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Proline Customer Kitchens | Island Vent Hoods

Proline Customer Kitchens | Island Vent Hoods - Proline Range Hoods

Here are a few beautiful kitchen islands from some of our customers at Proline Range Hoods.

You can also have your kitchen and range hood photos featured on our website and have a chance to win prizes in our Photo Contest! Click here for the contest rules and tips and ideas for photos. Please submit your range hood photos!

1) Proline PLFI 755 Island Range Hood

This stainless steel range hood complements the other stainless steel appliances in this vibrant kitchen. It offers a strong contrast to the red walls and dark cabinetry that helps make this hood stand out.

This stainless steel vent hood stands out as the centerpiece of this kitchen. Coupled with the shine of the granite countertops, the range hood further complements the rustic brown finish on the cabinetry.

2) Proline PLFI 520 Island Range Hood

This stainless steel PLFI 520 hood blends in seamlessly with the black and stainless steel color scheme. It creates a sleek and modern look making the kitchen more inviting.

This silver hood complements the white countertops and off-white ceiling to make this kitchen look inviting and complete.

3) Proline ProSI Island Range Hood

June Photo Contest Winner - Proline ProSI Island Range Hood Customer Kitchen

The installation of this ProSI range hood is very professionally done. The red accents on the ceiling, bench, teapot, and burner dials add some punch to this creative kitchen. It is easily one of the most creative and well executed installs we have seen in our more than 15 years producing range hoods.

This powerful 54” ProV island hood certainly makes a strong statement. The lighting in this elegant kitchen further emphasizes the stainless steel appliances, adding a sleek shine to the beautiful vent hood.

4) PLJI 103 Island Range Hood

PLJI 103 Island Range Hood
PLJI 103 Island Vent Hood - Customer Kitchen

This stainless steel range hood is a true statement piece in this wood kitchen. It is sure to grab the attention of all visitors in this customer’s beautiful home.

5) Proline ProVI Island Range Hood

This ProVI island hood is yet another statement piece. This large hood is right at home in a larger kitchen and will no doubt impress all of your guests.

What better way to complement a silver and gray kitchen theme with a stainless steel appliance of the same color? The range hood in this monochromatic kitchen blends seamlessly with the other appliances and furniture, leaving the kitchen looking professional.

6) Proline PLFI 750 Island Range Hood

PLFI 750
Proline Range Hoods PLFI 750 Island Vent Hood

This PLFI 750 stainless steel range hood works well with the stainless steel refrigerator to make this kitchen shine. The low profile cabinet design and earth-colored granite countertops really highlight the range hood in this kitchen.

PLFI 750 in Wooden Kitchen
Proline Range Hoods PLFI 750 52" Island Vent Hood

This old-fashioned kitchen is seemingly overwhelmed by the wood upholstery. Yet the stainless steel PLFI 750 island range hood provides a powerful contrast to the wood style

Like what you saw? Visit our website and find an impressive selection of affordable, professional, top quality island vent hoods from Proline Range Hoods to choose for your own kitchen island.

Thanks for visiting Proline’s blog. If you are looking for images of a specific range hood model, or have any other questions, email us at or call us at 877.901.5530 and speak to live representative.

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