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5 Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

5 Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Ideas - Proline Range Hoods

Are you in the market for an outdoor barbecue but unsure where to start? Are you having trouble deciding on a design trend? What types of furniture, electronics, appliances, and materials do you want to use in your outdoor build?

We’ll show you five stunning outdoor kitchens to help you find inspiration for your outdoor space.

One Stop Dream Kitchen

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Ideas - Beautiful Patio with Range Hood

We can’t even begin to express how gorgeous this outdoor setup goes, from kitchen to recliners and the pool itself. It seriously brings together a gorgeous combination of comfort, functionality, and beauty all in one!

From top to bottom, the landscaping to the woodworking and exterior design stun the naked eye. A large outdoor space, complete with beautiful tiling surrounding a big pool, four lawn recliners, two fires at the corner, and sliding glass doors is just the beginning.

Take a dive in the pool or a dip in the hot tub before relaxing on your patio. Eat a barbecue lunch by the pool or at the table located just off to the side.

Did you notice the outdoor range hood in the back, too? What a beautiful addition!

Poolside patio in the daytime
Backyard pool and range hood

A Taste of the Outdoors, Indoors

Range Hood over Grill

Talk about a beautiful kitchen! The design here is impeccable. From gorgeous granite countertops to beautiful stone tiling, there are no flaws in this kitchen!

New furniture helps to bring out the wonders of this kitchen. The tight-woven wicker chairs give this a natural feeling. Wooden coffee tables and side tables finish off the look, matching the same style of wood in the cabinetry.

Imagine sitting here with the beautiful palm trees swaying in the background!

Range hood with granite backsplash

It’s important to have high quality, durable stainless steel appliances in outdoor kitchens. But this is more of a sunroom than a true outdoor setup.

In warm, tropical places like Florida where it rains with more frequency than California, this isn’t a bad option! You can find the professional range hood in this kitchen right here.

Outdoor Barbecue Hood

BBQ Hood over stainless steel grill

This sprawling kitchen takes up an impressive amount of space. It’s spread out nicely for a crowd.

The barbecue is situated nicely against the wall. It’s made up of a mixture of stainless steel, granite, and brick.

A cement floor ensures that if sparks fly, no danger will come to your house. The stainless steel backsplash makes cleaning easy. Above that, wooden walls surround the range hood and continue onto the wall by the mounted television.

A large table and chairs sits right in front of the entertainment center, so get ready to enjoy all those long summer nights of baseball and golf! Or, bring together a crowd for a late night outdoor movie. Serve drinks bartender style at the kitchen island and wrap up your late night seated on the tall black barstools.

BBQ Hood on dark hardwood wall behind a large kitchen island

With a fan and a professional range hood, you and your guests can enjoy a comfortable and clean outdoor kitchen. That combination will ensure all the smoke and cooking exhaust vents outside your cooking area.

The BBQ Pro, available only in one size at 42 inches, is perfect for any 36” or 42” barbecue grill.

With an available 2000 CFM, bright halogen lights, and removable stainless steel baffle filters, everything comes easy to this range hood. Try any of the four fan speeds to vent your air, and turn on all three lights if you need the visibility.

Cleaning the filters is a breeze: they easily pop out and are dishwasher safe in your regular dishwashing cycle.

Shop the BBQ Pro right here!

Close up - outdoor range hood
BBQ Hood over stainless steel grill

Porch Paradise

Enclosed Outdoor Kitchen with stainless steel range hood

Is there anything better than a beautiful backyard porch or deck setup? It certainly is hard to beat the comfort of a home in the woods and barbecue in the great outdoors.

The outdoor range hood is a beautiful finishing touch to this patio, which doesn’t shy away from lavish features. Stone tiling makes up the floor of the deck, adding a modern touch to this home. For the bar and walls, beautiful layered brick reigns supreme!

A table is flanked by eight chairs, good enough for your large family to enjoy a lovely dinner in the summer!

And, for the ever-present grill master, a large flat screen TV brings the big game right to the barbecue.

Enjoy featured events or summer evening movies out on the deck!

Finally, small decor including a bird feeder, clock, and potted plant scatter the area.

Outdoor hood over grill

This kitchen features an all stainless design for its barbecue, range hood, refrigerator, and other doors and drawers.

Stainless steel is easy to clean when it gets dirty and looks shiny and pristine once finished! The range hood is made of solid stainless steel, with a chimney and powerful fans to get rid of any excess smoke and grease.

This particular range hood, the ProVI, comes fully customizable! You can choose from three blower options from 1200 CFM to 1700 CFM to take control of the ventilation for your kitchen! Shop this model right here.

A Beautiful Wooden Setup

Stainless steel hood and grill with wooden backsplash and cabinets

Well, if we’re going glamorous, why not make it a dream setup!? This small outdoor barbecue space makes the most of the small spaces by not wasting any extra space on unnecessary features.

A small countertop is all you need for steaks, burgers, and hot dogs. The gorgeous tiling matches trickles up the walls. It’s also flanked by stunning darker wooden doors and drawers.

Then, for a bit of a twist, a shiplap (see also 'How To Install Shiplap On A Wall'), rough wooden backsplash sits behind the barbecue! Finally, a mosquito net keeps out most unwanted bugs so you can barbecue in peace. Can we get another drink out here, please?

Side view - stainless steel hood in enclosed patio
Range hood over bbq grill

The build of the barbecue and range hood mimics the other kitchens we’ve seen. A large, overlapping bbq hood covers the stove completely, and is sure to rid the air of any smoke given off by cooking!

The BBQ Pro, offered by Proline, gives off an impressive 2000 CFM, good enough for any grillmaster! The 304 durable stainless steel looks great and will work well in the outdoor elements. Check out this hood right here!

The design of each of these outdoor kitchens brings fresh ideas into the mix, and inspiration for all! As you now know, there are plenty of options for you to choose from when designing your outdoor kitchen.

Need more inspiration? Head on over to our Pinterest page. We have dozens of boards and there’s surely something there that would fulfill your needs.

We have a board entirely dedicated to outdoor kitchens and one that focuses more on your backyard design as a whole. There’s also plenty of boards situated around specific design trends, from boho to farmhouse, colonial to modern and more. Be sure to check it out.

Thanks for reading. Take a look at more kitchen inspiration at the links below.

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