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7 Stunning Outdoor Kitchens - Supreme Summer Grilling Goals

7 Stunning Outdoor Kitchens - Supreme Summer Grilling Goals - Proline Range Hoods

Outdoor kitchens are a thing of beauty and we’re here to show you some of the very best. These outdoor kitchens will feature summer’s best cooking appliance: the barbecue. Any type of barbecue is fair game: charcoal grills, gas grills, smokers, pellet grills, wood-fired grills, and the like.

The Sunroom Of All Sunrooms

Range hood over grill in sunroom - summer grilling goals

An east coast trend, sunrooms are useful for many reasons. Not only are they the gateways to the outdoors or your backyard, but they’re enclosed on your deck, porch, or patio.

No pesky New England mosquitos or afternoon thunderstorms will disturb your party from carrying on!

This particular grill is massive, perfect for a crowd! And, as accustomed, has a large range hood sitting over the top of the grill to catch grease, smoke, and cooking exhaust.

The Simple Californian

Quite a stark contrast between our two first kitchens, huh? In warm, sunny, arid climates like California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, windows and roofs aren’t needed. In fact, you can get by with just the basics.

Keep it simple with an outdoor grill on one end, storage underneath, and a cold beer fridge on the end. All of your prep work can be down outside on the expansive counter space, and you’ll never need to worry about bugs.

Wood and Tiles Make A Beautiful Outdoor Space

Outdoor vent hood with wood outdoor cover

Outdoor kitchens thrive on beautiful design styles. This design is simple but elegant! White tiles make up the patio while beautiful wood stacks up the island and lines the roof. A large ceiling fan and puck lights ensure you’ll be cool while grilling late into hot and humid summer nights.

This L-shaped design allows for lots of counter space, and there’s plenty of storage space to go around. The mini beer fridge is a great touch!

Open for Business

How’s this for a beautiful bar-style outdoor kitchen!? Peering in through the windows we can see quite the setup. There’s lots of counter space for preparing meals and the perfect little outdoor bar for preparing drinks to go. Of course, with the three bar stools, people are welcome to stay. But during a busy afternoon cookout, it’s the perfect come and go station!

Barbecue and Pizza….Barbecue Pizza?

Enclosed kitchen with pizza oven, vent hood, grill, and side burner

Barbecue and pizza? How about barbecue pizza? This sunroom captures the best foods all in one place. A large counter top leads right into a medium-sized grill with a big range hood sitting over top, and just to the right of that is a pizza oven.there’s plenty of cabinets for storage and warming trays. We also spy the top of a refrigerator off to the left!

And we haven’t even mentioned the design style. This two-toned (maybe even three-toned) kitchen is outfitted with wooden floors, walls, and ceilings, and an intricate brick wall and island. Black countertops add contrast and add to the two-tone kitchen. What’s the third tone? Well, with the abundance of stainless steel, we feel this could easily count as a three-toned kitchen!

Three Fans, Two Hoods, One Grillmaster

Double range hood and grill outdoor patio setup

3….2….1….go! This setup is like no other. Three fans, two hoods, and one fantastic grillmaster is all this outdoor kitchen needs! Two range hoods sit over two different grills. A small personal fan sits from the ceiling pointed towards the grill to keep the grill master cool.

Don’t look past the design style too fast! From this position, it looks like we’re seated at one of the kitchen's low back bar stools. We’ve got eyes on the beautiful L-shaped kitchen design featuring a short brick backsplash. Everything about this kitchen is wonderful!

The Elegant Outdoor Kitchen

Are you graced by elegance and beauty? Look no further than this gorgeous three-toned outdoor kitchen. Featuring black, tan, and off-white elements this stunning look is captivating everywhere you look. A modern kitchen table with oodles of chairs sits to the right. Directly in front is where all the magic in the kitchen happens.

Just below the grill on the right hand side is your drinks, with easy mixing down on the large counter space. There’s also a few bar stools for the overflow traffic you’ll surely be getting at this gorgeous kitchen!

Hopefully you enjoyed these fantastic outdoor kitchens and got some inspiration of your own. Whether you’re looking to build your own outdoor kitchen, or adding some new features, or just taking in the beauty of outdoor kitchen design, we hope you enjoyed these photos.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, head on over to our Pinterest page. We update our Pinterest daily with fresh pins so there's always new ideas and new content floating around our metaverse. Give us a follow to receive updates on the regular!

We hope to see you back here soon!

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