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Proline Customer Kitchens | Wall Mount Vent Hoods

Proline Customer Kitchens | Wall Mount Vent Hoods - Proline Range Hoods

Here’s a selection of beautiful kitchens sent in by our customers at Proline Range Hoods. Like what you see? Visit our website and find an impressive selection of affordable, top quality, wall mount vent hoods.

You can also have your kitchen and range hood photos featured on our blog and have a chance to win prizes in our photo contest! Click here for the contest rules and tips and ideas for photos. Please submit your favorite range hood photos to us!

1) Proline PLFW 755 42" Wall Mount Range Hood

Proline PLFW 755

The fun light blue tile backsplash complements this PLFW Wall Mounted Range Hood. It fits in seamlessly with this subtle yet effective kitchen design.

2) Proline PLFW 520 42" Wall Mount Range Hood

Proline PLFW 520 42" Wall Mounted Hood

The lighting in this open kitchen makes every appliance and all the countertops bright and beautiful. With this strong lighting, the island range hood stands out as a prominent centerpiece.

3) Proline PLFW 129J 36" Wall Mount Range Hood

Proline PLFW 129

This customer embraced a simpler approach to their kitchen design. The stainless steel backsplash combined with the stainless steel range hood offers some shine to highlight the hood in this kitchen.

4) Proline PLFW 755 42" Wall Mount Range Hood

Proline PLFW 755

In this kitchen, the range hood draws attention to the creative stone backsplash with its powerful LED lights. This stainless steel 42” hood conveniently covers two ranges allowing for maximum efficiency.

The hoods featured in this article are wall mount range hoods, but, for your information, a 40" vent hood insert would fit great inside your 42" custom hood.

5) Proline PLJW 129 36" Wall Mount Range Hood

Wall Mounted Range Hood PLJW 129

The PLFW 129 36” wall mounted hood provides a nice accent to this beautiful white kitchen. The stainless steel range and range hood make a statement; not to mention, the brick backsplash brings out the hood, leaving guests impressed.

6) Proline PLJW 130 30" Wall Mount Range Hood

Wall Mount Vent Hood PLJW 130

The long duct of this stainless steel hood matches in shape with the black cabinets to blend nicely into this kitchen design.

Thanks for visiting our Proline Kitchen Blog. If you are looking for images of a specific range hood model, would like a recent copy of our catalog, or have any other questions, email us at

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