyard, you can grill with confidence, knowing your outdoor kitchen is an oasis of deliciousness, not a smoke-filled battleground.

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