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How to Find a Contractor to Install a Range Hood (Ultimate Guide)

How to Find a Contractor to Install a Range Hood (Ultimate Guide) - Proline Range Hoods

If you’re looking for a contractor to install your range hood, hopefully you have decided on the best one for your kitchen. If not, check out this ultimate range hood buyer’s guide to help you make the right decision.

Finding a contractor to install your hood is important, but don’t let it take more time than it needs to.

It’s essential to put some time and effort into researching the best quality contractor in your area that is within your budget. This will save you a headache or two down the road.

Let's get started.

Before you Begin…

You want to find a general contractor, kitchen or bath contractor, or appliance contractor.

Some contractors specialize in kitchens and bathrooms.

If you’re just installing a range hood, most general contractors can do the job.

Here's how to find a contractor to install your hood.

1. Ask your friends and family for recommendations.

Of course, you can do this with a simple phone call or text.

But, more popular today, you can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...pretty much any platform to ask people for recommendations.

Just be sure to ask a lot of questions, open-ended and specific. Here are a few examples:

  • How did you like the experience?
  • Did the project get done on time?
  • Did you encounter any hurdles along the way?
  • What would you have done differently?
  • Did the contractor fit your budget?
  • Were they easy to work with?
  • Were you charged any unexpected fees?

You can also ask the company you buy your hood from for recommendations.

2. Use HomeAdvisor, Angi, or Thumbtack.

There are several tools on the internet that can help you find a contractor to install a range hood.

Three of the most popular are Homeadvisor, Thumbtack, and Angi (formerly Angie's List).

I wanted to try them out and share my thoughts with you on the one I found to be the easiest to use.

HomeAdvisor and Angi (Angie's List)

HomeAdvisor now owns Angie’s List (renamed Angi) so the process below will be the same for both tools.

  1. Visit this link and fill in your zip code.
Range hood installers near you

2. Fill out the questions on the screen to give some context for your remodeling project.

Let's find you range hood installers
  1. Enter personal information.
We have matching range hood installers near you
  1. Click View Matching Pros
No thanks, show results
  1. Click No Thanks, Show Results.
  1. Call customer support or start a live chat to verify your contact information.

You’ll be redirected to a screen that looks like this if Homeadvisor found professionals in your area.

Now that Homeadvisor has your phone number and email, you’ll also be contacted by a handful of representatives to further discuss your project.

This is helpful, but it can be annoying if you’re just trying to do some quick research and keep getting calls.

Verification required

Once you verify this info, you can view a list of pros near you that can install your range hood.

Sometimes, the tool will have trouble generating a list of pros and you’ll see the screen below.

Install or replace major electrical appliance

If that’s the case, try Thumbtack.


  1. Visit this link.
Thumbtack home
  1. Enter ‘Range Hood Installation’ into the left field and your zip code into the right field.
Thumbtack Home - Find local professionals for pretty much anything

4. Browse the list of contractors to find the best one for you.

Range Hood Contractors

You can use the filters on the left-hand side to tailor the results to fit your needs.

Click View Profile to see more details about each company. These pages have a wealth of information about the company: an overview, featured projects, customer reviews, FAQ, credentials, and much more.

My Verdict

When I went through this process with Homeadvisor and Angie’s List, they asked me for personal information such as my address, full name, and phone number to generate the list.

But I didn’t get any options for range hood contractors after answering their questions and entering my info.

When I tried looking for a roofing contractor, Homeadvisor found professionals. But, they wouldn’t show me the list unless I called customer support or started a live chat. I then got several calls and texts from four roofing companies that partner with HomeAdvisor.

This was helpful but more time-consuming than Thumbtack. Also, I didn’t know who was calling me or when I’d be called.

That being said, it’s a great method if you have the time and enjoy chatting with many different companies on the phone.

All in all, if you’re looking for a quicker and simpler process, go with Thumbtack.

With Thumbtack, all you have to do is enter your zip code and the category of your installation, and you’ve got your list. That’s it!

Not to mention, the website shows you all kinds of information about each business including an overview of the company or contractor, photos of past projects, customer reviews, credentials, and much more.

3. Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website.

Not every business is listed here but if you see the business has a good BBB rating, that’s a good indication that it can be trusted.

4. Check the company’s website, Google, and Yelp for additional reviews.

You can find reviews on Thumbtack, the company’s site, Google, and Yelp to help you make your decision.

Keep an eye out for poor reviews or complaints.

5. Based on reviews and feedback, narrow down the list of candidates to 3-5.

You can pretty much determine from reviews if they do professional work, if they are fairly accommodating in terms of scheduling, and if the price is reasonable.

6. A quick call with each candidate.

This part may seem time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. You can message contractors straight from Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor.

Actually talking to them will give you a good idea if your personalities will work well together.

First, ask them the questions that would eliminate them right at the start.

So, questions about availability, price, and their contract.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Have you installed a hood in the past?
  • How much do you charge to install a range hood?
  • Do you have a license to work in my area?
  • Do you have any references I can contact?
  • When can you start?
  • How long have you been a contractor?
  • Do you have worker's compensation insurance?
  • Can you hardwire my range hood? (if desired)

The last question may or may not apply to you. Some contractors may be able to install hoods but not run power to them. Most hoods use a three-pronged plug. But if you need to hardwire the hood, ask the contractor if they can do that for you.

If they can, it’ll save you some time and effort looking for an electrician.

7. Ask about credentials, licenses.

In the interview, you should also ask about licensing. This is incredibly important to ensure that you are receiving quality service from a reliable contractor.

A licensed contractor is your best option. Licensed contractors will have worker’s compensation insurance, but unlicensed contractors likely won’t. It can be risky to hire a contractor that doesn’t have insurance.

Typically, licensed contractors do higher-quality work than unlicensed contractors. If it means paying more money up front for a more experienced contractor, do it. Otherwise, you might end up spending more money down the road on repairs.

8. Ask about the payment method.

Be wary of contractors that ask for cash – this is often a scam. Make sure it’s laid out in the contract that the job will be done professionally in a timely manner. Don’t pay in full until the hood is installed.

This will protect you from spending money on a low-quality job.

Again, make sure you’re paying an appropriate amount and that the timeline is accurate.

9. Choose the right contractor for the job.

The lion’s share of your work is done. Now it’s time for you to choose. Between reviews and the interview questions, you should be able to narrow down the list pretty quickly.

Ducted Range Hood

Do I need a contractor to install a ducted range hood?

No, you don’t need a contractor to install a ducted range hood. The average homeowner can install a ducted hood in a few hours.

Figuring out the ventilation can be tricky, so check out the articles below to help you out.

4 Ducted Range Hood Venting Options

How to Install a Hood through an Interior Wall

How to Install a Range Hood Through the Ceiling

Do I need a contractor to install a ductless range hood?

You do not need a contractor to install a ductless range hood. In fact, you can do it by yourself in just a couple of hours.

Learn more about ductless hoods and how to install them at the links below.

Do recirculating range hoods actually work?

How to Install a Recirculating Range Hood


Thanks for reading our complete guide on how to find a contractor to install your hood. Be sure to follow these nine steps and you’ll find one in no time.

  1. Ask your friends and family for recommendations.
  2. Use Homeadvisor, Angie’s List, or Thumbtack.
  3. Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website.
  4. Check the company’s website, Google, and Yelp for additional reviews.
  5. Based on reviews and feedback from family and friends, narrow down the list of candidates to 3-5.
  6. Interview the candidates.
  7. Ask about credentials, licenses.
  8. Ask about the payment method.
  9. Choose the right contractor for the job.

The most important thing is that you do your research before committing to a contractor. Don’t just work with the first one you see – take some time to figure out:

  1. The quality of contractors in your area
  2. The number of contractors in your area to choose from

Research a handful of contractors, compare them, and then you can make an informed decision.

Good luck!

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